Why Vaccines for Kids Should Be Avoided

I think we’ve all heard about the controversy regarding vaccines and whether they are good for your kids. In fact, most people know people on both sides of the aisle, parents who vaccinate their kids and think people who do not are nuts, as well as people who wouldn’t vaccinate their child in a million years and would prefer to take their chances.I personally know people on both sides of this issue, and they all make valid points that are right for their families. I honestly never really paid too much attention to this issue, until I decided to have kids of my own. When you have to decide one way or the other on vaccinating your child, you truly feel like you are taking their health into your hands, no matter which way you lean.

It is hard to know which end is up in this debate since there are so many different viewpoints and no real evidence that can be proven as fact.

No wonder everyone is so confused, even the medical community seems completely clueless about what the truth really is. Even doctors who are on the side of vaccinating your children usually say it is because the alternative, serious illness is a terrible alternative. But what about the fact that chances are your child would never get any of these illnesses anyway? Or that the vaccinations themselves may cause life changing medical problems that are more terrible than the illnesses they are trying to prevent? The chances are small enough that many parents are deciding to take that risk.

In the United States people get in line yearly for their flu shots and all kinds of other vaccines with complete trust that they will be protected from illness. In all actuality, some vaccines may be riskier than the diseases themselves. In the 70’s, the last time there was a true mass epidemic of the swine flu, the vaccination caused more deaths than the flu itself.

Sure, the rates of serious illnesses that we are vaccinated for can be clearly shown to have decreased over 90% since vaccinations have been used. While this number is remarkable, we don’t live in a third world country where these diseases are prevalent. We don’t even hear of most of these diseases anymore, and the risks are lower than ever.

Current studies show that approximately 50% of Americans are fearful of vaccinations. Naturally parents are hesitant before vaccinating their babies without fully understanding the risks, but they are often not given the facts or a choice in the matter by their doctors.

Many doctors, parents and others in the medical community feel strongly that there is a clear link between vaccines and autism. Just think, 30 years ago most people had never heard of autism, but now approximately 1-2 % of children will be diagnosed with autism in their lives. There has to be something to this.

So while some people say this is just coincidence, the real shock is when you look at entire communities that do not use vaccines at all, like the Amish community, where there are actually no cases of Autism, at all. While some believe they are just not diagnosed, many others think it is because they stay away from vaccinations and the dangerous mercury that vaccinations include.

Many vaccines actually have viruses in them. Seriously. You are injecting yourself with a live virus to try to avoid catching an alternative disease, which you may not have any chance of catching in the first place. Does this sound crazy to you too? One vaccine for cervical cancer has been found to actually kill or cripple people who have taken it.

So it is hard to imagine that the medical community in the United States tells people that vaccines are safe and encourage parents to vaccinate their kids.

In many cases, the risk of side effects or other illnesses as a result of a vaccine is significantly higher than the cases out there of what you are being vaccinated for. Often these are severe, but extremely rare diseases that have not been around for years that are virtually no risk. Why would you put your children in harm’s way for such a slim chance?

Flu shots which include mercury, are toxic. The National Institute of Health admits that mercury is toxic, even in very small amounts, but it remains in vaccinations. Just the flu shot contains ingredients that cause symptoms like:  allergic reactions, death, neurological problems, dementia, convulsions, speech problems, respiratory problems, issues with intestines or liver, skin disorders, cancer cells, and more.

There are numerous cases where children were developing normally until they received these vaccinations, when their behavior almost immediately changed. These children went from being engaged, happy 12- 16 month old children, and then after receiving vaccinations, their speech and other abilities declined, eventually leading into autism. There are thousands of reports of this happening, so it is far from a standalone case.

Many parents who have sworn off vaccinations are also reporting that their kids are healthier than other kids who have been vaccinated overall, lessen chances of regular day to day illness.

So why on earth would anyone intentionally put these chemicals into their children when the risks are not there? Don’t just listen to your doctor and do what everyone else does because it is the recommended procedure. Do the proper research and understand the risks of all vaccinations and the chances that your child may wind up with autism.

For example, there have been absolutely zero cases of polio in the United States since 1979. Are you worried that your child will become the first to catch polio in over 20 years; worried enough to get a potentially harmful vaccine to prevent it, when there are such low risks to be worried about?

While autism and other diseases have not been directly tied back to vaccinations as the 100% solidified cause, vaccinations and the prevalence of mercury are so apparent and obvious lines have been drawn to show that vaccinations should be avoided. Every parent needs to make their own decision, but before trusting your doctor that vaccinations are the way to go, get multiple opinions and truly consider your risk before doing so.



  1. This article may not be full of evidence but if you want ,you can search for evidence elsewhere.
    I have four kids, two have been fully vaccinated and other two have not been. After researching this issue I decided I am not going to vaccinate my kids anymore. Too many risks. Too many weird coincidences of kids getting really sick after the vaccinations. Enough is enough. So what if the child gets measles? I heard that back in ’60 and 70′ if the child got measles, parents would intentionally mix the siblings in order for the rest of the kids to contract measles as well! Why?? Because of the lifelong benefits kids get afterwards. They are protected not only against measles but other diseases as well (such as Parkinson’s). And all that mercury they put into the vaccines. Especially the flu shot. I just wish the doctors would educate themselves a bit better, and not push the parents to vaccinate their kids!!

