Why Jennifer Love Hewitt Thinks She is Fat

You know, most women (and a lot of men too now I come to think of it) have some kind of hang up about their bodies. Some people get hung up over other peoples’ bodies too. If you caught the news headlines recently about Jennifer Love Hewitt you’ll know this is the case. In case you missed it, someone managed to get a load of snaps of her having fun in the sea in her bikini. And you wouldn’t believe the fallout that occurred as a result of these self same pictures.

For the record, Jennifer looked pretty happy in these snaps. And so she should – she was celebrating her engagement to her fiancé. Perhaps this is what sparked the furious debate over the pictures and whether she was in fact (shock!, horror!) fat.So let’s take a closer look at these pictures. After all it’s necessary if we’re going to weigh in on this debate and form our own opinions on whether she’s fat or not. For my money, and I’ll get this in right at the start, she is far from being fat. What I see when I look at these pictures is a gorgeous woman who has a real figure. Yep you heard me, a real figure. Not one of those unattainable figures of a size zero that is airbrushed beyond recognition in the pages of a magazine. Nor one of those rather unappealing (in my humble opinion) figures you see strutting their stuff down the catwalk.

No. Jennifer Love Hewitt is rather well endowed in the bosom department, as anyone, including Jennifer herself, will tell you. These pictures also show she has a generous butt. But does it really matter? She’s a natural and very stunningly attractive woman, unlike many other famous women I could (but won’t) mention.Hewitt herself has had some changes in her weight over the past few months. First she put on some weight and then lost around 18 pounds, according to news reports. Again, more evidence that she’s a real woman who doesn’t stay at exactly the same weight the whole time and eat nothing but salads and carrot sticks all week.

Personally I think part of the problem is that a lot of people have taken to being nasty to other people and bringing them down to make themselves feel better. That’s a darn shame. When I look at a picture of an attractive woman who has a great figure, I think ‘good for her. She looks really good.’ I don’t think ‘gee I really hate her. She looks dreadful. She’s lost too much weight.’ I certainly don’t spend ages focusing on pictures of celebrities in bikinis for the slightest bit of (Heavens above) CELLULITE that might be lurking there.

If you haven’t seen the pictures of Jennifer Love Hewitt yet, take a look at them now and think about what you see. For my money those pictures show a woman who is truly happy in her life and having a great time. Good for her, she should be happy. I’m not in the public eye but I can imagine it must be difficult to come home from your vacation to find everyone online is talking about your body and debating whether or not you’re fat. Sure I guess some people will say ‘well she’s in the public eye, what does she expect?’But this isn’t about the pictures as it is about peoples’ reaction to them. We all know that a huge proportion of people in the US are either overweight or obese, and the figures keep getting bigger all the time. Now while some of these people are only a few pounds overweight, others are far bigger than this.

And we all know it’s far easier, unfortunately, to criticize other people instead of looking inward at yourself and your own problems. Indeed it’s often the case that people who abuse others are actually only doing so in order to make themselves feel better. It’s a shame, but it’s also a fact. You’ve only got to look at the alarming incidents of trolling online to know this is the case.

Jennifer Love Hewitt says on her blog that she “loves her body” (good for her) and she urges all women to “put on a bikini… and stay strong”. What a message to give people – and it’s a real ONE finger salute to all those who criticized the pictures and called her fat in the first place.

In fact she hasn’t said she’s fat at all. She is pretty realistic about her figure and she loves her body for what it is. More of us should feel the same way in my opinion. As Hewitt says, “a size 2 is not fat!” No it’s not. But as long as people take invasive pictures like these and splash them all over the internet accompanied by rude comments, I guess there will be lots of people out there who think that a size 2 is something to be ashamed of.

One final point – one website that reported on this story and came down positively on the side of Jennifer Love Hewitt looking stunning in those bikini snaps – had a large number of comments under the story itself. Almost without exception they were positive and encouraging of Hewitt. The words ‘great role model’, ‘perfect naturally’ and ‘she did good’ came up among others. Enough said, I think?



  1. DarkVadorJo says:

    She would be perfect with hairy armpits

  2. Jesika Mathew says:

    I don’t think it really matters whether a person is fat or slim. Unless it matters a lot to the person. I have few friends who get their photos retouched in order to look slimmer in their photos.

    • hi Jesika Mathew,
      can u please suggest a few companies who offer such services?

      P.S it should be cheap and fast !

  3. who cares if she gets curvy here n there. i dont think woman who have a lil more extra shouldnt b bashed. do any of u watch the client list? one sexy woman she is on the show.

