Why Dr. OZ Likes African Mango, Raspberry Ketone and Green Coffee Bean

Ah, if only life was like it is in advertisements! Not one of us would have a wrinkle. A duck or a lizard would solve all our insurance problems and a couple of pills would let us all wake up looking like Halle Berry.

African Mango Raspberry Ketone Green Coffee Bean

“A duck or a lizard would solve all our insurance problems and a couple of pills would let us all wake up looking like Halle Berry.”

It’s easy to get cynical about advertising and the people who endorse certain products. But there is one man millions of people do trust when it comes to their health and that’s Dr. Oz. Dr. Oz is only one of a handful of people I trust on TV these days.  Why? Because he really is a doctor and a practicing surgeon and he cares.  When he promotes a product, you know he’s had his team of people examine it closely to find out if it’s bona fide and it delivers.

Women love Dr. Oz as much as they loved Oprah’s shows, making it the number one talk show for women aged between 25 and 54. His passion for educating us about the right ways to lose weight, live right and stay healthy is obvious.

If you’re at work or busy when his shows are on, do yourself a favor; record every one.  Not everything will apply to you, but there will be many things that do. He and his guests will fill you with knowledge and enthusiasm to make you do something to improve your life! His programs are diverse. He talks about why people can’t lose weight, and then he offers practical solutions. He has guests who demonstrate how exercising can be fun and easy. He shows you how to exercise even if you don’t have access to a gym. You need to watch his shows because one day he’ll be talking to you.

Dr. Oz is not an extremist. He’s a great believer in exercise and more so in regards to diet. He has always maintained that a healthy diet that includes whole foods and natural ingredients will always be more effective than manufactured drugs with their inherent side-effects. When he introduces a product he hasn’t talked about before, demand goes through the roof. This happened when he talked about the benefits of African Mango Extract, Raspberry Ketone and Pure Green Coffee Bean Extract, which are three of his favorite natural supplements.

The great thing about these three extracts is they are now readily available and inexpensive.

African Mango

There have been a multitude of appetite suppressant drugs that seemed wonderful until their very dangerous side-effects became known. Ephedra was banned a few years ago because it was linked to multiple cases of heart attack, stroke and other cardiovascular problems.

Fenfluramine, included in the popular weight loss drug Fen-Phen caused cardiac fibrosis and pulmonary hypertension in some users. Aminorex and Sibutramine were also causing serious cardiac problems. But an extract from a mango can suppress appetite without such horrific risk. African Mango extract has been proven to help people lose substantial amounts of weight by naturally suppressing appetite.

To be specific it isn’t the meat of the African mango plus we’re talking about here, although that is incredibly good for you. No, it’s the big old nut inside the mango.  The extract from the mango seed, sometimes called a “dikka nut”, can actually help you to lower cholesterol levels and get rid of excess fat as well as suppressing hunger.
The mango must have grown in the Garden of Eden. Africans have been grinding up these mango nuts for centuries and using the powder to stave off hunger, especially if they had to go on long hunting expeditions. A few thousand years later, the Western world has finally discovered what a beneficial supplement this can be.

African Mango is one of the best things you can try if you do have a big appetite. It may just help you pass on the main course, order the soup and salad, and forego a few hundred unnecessary calories.

One bottle of African Mango extract will only set you back a handful of dollars – it’s well worth a try.

Raspberry Ketone

Why not get the benefits of red raspberries by simply eating loads of them?  The answer is because it’s totally impractical. To get the benefits of just one 100mg dose of raspberry ketone you’d have to eat about 90lbs of raspberries every day!  You’d never lose an ounce either because of all the extra calories you’d be consuming.

What does a raspberry ketone do that’s so miraculous? Raspberry ketones head for all the fat cells in your body, no matter where they are – in your butt, thighs or belly, and make them available for use as energy. Through a process which affects the levels of adiponectin within those cells, raspberry ketones help your body use up fat cells.

Green Coffee Bean Extract

Recently Dr. Oz spoke with a 28-year veteran of the alternative health and nutrition sector and soon the web was buzzing with questions about Green Coffee Bean Extract. This supplement may just be the right one for you, if you want to lose weight and find it impossible to exercise regularly or change your lifestyle.

The stuff, called chlorogenic acid, in green coffee bean extract that helps in your weight loss efforts is eliminated during the bean roasting process. Surprisingly, it has nothing to do with caffeine.  Chlorogenic acid hunts down those nasty free radicals that are zipping around in your blood stream, knocks them out and also boosts circulation and muscle tone. If you’re diabetic, green coffee bean extract also helps to improve and stabilize blood sugar levels.

