Would You Make The Same Diet Changes Celebrities Are Making For Their Significant Other?

Recently Drew Barrymore gave up being a vegetarian for her boyfriend Will Kopelman.  Drew reportedly loves taking care of her boyfriend and enjoys things like cooking meals at home. When doing this it was difficult for the Actress to cook a steak for Will and then prepare rice and beans for herself. It is much easier to prepare one meal for the two of them to share rather than to prep two meals for each of them separately.

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Preparing meals can be an intimate time for couples. It is important that this process within the relationship is not stressful. It is no wonder that Drew changed her diet to make meal time a little more easy to deal with for her man and herself.

Many people make changes for their spouses all the time. While Drew Barrymore gave up being a vegetarian it may have been just as easy for her boyfriend to give up meat. It must not have been a big part of Drew’s lifestyle for her to easily go back to eating meat. Vegetarianism and Veganism are large parts of the celebrity diets out there in the land of the famous. Jessica Simpson is one who has recently been reported to be adding to the list as she is making the shift to veganism and a Chinese healing method called cupping. She’s doing this for both herswlf and for Eric Johnson.

Drew and Jessica are not the only ones who have done some diet shifting for a loved one. Many people have heard of Katie Holmes becoming a Scientologist when she married Tom Cruise. Tom cruise is an avid scientologist and one of the diets prescribed in scientology is a form of detox diet. When Katie had said that she was going to be dieting, Tom was adamant that the diet stick with the foundations of Scientology.

The diet is a very drastic diet which includes long periods of fasting where you only are able to take in water and some juices. Like most other detox diets this diet does prescribe that the body releases many of the toxins that our bodies absorb from out foods. Apparently the Scientology fast works because Katie dropped an amazing 22 lbs.

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Religious reasons are always potential reasons to change ones diet. Scientology is not the only religion that has mandates about which foods are acceptable and which are not. Laura Booth (Tony Blair’s sister-in-law) is likely becoming familiar with the dietary laws of Islam as she reportedly converted. Halal has many mandates as to what is appropriate for the Muslim diet and what is not. Pork is a big no-no as well as other items like alcohol. Laura Booth’s family is likely to find that their diet changes as booth discovers the things that were once ok to eat, are now not.

No matter what the reason for the diet change celebrity diets are always going to be in the spotlight. If they are changing their diets for their spouses, there will be even more discussion about the shift in diet ideology.

Tony Blair’s sister-in-law Lauren Booth converts to Islam after a ‘holy experience’ in Iran… http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1323278/Tony-Blairs-sister-law-Lauren-Booth-converts-Islam-holy-experience-Iran.html

Katie Holmes Drops 22lbs Due To Scientology Detox? Her new ‘health’ regime is taking its toll, according to new report… http://www.entertainmentwise.com/news/46628/katie-holmes-drops-22lbs-due-to-scientology-detox

Jessica Simpson says extreme vegan diet that ‘shocked’ her system is not about losing weight… http://articles.nydailynews.com/2010-06-29/gossip/27068443_1_cupping-vegan-animal-products

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  1. I don’t know if it’s that easy to change one’s diet according to the other person who is really special. For me, dietary changes have not been my concern, as both myself and my husband are into the kind of food habits that both of us like. We are non-veggies and also eat lots of veggie stuff. It is not a problem and where religious food habits are concerned, both of us are least bothered. We believe, eat what you like, as life is short.

  2. Erin Summers says:

    Well I’d do it because I want to look my best for him BUT if any guy ever asked me to do it, or told me to, then NO WAY!

  3. Personally I wouldn’t change my eating habits for my girlfriend or even if I were married and had a wife. If I’m vegetarian, why would I start eating meat? And vice versa. Is one thing to try learn from my girlfriend’s diet because she may be eating healthier, but I it’s completely another to try to change my diet so that I can please her better. No thanks. I love my girlfriend and I’ll do a lot of other things to make her happy, but I will not be changing my eating habits anytime soon.

  4. Many people like cooking for one another or when one person in a relationship happens to be the cook, that person sometimes gets the other to help out in the kitchen. Besides eating the same things together, cooking together is a nice bonding activity. And if the couple is eating healthy, all the better.

  5. Food is an important part of life and something shared with your significant other. I think it would be really stressful trying to accomodate two distinct diets and keep them seperate.

  6. I think people should take a lesson from how celebrities are able to stay lean and also how female celebrities such as Jennifer Garner are able to get back in great shape after giving birth to not just one but two babies. They are informed and know what to eat. So why don’t more people do the same?

  7. Katie Holmes isn’t dating, no matter how bad the fans want it to happen. On Monday the actress’ reps shared that she wasn’t locking lips with anyone at the moment as she had a child to care for. Currently being connected to Alex Schemmer, Maybe once she starts eating healthy again, she will also date more guys and find love once again.

  8. I am not certain about this, but it seems to me that it is a rare thing for a vegan to switch back to eating meat. Needless to say, I was surprised to hear this news about Drew Berrymore. I guess you could say that when who gazed upon her first plate of meat, for the first time in years, she probably went into a trance and uttered the words: “they’re back!

  9. I love the idea of changing my diet for my hubby. If he’s dieting for his health, then I should clearly join him. It certainly wouldn’t hurt to do the same thing myself.

  10. No way would I make the change for my significant other. If he doesn’t like me for who I am, then he shouldn’t have wanted to be with me in the first place!

  11. I probably would do this for my husband but he wouldn’t do it for me. I went on a strict no carb diet a few years ago and it was successful but he refused to eat they way I was eating so I had to cook to different meals at dinner especially. It can be done but I understand that it is a pain in the neck to deal with.

  12. Lauren Nelsen says:

    If you do it long enough it is not any harder to make two different meals when you cook I have been doing a low carb diet for years now and my husband still eats regular meals so I am cooking two different meals all the time. Like Drew could easily make rice and a vegetable for sides to go with her mans steak and then she just doesn’t eat the steak.

  13. I’d make the change if my husband made it too. I know that he does those kinds of things for his health, so it would benefit me to do the same. Great article!

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