Why Celebrities RUN To Weight Watchers – An Inside Look

If it seems that as you get older it becomes more difficult to lose weight and even easier to put it back on – you’re right – it’s not just you.  Millions of Americans, male and female and in all walks of life are struggling to lose weight, including celebrities.You may by now have a very jaded outlook when confronted by the latest diet fad.  That’s understandable!  You may have tried everything – Acai, the Grapefruit Diet, the Cabbage Soup Diet, the Dukan Diet, the Hollywood Diet.  But what happened?  Nothing.  You may have shed a few pounds, but now you can’t look at a grapefruit or a cabbage without breaking out in a cold sweat, and even with all your hard work, you look in the mirror to find that all the weight you lost (and sometimes more) is starting right back at you.

When you see Jennifer Hudson or Charles Barkley promoting Weight Watchers, chances are you flip the channel.  You’ve become so cynical that number one, you may believe that these celebrities lost weight by other means and number two, they get paid by Weight Watchers for lying.

Well, in their case, you’d be wrong.

Next time sit all the way through the ad and listen to what the spokesperson has to say.  It’s all true. Look at these famous personalities that have promoted Weight Watchers – Jennifer Hudson, Kate Winslet, Rosie O’Donnell, Sarah Ferguson and Lynn Redgrave just to name a few.

Apart from having weight problems all these stars have something else in common – they are down to earth people who want to get their message across to you…that overweight person sitting on the couch in utter despair.

It’s true that 90% of folks who use Weight Watchers are women but men are starting to give the plan a whirl in greater and greater numbers.  Charles Barkley is a prime example of a man who used to be at the top of his game and now he’s talking to men via Weight Watchers and sharing his story of success. Once basketball was well in his past, Sir Charles began to look like he was WEARING a basketball strapped to his belly. Weight Watchers helped him lose a ton of fat and get back to the youthful physique he sported years ago.

Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York, was overweight when she was a child.  As she was thrown into the spotlight by her marriage and her subsequent career, the cameras made her look even larger, so she decided to do something about it.  It took her years, but now she looks great and admits she feels better than she ever has. To prove it, she’s written five books on the subject of losing weight with Weight Watchers.

Why Does Weight Watchers Work?

Weight Watchers was started by Jean Nidetch, an ordinary woman who used to get together with her friends once a week to play mahjong.  Inevitably the conversation would always turn to how hard she and her friends were struggling to lose weight, and keep it off.She then went on to found a support group which developed into weekly classes.  The Weight Watchers organization was incorporated in 1963. Nidetch was an ordinary person with a real weight loss problem who went on to discover the right solution for millions of others like her…not a bunch of businesspeople out to exploit an extremely lucrative market. It is a program that combines sound nutritional advice with group sessions that allow members to support each other in their journey toward weight loss success.

The Weigh-in Means Nothing

For too long people have relied on what their bathroom scale tells them, but how many pounds or kilos you weigh really doesn’t mean a thing.  It’s how much excess fat you’re lugging around that’s important.

The fact is, you may look chubby and horribly out of shape and step on a scale to see the number 185 starting back at you. However your FITNESS FREAK friend who is toned, has a flat belly and who works out all the time and is the same exact height as you may step on the scale and see the SAME number. How is that possible? You don’t think your friend needs to lose weight at all! It’s not the weight that’s the culprit, it’s the FAT!

Muscle doesn’t weigh more than fat, however it takes up less room, therefore making people look smaller. Your body also burns more calories maintaining muscles mass than it does fat. So you can lose fat, gain muscle, be the same weight, but look ENTIRELY different and go down several pant sizes in the process.

It’s Your BMI that’s Important

Now if you and your friend were to each measure your body mass indexes – that’s when the truth is revealed. Your friend (hate her as you do right now) may have a BMI of between 18.5 and 24.9 – the ideal range to be in for a fit and healthy person.  You? Your body mass index is…WHAT? 29.9! Girl you’re not only overweight but another .1 and you’ll be classifieded as obese!