How does it help you lose weight? By burning away existing fat and – here’s another shocker – it actually helps prevent the body from forming new fat!

No side effects, safe for diabetics and no change in lifestyle – even the experts are flabbergasted.

With the three natural extracts mentioned above, there are no serious risks or side-effects. If you’ve tried everything humanly possible to lose weight, you can’t go wrong if you do decide to try any of the above three supplements. Millions of people are leading healthier and slimmer lifestyles thanks to Dr. Mehmet Oz.



  1. Cortex white says:

    Are there any side effects associated with these products? I have heard about African mango, green coffee bean extract and raspberry ketone as weight loss supplements and also watches Dr. Oz’s show. Still I need to know more about all of them to convince myself.

  2. Tyrone Collins says:

    I have heard a lot about African mango, as an appetite suppressant and green coffee bean extract is also a great alternative for weight loss. People are actually taking these products for losing weight. Raspberries ketone for weight loss is something, I have heard about for the first time and I am really impressed to know about it.

  3. Can I take all 3 together ?

  4. Dustin Gordon says:

    If you are following Dr. Oz’s methods for weight loss, you are certainly on safer side. His weight loss supplements are really effective. As it is, African mango and Green coffee bean extracts are well known supplements for weight loss. If Dr. Oz is promoting the thing, you get into safer side.

  5. Veronica says:

    Dr. Oz is just awesome! I love his way of approaching healthy weight loss methods!

  6. Christine says:

    I’ve been following Dr. Oz’s suggestions for quite some time now and I can honestly say that they do help and they do work. He really knows what he’s talking about when it comes to the weight-loss aspect of life. I can’t wait to try the African Mango!

  7. Johnathan says:

    Thank you for this post I’ll definitely be on the look-out for green tea extract

  8. Michelle Walker says:

    I dont watch every episode of Dr. Oz’s show, but when i do catch an episode, i usually walk away have learned something:)
    i heard about Garcinia Cambogia, and my mom went online and bought 2 bottles of 100% Pure extract of GC, I didnt have any expectations, because things are never “that” easy.
    i had just ha spine surgery and was bedridden for the first week i tried it.
    each capsule was 750 mg. i took with water twice a day..no more.. and i am not lying when i say that my waist hasnt been this small since i was 23 and a model.
    i seriously hadnt moved for a week, didnt eat that great either. And my muffin top. GONE!
    took exactly 7 days, and all while i was on my menstral cycle.”sorry for the info” lol
    i immediatly took a pic with my cell phone and sent to my mom and best friend, they were shocked.

  9. I am 52 years old, I have carried this weight for the last 30 years and I want it off. I just got some of the Green Coffee Bean with Fusion with Raspberry Ketones. I really want the weight off and to be healthy there is a sexally women under all this weight. I am 5’4, I weight 197. and I also just start doing Zumba. Pray for me.

    • Rosemary says:

      Hi Ruby,

      I’ve heard alot of good things about African Mango. But at the same time, I know I have to change my eating and exercise habits. I’m over 50 and lost 11kgs – about 24 lbs – in six months by cutting out sugar and exercising vigorously for 45 minutes to 1 hour most days. But now I’ve put most of it back on because I couldn’t keep it up. To lose weight you have to eliminate trans-fats – fried food, most processed food (check packets and if they say vegetable/canola/rapeseed/cottonseed or palm oil or vegetable fat then don’t buy it) and fast food – McDonalds, Burger King etc. Trans fats make you fat twice as fast. Fruit juice is high in sugar, eat the whole fruit. Don’t drink soft drink (soda). Have your thyroid function checked if none of this works. I’m going to try African Mango and Garcinia Cambogia and adopt a healthy diet and exercise routine that I can stay with for life. Put it up on your fridge – remember to eat 5 serves of vegetables and 2 serves of fruit every day.

    • Hi,
      I’m using Raspberry, 3 each day, i start my day wit a big cup of coffee, two third water and one third low fat milk, i eat 8 glass of water every day, and almost 3 cup of green tea every day, i don’t eat anything else until 3:30 pm, then i eat a piece of meat, chicken, or fish with a dish of salad with just fresh lemon water and olive oil. and until night i eat some piece of fruit. … with this method i’m losing 300 gram everyday.. no exercise :)

  10. Melody Reed says:

    I love Dr. Oz and his segments on weight loss! They helped me a lot in my journey to lose 80 lbs. Great article!

