Why Didn’t Weight Watchers show Jessica Simpson’s Body in Their Ad Campaign?

So why in the world is Jessica Simpson being paid four million dollars to be the spokesperson for Weight Watchers if she won’t even show her body?

She obviously isn’t proud of herself or the progress she’s made with the program. What other conclusion could we derive from this kind of behavior?

Many women are furious about this ridiculousness. There are two major problems here. First and foremost- the fact that Jessica isn’t willing to stand up and be proud of her body- no matter what her size. And secondly, people are angry that Weight Watchers are allowing this behavior. It is an outrage!

In Jessica’s first paid commercial for the product, she was only willing to be filmed from the neck up!! If you’re just looking at someone’s face, you have no idea how much they weigh. This commercial was recorded in July of 2012 after she began supposedly losing weight with the Weight Watchers program.

Many furious viewers say they would actually appreciate if she showed her entire body, even if she was severely overweight, because they could feel as though they are normal and going through the difficult weight loss process with a celebrity cheerleader along for the ride. Instead, they get Jessica’s smiling face telling them that Weight Watchers is the way to go, just like her! Well then honey, let’s see the results!

Many are calling for a before and after photo to be shown. How can Jessica tout a product if there aren’t results to prove it? Why should anyone believe that it works? It is great that she proclaims proudly “I’m Jessica Simpson and I’m doing Weight Watchers”- but who cares, and is it helping Weight Watchers sell products if no one sees any results?

Jessica appropriately supports young women, saying that she’s no model herself and that she understands the pressure women feel to be thin. She claims that the program is working for her and that Weight Watchers is the best program out there to assist her in her weight loss goals. She claims that it is working for her, and she’s lost pounds to prove it (I guess we’re just supposed to believe it because she says so…).

Jessica came under fire for this situation when visiting a daily talk show where she was questioned by host Katie Couric regarding the controversy. We give Jessica credit for being honest and not covering anything up- she said she simply wasn’t ready to show her body, because she hadn’t yet reached her weight loss goals.

To her credit, Jessica has lost about forty pounds since she was on Couric’s show, leading some to believe that Weight Watchers works. Whether the company is seeing increased sales from Jessica’s appearance remains to be seen.

Jessica openly admitted that while pregnant with her daughter, she shot up to over 170 pounds, and was unhealthy and overweight for her small five foot three frame. This kind of weight gain is dangerous and puts her into the category of obese. While gaining some weight during pregnancy is necessary and encouraged, Jessica admits that she gained too much, which is why she is so committed to her Weight Watchers diet plan.
jessica-simpson-weight-lossJessica says that the Weight Watchers program is the best plan for her because of the tracking part of the diet. She admits in past diets she didn’t make any progress, but with this one, you have to track everything you put into your body. Every single thing, no cheating! Every calorie adds up, so the tracking is important.

She says if you aren’t honest with yourself, brutally honest, you won’t make any progress. That is what she likes most about Weight Watchers, the need to really take a deep look into your eating habits, to make change, and to see results.

Jessica has also started a workout program to assist with losing the baby weight. Now, she is only about ten pounds shy of her goal weight, and her baby girl is her motivation for weight loss and good health.

She wants to be in shape for her daughter, but she also uses her daughter to assist her in her weight loss! She admits that if she takes a run with the baby in the stroller, or straps her on for a walk, it helps her to get some much needed exercise. She tries to walk as much as possible every day to see results.

Still, women all over the country are infuriated by her portrayal of weight loss. If you’re so proud of your results and are so encouraging of the program and how it can help others, show us for God’s sake! Don’t just tell us! Being embarrassed of the way you look is how all women feel when they are embarking on this journey. Or if you were too embarrassed to go public with it, maybe you shouldn’t have taken a four million dollar TV deal to be the “face of Weight Watchers” if you couldn’t stand behind it.

We hope that Jessica and all women out there can be proud of their bodies, their accomplishments, and not hide from scrutiny like this. And Weight Watchers shouldn’t stand for it either.

What are your thoughts? Are you upset with by her portrayal of weight loss? Share your thoughts with us!



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