It’s time to do something about it.


  • You look like crap
  • You feel like crap and you may be depressed
  • Your clothes don’t fit
  • Your blood pressure is too high
  • You’re dangerously close to becoming diabetic (if you’re not already)
  • Your LDL cholesterol is off the charts (you could have a stroke or heart attack any minute now)
  • You’re far more likely to get breast, colon or endometrial cancer.
  • Your kids will be, or are more likely to be overweight
  • You have aches and pains – your knees and back are already hurting

Shall we continue?

And what’s this all caused by? Mostly that belly fat that’s harder to get rid of the older you get.

How old are you? The fact is for every 10 years you age your metabolism slows down by 5%.  Your friend, well, she’s doing just fine, because all that exercise she’s been doing has increased her metabolism. Ah spit. Look into Weight Watchers and you’re likely to find someone just like you…

Jennifer Hudson struggled with her weight for YEARS before finally settling on the Weight Watchers program, and just look at her now?

I’ll Starve to Death!
There’s another thing about Weight Watchers that makes many people skeptical and it’s the concept of being able to eat those things you love.  How can that be?  It doesn’t make sense!  Yes it does, when you understand how the Weight Watchers program works…

It’s all about points.

You’ll learn that everything you eat has a point value.  The higher it is in fat and calories, the more points it gets. If it’s high in fiber the points are lower and as long as you understand how to assign points to what you eat and stick to a daily limit, you will succeed.

Your body needs a certain amount of fuel to function properly – even when you’re asleep or lying on the couch.  Add more fuel for performing your daily activities and you reach the optimum number where food intake minus energy expended should balance out. Anymore and your body stores the extra as fat.

It’s that simple.

Weight Watchers is for Everyone

Not just celebrities.  It doesn’t matter what you do or how hectic and stressful your life is, Weight Watchers can work for you.  Whether you travel extensively and live out of a suitcase, or you’re a stay-at-home mom, it works because of the points system.If you feel that you’ve had enough of struggling along on your own trying to lose weight, there are Weight Watchers meetings all around the world. They have 19,000 staff members spread across the globe ready to help YOU.  They know that many people need support and encouragement and that people are curious to know how others are doing, just like Jean Nidetch did in the beginning.

If you don’t have the time to attend a weekly meeting the Weight Watchers website works just as well. It’s your online friend you can turn to for tips, help and encouragement.

When patients visit their primary care doctor with weight loss concerns and the doctor recommends Weight Watchers, those who do join are 50% more successful at losing and keeping off excess weight. Now are you convinced?

So what are you waiting for?
Celebrities run to Weight Watchers because they know it works.  It won’t be long before another celebrity is singing its praises.

Think about it, celebrities have a lot more to lose – especially females. The adoring public forgets about them quickly when they drop from sight, and the movie companies don’t want to hire them when they get fat.

Their salaries can go from millions to zero in a matter of weeks.

We, on the other hand don’t have quite so much to lose financially but what we do have in common with the celebs is the way our bodies act as we age. Weight comes on and it doesn’t want to come off, but with the help of a successful plan like Weight Watchers, you can use exactly what some of the top name celebs use to lose weight and back that youthful figure you have longed for.

When doing weight watchers consider the following Dr Oz featured supplements: garcinia cambogia diet, raspberry ketone diet, the green coffee bean diet, and/or the African mango diet.

Have you tried Weight Watchers? What were your results? How do you feel about the Weight watchers diet? Share your thoughts with us!



  1. Im a weight watchers member. One doesn’t have to be hungry on the plan. What you do is fillup on veggies, fruits, and fibers. They will stick with you longer. Don’t forget your water.

  2. Well I think I have been convinced to give this a try because I have literally tried everything else. Maybe it would be good for me to be hungry ever now and then. That is how you shrink your stomach right is to eat less and allow yourself to be hungry once in awhile? I am looking for to getting started as soon as possible.