  2. Arthur Harris says:

    Thank god I read this before we got my son vaccinated, it has made me think twice before going to get vaccinated. I hope risks we die down and vaccines are 100% safe.

  3. Too bad your article is not full of any scientific evidence. Vaccines now are rarely live viruses and the reason that diseases are not so prevalent in the first world is because of vaccines.

    The studies that showed any link between autism and vaccinations were a fraud, done by a doctor who lost his medical liscense for publishing the untrue results in his studies.

    While you are entitled to your opinion I suggest you get some of your facts straight. Decrease in vaccination in populations show a clear link between an increase in prevalence of the same diseases.

    • I would love to see YOUR evidence, since you’re merely referring to pro-vax propaganda, with no sources either. I agree that the article isn’t the best and should have used some sources, but it does have some of it’s facts straight if you think about things and do your own research.

      If the decrease in these diseases is due to widespread vaccination, why did the diseases decrease in countries that vaccinated AND countries that did not vaccinate- at the same time…? Why did the diseases decrease massively BEFORE the vaccines were introduced? (proper nutrition, sanitation, hygiene) Why did some diseases decrease that never had a vaccine developed? (such as scarlet fever, or in the US, tuberculosis).

      And where are all the allergies and chronic conditions in our youth coming from? Why is everyone chronically unhealthy? Why is this the first generation LESS healthy than its’ parents?? I’m sure the awful standard diet and chemicals in everything contributes, but if we’re going to ask that question, we must not rule out the chemicals being directly injected!

  4. There is lots of risks involved with vaccines. Plenty of horror stories I have heard especially about the flu shot that it seems like you can get on any corner now.

  5. LightofTruth says:

    The choice to vaccinate or not should to be entirely for the parents to make and the government should not intervene. I for one do not believe in vaccination and the reason for that is that there are too many data to back up the relationship between death, illness, and side effects that are related to the so called “cures.” What happened to the land of the free? Why is the government sticking their nose in our business so much?

  6. Those of us from previous generations all have gotten vaccinated and we all have the scars on the side of our shoulder as a permanent reminder that we were born during the time when this was not a controversial debate. I was born in New York and got vaccinated there. I guess prosperity breeds confidence, but it only takes an outbreak like the recent Meningitis to make us vigilant again.

    • The recent meningitis outbreak has nothing to do with vaccines. It was caused by contaminated steroid shots. If anything, that should make a person less willing to follow conventional medical practices!

  7. Terrance, I am not sure if it is true or not but you know that flu shot they give people, you can get the flu from that shout. That is why they tell you if you aren’t feel the least bit good then don’t get the shot, if you are allergic to eggs don’t get the shout etc. so it all depends on the concentration of the vaccine and the person getting it.

  8. Vaccinations aren’t just for protecting our child against getting these illnesses but it protects the children that your child comes in contact with as well. If by some strange circumstance your child is a carrier of one of these if he is vaccinated it keeps the illness from become active and spreading. It is better to do it than to not.

  9. I am all for vaccinations because I had a child once that came down with the measles so bad he had to be hospitalized and he was in our daycare so we had to take measures to make sure that the other kids weren’t infected some how. There are far worse things that can happen if they don’t get their vaccinations then if they do.

  10. I am like so many parents that are paranoid about their kids getting something and not being ready for it so I went ahead and did all of his vaccinations because I was afraid not to more. I do think it is a personal call but I wasn’t ready to take that chance and have them get really sick with mumps or something.

  11. I thought about not vaccinating my children when they were babies because I thought it would hurt them, then one day while I was in the doctors office a mom brought in her child who was very ill with mumps (I didn’t know that at the time) after asking what it was I decided right there that the little pain they felt at the vaccines would be far better than the illness.

  12. I know that some people think it is a good idea to avoid vaccinations but then what do you do when your kid goes to school and they ask you if he has been vaccinated and needs the shots record that you get from the state and you don’t have it so they won’t let him go to school? The school is not going to be responsible for your child getting sick.

  13. I understand both sides of this argument because I certainly had a hard time getting the vaccinations for my son simply because I knew it would hurt him. But like you mentioned it would be far worse for him to get one of the illnesses that the vaccines are trying to prevent, I also understand the likelihood but why take the chance?

  14. Is it true that you can get sick from vaccines as well? I have heard that before but I never believed it. My concern is don’t kids have to by law have certain vaccinations in order to go to school? I was told my son wasn’t going to be able to start school until he had some vaccination and the school was the one that sent a letter out about it not the doctor.

    • Every state allows medical exemption from vaccines (although sometimes hard to obtain), 48 states allow a religious exemption, and something like 20 states also allow a philosophical exemption. ANY school that accepts ANY federal funding MUST allow the exemptions that are allowed in their states. Private schools that have not government funding are different, but no, you do NOT have to give your child shots to go to school.

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