  11. IdealBite.com says:

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    We recommend Global Health Ideas:
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  12. Greetings! Losing weight is serious business! My best bet at the moment goes to a daily hour of stationary bike (ankle weights & arm weights), healthy eating+portion control & vitamins/supplements. So far, about 60lbs (achieved slowly during the course of the last 17 months) have been “dealt” with, however….the last 20+ seem to be the pesky ones (sassy lot!). Therefore, i’ll check this option & see, but will keep my basic routine as it has proven to be safe & doesn’t alienate me strange food requirements. Wish everyone the best & safe & healthy weight loss!

  13. LOL – Green Coffee Bean Extract took the world by storm. It was one of the “new, hot, diabolical” diet foods of all time. I just wish that those that are struggling could see through the jibber jabber and get down to the real business of eating healthy.

  14. The scary thing about all the weight loss products are their side effects. Even scarier is the fact that the side effects are reported only after something terrible happens. But then you take a look at raspberries ketone, African mango, and green coffee bean, and you realize that these are truly natural products that can’t do no harm. Unless of course you have mango allergies like my sister lol. I need to lose weight badly, but this time I’m going to do with all naturally and I’m going to be patient with the results.

  15. Dr. Oz is someone whom I really trust.

    Its not just coz he is highly recommended but because I see live examples.. I have been using coffee beans (green) for the past two months and seeing results .. slowly yet steadily

  16. Mary Telbat says:

    It is amazing how something so simple and healthy can make so much of a difference as we dry to make so many pills to enhance all of that, but natural goods like these are where the healing should start.

  17. I have got to find some African mango, do you think they sell Global Health Ideas in the local supermarkets?

  18. Gary Wilson says:

    Dr. OZ is the man. As they say the wizard of oz is the all powerful oz, so is Dr. OZ is the all powerful Doctor OZ that can find a solution to any health issues.

  19. Robert Hughes says:

    I really need to burn some body fat and I have tried everything but I think green coffee bean might be my solution. And it doesn’t even come with side effects. Hallelujah!

  20. I’m wanting to start some diet drops but they have African mango in them.. I’m allergic to oranges do you think I would be okay with the drops or not?

  21. I like Dr. Oz and his approach. I know a lot of people had lost weight by using his methods and I need to give it a try sometime.

  22. Dr. Oz has been known to help a lot of people lose weight. In fact I have a friend who followed his plan and lost a tonne of weight and has successfully kept it off. I don’t believe these are magic potions but taking them in conjunction with a healthy lifestyle can only help.

  23. I like the Dr. Oz show. I don’t know quite what to make of his product endorsements. I don’t know if he accepts money to promote products on his show, but regardless of whether or not that is the case, the scientific data is there and you can’t deny, in this case, the benefits of African Mango.

  24. Listen, I respect Dr. Oz. He seems like a very knowledgeable medical professional who truly cares about helping people. But sometimes, I have to wonder if he isn’t providing a platform for his expert nutritionist guests who come on to hawk various supplement products. And we all know what happens once Dr. Oz approves of some product: it causes an internet craze and goes on to sell like hot cakes.

  25. I love Dr. Oz and trust everything that he says. The fact that he loves these three weight loss supplements speaks to them highly. Can’t wait to get started on my own regime!

  26. There’s a lot of talk about Dr. Oz selling out for money and such, but I seriously don’t believe in those rumors. The last time I checked he still holds his medical doctor license and he hasn’t been sued by anyone or any company for giving out false recommendation. Just because someone comes up with new things that we’re not familiar with, it doesn’t mean those things are fake. All the products he recommended got great reviews and understandably a small number of bad reviews, but that’s because we live in a real world in which perfection doesn’t exist.

    • Good point Savannah. I heard a ton of bad stuff about Dr. Oz (rumors obviously) but there has been no law suits or anything too bad. I do believe in the products he recommends and I wold never for a second think that ANY good doctor who actually cares about health would ever put people;s health in jeopardy OR make a bad name for himself bu recommending a bad product.

  27. I understand that these things are all supposed to do different things for you but I am seriously considering stacking them so that I can get the benefit of all of them. I seriously want to lose some weight and I need your help to do it and I think this is going to be that help I need. Thank you so much for your help I appreciate it very much.

  28. Kelly Chopura says:

    Hey IdealBite! I love this site because of all the interesting articles – honestly it’s like a magazine that you can read online FOR FREE! Love it and just wanted to mention that. Thanks again :-)

  29. I like them for much of the same reasons, they are natural and they work is the main two however. Your article doesn’t do them justice but the blogs that were out before that told you all about them were really good if you happened to catch them. Now this article says enough though that you can go off of it to get some and at least give it a try.

