Why People With High Blood Pressure Should Stay Away From Domino’s Pizza!

This article is written specifically for those that are battling with high blood pressure and want to include pizza in their diets! My aim is to
provide solutions of how you can still incorporate your favorite meal, yet do so in a safe manner, keeping hypertension at bay.

We all know that high salt intake can result in elevated blood pressure, but how much is high? 6 grams is the maximum amount of salt that adults should be consuming daily (according to the food standards agency). This translates to just 1 teaspoon. And if you ask the American Heart Association, their recommendation is just 3.75g per day.

Salt is actually essential for the body to fully operate. It helps maintain a healthy electrolyte balance inside and outside of the body’s cells. After all, our blood naturally contains 0.9% of salt. It is also critical in remaining hydrated after exercise, when sweating causes a loss of salt in the body. However, this need for salt is so low, it doesn’t mean you can binge on takeaways or pour salt on your tongue! The body only requires 1.5g of salt per day for optimal functioning, which is the equivalent of 3 slices of bread.

So, if you are aiming for The American Heart Association’s recommendation of 3.75g of salt per day. This would mean that you should spread this amount over evenly throughout the day. Thus, the most of salt you should consume at one sitting should be no more than 1 gram.

dominos-no-go-signWith Domino’s being the king of pizza brands, I bet you’re wondering how much salt is in their large pizza (without toppings). With the Food standard’s salt recommendation of 6g per day in mind. This would lead us to assume that 4-5 grams of salt in one sitting would be sure to elevate blood pressure and cause stress on the heart. Domino’s large pizza contains a whopping 16g of salt (as displayed on their website).

This amount of salt to be consumed in one sitting is quite dangerous to your health, whether you have prior high blood pressure or not. If you were to compare Domino’s pizza to a packaged pizza in the supermarket, you would find that a large domino’s pizza contains approximately 5 times more salt.

When excess salt like this is consumed, the kidneys work load becomes too much, resulting in excess fluid being retained in the body. This makes it harder for blood to flow throughout the body due to the thickness of this fluid. Consequently the heart has to pump harder to restore normal circulation.

So How Do I Eat Pizza?
There are a couple alternatives to ordering a Domino’s pizza. If you have the time and feel like a challenge, you can try making your own homemade pizza from scratch. Making it fresh is sure to keep all salt content to a minimum. This method is also healthiest.

Another option is to simply buy a pizza from your local supermarket. Just keep an eye on the salt content and try not to exceed 2-3g per whole pizza.
I hope to have raised awareness of Domino’s salt content and provided suitable solutions for all pizza lovers! Don’t give up pizza give up domino’s! It may save your life.

Are you a pizza lover? Did you know about Domino’s salt content? Share your thoughts with us!

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