Why Dr. OZ Likes African Mango, Raspberry Ketone and Green Coffee Bean

Ah, if only life was like it is in advertisements! Not one of us would have a wrinkle. A duck or a lizard would solve all our insurance problems and a couple of pills would let us all wake up looking like Halle Berry.

African Mango Raspberry Ketone Green Coffee Bean

“A duck or a lizard would solve all our insurance problems and a couple of pills would let us all wake up looking like Halle Berry.”

It’s easy to get cynical about advertising and the people who endorse certain products. But there is one man millions of people do trust when it comes to their health and that’s Dr. Oz. Dr. Oz is only one of a handful of people I trust on TV these days.  Why? Because he really is a doctor and a practicing surgeon and he cares.  When he promotes a product, you know he’s had his team of people examine it closely to find out if it’s bona fide and it delivers.

Women love Dr. Oz as much as they loved Oprah’s shows, making it the number one talk show for women aged between 25 and 54. His passion for educating us about the right ways to lose weight, live right and stay healthy is obvious.

If you’re at work or busy when his shows are on, do yourself a favor; record every one.  Not everything will apply to you, but there will be many things that do. He and his guests will fill you with knowledge and enthusiasm to make you do something to improve your life! His programs are diverse. He talks about why people can’t lose weight, and then he offers practical solutions. He has guests who demonstrate how exercising can be fun and easy. He shows you how to exercise even if you don’t have access to a gym. You need to watch his shows because one day he’ll be talking to you.

Dr. Oz is not an extremist. He’s a great believer in exercise and more so in regards to diet. He has always maintained that a healthy diet that includes whole foods and natural ingredients will always be more effective than manufactured drugs with their inherent side-effects. When he introduces a product he hasn’t talked about before, demand goes through the roof. This happened when he talked about the benefits of African Mango Extract, Raspberry Ketone and Pure Green Coffee Bean Extract, which are three of his favorite natural supplements.

The great thing about these three extracts is they are now readily available and inexpensive.

African Mango

There have been a multitude of appetite suppressant drugs that seemed wonderful until their very dangerous side-effects became known. Ephedra was banned a few years ago because it was linked to multiple cases of heart attack, stroke and other cardiovascular problems.

Fenfluramine, included in the popular weight loss drug Fen-Phen caused cardiac fibrosis and pulmonary hypertension in some users. Aminorex and Sibutramine were also causing serious cardiac problems. But an extract from a mango can suppress appetite without such horrific risk. African Mango extract has been proven to help people lose substantial amounts of weight by naturally suppressing appetite.

To be specific it isn’t the meat of the African mango plus we’re talking about here, although that is incredibly good for you. No, it’s the big old nut inside the mango.  The extract from the mango seed, sometimes called a “dikka nut”, can actually help you to lower cholesterol levels and get rid of excess fat as well as suppressing hunger.
The mango must have grown in the Garden of Eden. Africans have been grinding up these mango nuts for centuries and using the powder to stave off hunger, especially if they had to go on long hunting expeditions. A few thousand years later, the Western world has finally discovered what a beneficial supplement this can be.

African Mango is one of the best things you can try if you do have a big appetite. It may just help you pass on the main course, order the soup and salad, and forego a few hundred unnecessary calories.

One bottle of African Mango extract will only set you back a handful of dollars – it’s well worth a try.

Raspberry Ketone

Why not get the benefits of red raspberries by simply eating loads of them?  The answer is because it’s totally impractical. To get the benefits of just one 100mg dose of raspberry ketone you’d have to eat about 90lbs of raspberries every day!  You’d never lose an ounce either because of all the extra calories you’d be consuming.

What does a raspberry ketone do that’s so miraculous? Raspberry ketones head for all the fat cells in your body, no matter where they are – in your butt, thighs or belly, and make them available for use as energy. Through a process which affects the levels of adiponectin within those cells, raspberry ketones help your body use up fat cells.

Green Coffee Bean Extract

Recently Dr. Oz spoke with a 28-year veteran of the alternative health and nutrition sector and soon the web was buzzing with questions about Green Coffee Bean Extract. This supplement may just be the right one for you, if you want to lose weight and find it impossible to exercise regularly or change your lifestyle.

The stuff, called chlorogenic acid, in green coffee bean extract that helps in your weight loss efforts is eliminated during the bean roasting process. Surprisingly, it has nothing to do with caffeine.  Chlorogenic acid hunts down those nasty free radicals that are zipping around in your blood stream, knocks them out and also boosts circulation and muscle tone. If you’re diabetic, green coffee bean extract also helps to improve and stabilize blood sugar levels.

How does it help you lose weight? By burning away existing fat and – here’s another shocker – it actually helps prevent the body from forming new fat!

No side effects, safe for diabetics and no change in lifestyle – even the experts are flabbergasted.

With the three natural extracts mentioned above, there are no serious risks or side-effects. If you’ve tried everything humanly possible to lose weight, you can’t go wrong if you do decide to try any of the above three supplements. Millions of people are leading healthier and slimmer lifestyles thanks to Dr. Mehmet Oz.



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