  30. Speaking of celebrities and supplement products supported by the influential Dr. Oz, I watched an episode of his show today and saw Rosie Odonnel on the show as his guest. Like so many studio audience members, he put through one of his illustrative tests that can sometimes insult your intelligence. It was about excess body fat and how belly fat can adversely effect both your heart and liver.

  31. I understand that Dr. Oz likes African Mango and it was nice but so far I like the green coffee bean much better, it really does work good at curbing my appetite and I can concentrate on watching what I eat and knowing if I am really hungry or not. Thank you Dr. Oz for turning me on to this I appreciate it very much and will keep in touch with how it is working.

  32. The African mango may seem like another stimulated product to produce hype and big bucks for companies. But because it is backed by Dr. Oz, both on his show and his many appearances on the Oprah Winfrey Show, the product seems more valid. Dr. Oz now has featured the African mango on his show not only as a weight loss aid, but as a super potent multivitamin that has benefits for both men and women.

  33. Finding a good nutritional solution to weight loss is tough with all the side effects that come with some of the so-called magic diet pills. Haven’t give this a try yet but it certainly looks interesting.

  34. I definitely trust Dr. Oz and all of his advices because the man’s a true genius and you can tell he really cares for the people. There are lots of great reviews of African Mango and Raspberry ketone, you can’t dismiss that as hype when there are so many positive reviews and it’s been so long that these products have been getting great reviews. I’m giving both of them a try and see which one works better for me.

  35. Now I have heard or read somewhere that these are ok to stack and that they might actually work better if you do stack them, is that true? I would love to get some of all three and see what kind of results you can get from something that is shrinking your fat cells and then burning off the fat in the muscle. It doesn’t sound like you could go wrong.

  36. If you can get a balanced portion of each of these three in your diet, you’ll have a lot of success. The only downside is that they aren’t all always in season.

  37. Thank you for posting this I actually saw the pure green coffee bean extract the other day online and I wanted to try them but figured it was a waste of money. I had no idea that they had been on Dr. Oz and talked about them. I will definitely have to try them now because this is something that sounds simple and I could do it easily.

  38. Carl @ Seacoast Vitamins says:

    Excellent resource. Dr.Oz knows what he is talking about and Green Coffee bean has helped many people lose weight naturally so far when at the same time it increases energy and controls the appetite.

    As for the Halle Berry, yes many women would love to look like her but let’s face it. These actresses/actors do not look for real as they appear on TV.

    Looking good naturally takes consistent effort and focus :).

  39. I love watching Dr. Oz. Everything he talks about is usually true. The combination of all three of these ingredients can truly be rewarding, and I’d recommend you try at least one of them!

    • I swear by Dr Oz’s reccomendation. Was looking to stack all these three together. Started takin em a week ago, and I feel so much more energetic and focused during my workouts

  40. Awesome. Now, I tried raspberry ketone but it didn’t work for me. I didn’t see any improvement. I do agree with what Dr. Oz says and thinks though. But yes losing weight is really hard… :(

  41. I am seriously considering trying a cocktail that consists of all three of these put together, I tried the raspberry ketones and they seemed to be ok but I wasn’t getting the results I want as quickly as I would have liked so maybe by getting all three and putting them together it will give me the needed ingredients to make them work the way I want them to.

  42. African mango sounds like it is an extract from a certain kind of Mango fruit. If so, I would rather eat the actual fruit, unless of course, it is not native to the United States nor available in grocery stores. In that case, I would buy the supplement in order to give it a try. But I’d also caution people not to ingest just any supplement indiscriminately.

  43. In which shop will i find that green coffee bean extract in south africa

  44. Does this mean that if I eat more mangos, I too can benefit from the benefits of the vitamins and minerals or is this relegated to the African mango? It would not surprise me if it is only found in exotic fruits from the African continent. How convenient that would be for U.S. supplement marketers because it would enable them to corner the market for this supplement.

  45. This is a great article but my only question is can you take all three of these together and if you do would it actually target all the things you say they target individually or would they fight against each other? I want all of these benefits and there isn’t just one that’ll do all three. I would think because they are all natural that it wouldn’t be an issue.

  46. I am glad to hear this. It reaffirms how healthy it is for me when I am eating oranges, which I love to eat in a fruit cocktail or salad. I think it is a great refreshing fruit and if you happen to like orange juice, I would say to you not to buy the packaged orange juices which contain sugar. Instead, buy oranges and a manual juicer and make your own juice. It tastes so much better.

  47. gary nelson says:

    Arghhh, Weight Loss :( It’s so hard, I’ve tried like everything under the sun to lose this excess body weight but its soooo hard. Anyone looked into “Fat Loss Factor”?

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