  4. Come on. Let’s be honest. She looks fat in those two pictures with the bikini on. However, I think is okay. What I don’t think is okay is to say someone isn’t fat when they’re. But being fat is okay because we all have different shapes and also let’s not dismiss that we all have different taste in women. My buddy likes the rounder women and I’ve always liked the slimmer women. Nothing wrong with that as long as you don’t start yelling at someone for being fat or too skinny. Let’s all agree to disagree, that is a fat ass, but that ass is okay.

  5. Ruth Martin says:

    I have always liked Jennifer Love Hewitt more than some actresses because she seems more real and like a truly sincere, caring person. As for her weight, being in the spotlight surely cannot be easy – cut her some slack, people! I am sure that most of the ones who made unkind remarks are not perfectly fit themselves either!

  6. She has a large rear, and some photo’s showed where she gained weight. If she can flaunt her breasts as she does, and be a model and crave the attention, then she should take the negative as well. GROW UP HEWITT

  7. What the heck, no way is she fat. What’s funny is that my wife showed me an old ad from the 40’s advertising woman to show more curves with more fat, but today we have to be skin and bones to look good. It should not matter because we should be happy by the way we are.

  8. Gordon Brown says:

    People feel happy by bringing others down .. I hate it when that happens ..

    Jennifer ain’t fat .. on the contra she is hot .. as hot as ever.

  9. JLH is perfect just the way she is. She has a classic beauty that cannot be replicated by anyone with an airbrush.

  10. Mary Talbat says:

    As well gifted people are such as Jennifer, Hollywood corrupts them for being themselves and cannot accept them for who they are. I am disgusted on how they make such a big deal of such little fat they have compared to others.

  11. If she thinks she is fat, then she hasn’t been outside of Hollywood mate, you just need to walk near a McDonald’s and you know what I’m talking about!!

  12. Jennifer Love Hewitt seriously thinks she is fat?? Hollywood is dangerous if you ask me. Wow.

  13. I have always thought that Jennifer Love Hewitt set a bad example for a lot of women. There is evidence right there.

  14. That is infuriating to be honest. If Jennifer Love Hewitt thinks she is fat then that is giving girls who have the same figure as her an inferiority complex and that is dangerous.

  15. Katie Morrison says:

    HOW can she think she is fat?? I’ve always thought she was super skinny because she has a very thin face. In my opinion that’s all that really matters. Men love curves and will not usually see a woman as “fat” unless it’s drooping off her face!

  16. Destiny775 says:

    I think it’s rather ironic that everyone in the developed nations are getting fatter and fatter but people are so critical of celebrities and even normal people being fat. I mean, how hypocritical is that? A person’s weight is no one’s business and I don’t see any reason to make fun of or to criticize someone for being bigger. There are times like in an airplane for example, that weight becomes an issue and a person sitting next to someone obese can negatively be affected by their size, but that’s not something that we go through every day and it’s something that needed to be remedied by the airline and the obese individual prior to boarding the plane. But anyhow, I don’t see Jennifer Love Hewitt and go “Wow beautiful”, but at the same time I don’t think she’s obese or ugly.

  17. Being a celebrity is gotta be tough but she seems to really shine when she gets trashed sometimes in the tabloids. She is gotta be a strong person with great character

  18. There have been times before and after these photos when I have seen her make appearances on tv shows or pressers and she looks in great shape. Everyone fluctuates with their weight once they are over the age of 35. My weight goes up and then I work out, watch what I eat and I get back into shape.

  19. I don’t know how she manages to stay so strong. I can’t stand it when even one person points out that I’ve gained weight. Good for her for standing strong and being proud of her body!

  20. She’s easily one of the most beautiful women I’ve ever seen. Unfortunately, it’s her own industry that has lead her to think the way she does.

  21. From the sounds of it she doesn’t think she is fat but other people do because of some pictures with bad lighting. And you know how people can doctor pictures in the first place so that really isn’t fair. I think she looks great and I wish that I had her body. I think I am older than her so I am going to use that excuse as to why I can’t have her body.

  22. Louis, shocked by what she still looks fit even in these pictures. The average woman would give their right arm to look like her on her worst day. I am glad that she told people to stop fretting over it that she is happy with her body because that shows that she is real and not going to bend to the pressures of the publicity.

  23. This is just infuriating because this is the kind of stuff that these stars hear and then they decide to starve themselves to look better to the public eye. She looks great! I wish I could look like that, I have had a kid and I am forty three years old and still striving to reach a flat stomach (something she has) I would love to look like that.

  24. I was shocked when I saw this photo several weeks ago. Especially because she looks so fit when I have seen her on talk shows promoting her show, the client list. Maybe those were happy pounds that she put on because she was just engaged. I think she fluctuates with weight. Most people do, including me. And when I do, I go on an exercise kick to shed the fat.

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