  3. Weight Watchers has been around far to long to be something that doesn’t work. I am curious to see how the online program works though because I don’t have time to go to meetings and weigh ins to be humiliated in front of a bunch of people. I think I could do the at home thing though, I would love to try it and I need to lose so I guess I will sign up.

  4. I am going to sign up for Weight Watchers now that I have read this because I have been looking for something that would work as far as losing fat and the older I get the harder it seems to be to do. I am so sick and tired of the fact that I lost so much and now have gained a lot of it back and it is more fat than anything.

  5. The scale has spoken — and it doesn’t have good news for Jessica Simpson. This new mami learned at her first Weight Watchers weigh-in — a few weeks after the May 1 birth of daughter Maxwell — she had gained 70 pounds. Luckily, Jess has $4 million reasons to shed all the pregnancy pounds. As long as she sticks to the meal plans, she’ll succeed.

  6. After so many famous transformation, which have been promoted nationally on TV, I think Weight Watchers has become synonymous with celebrity transformations, so much so that their competitors are also trying to sign other celebrities to replicate that success formula for advertising. But you cannot deny the startling results. Since most people struggle with their diet, it makes sense to buy a tasty, nutritious meal plan that’s already prepared for you.

  7. I disagree with Zeb in this respect: muscle does in fact weigh more than fat proportionatly. In terms of mass, the same mass proportion of muscle tissue weighs more than that same portion of body fat. In any case, one is harder to gain than the other and obviously, we all want to gain muscle, not fat, but lean muscle is not as easy to come by as is fat.

  8. Nicole, I feel your pain I couldn’t either and I wanted it to work so bad. I tell you what if you try again I will too and we can be each others support group. I really want it to work for both of us because I don’t know about all of you other ladies out there but I am tired of feeling like I do. Anyone know of a better diet to use?

  9. I don’t know if it is the right way to do the weight loss thing but I do know that it has been successful with a lot of friends of mine. I am thinking about trying it myself because I am tired of being on this plateau that I have been on for years now. Thank you for posting this I am looking forward to doing some research and joining online at least.

  10. I think Weight Watchers is great I have lost about 15 pounds doing it so far. I have to admit when I first started about 2 months ago I was hungry most of the time but I have finally gotten used to it and have found that it is really easy to do. I recommend this as a weight loss tool to anyone that is looking to lose.

  11. I think Weight Watcher is great for some people to lose weight but it isn’t for everybody like they try to convince you that it is. I couldn’t stick to the point chart because I felt like I couldn’t eat anything with out going over them. Maybe I would have done better if I hadn’t gotten impatient and actually gave it time to work.

  12. Sure Weight Watchers works and it works fast especially when you are exercising right along with it. Thank you for posting this article but I don’t believe that the stars do the endorsements just because they benefit from the program especially sense they sign these people for so much money. Please don’t let that stop you from posting updates.

  13. Kenneth I can’t believe the gall that the insurance companies have these days. I am glad that she did what she had to do to keep the insurance company from getting any more of her money. Weight Watchers has been around a long time so therefore it has to work for people right? I might have to try it myself if things keep going the way they have been.

  14. From what I hear yes it does work, I was amazed at the way it worked on some friends of mine and it seemed to be rather fast as well. I know it probably felt like it took forever to them but I noticed changes right away. Thank you for the post I am glad that you did this because it lays out the benefits and everything of the program.

  15. I know a friend who ha a busy job on Wall Street, knew she couldn’t fit Weight Watchers meetings into her schedule. But she was overweight and her company was in discussions to add an obesity surcharge to its insurance premiums. She knew she had to make a change and Weight Watchers was the answer for her. I’m proud of her and she is now more confident than ever before.

  16. People run to Weight Watchers because they can’t lose the weight on their own. I am one of those that will be using Weight Watchers soon because I have tried almost everything to lose the body fat that I gained a few years back and can’t seem to do it so this is the next step for me even if I find that I am hungry all the time.

  17. Well being as they just paid Jessica Simpson a few million dollars to be a spokes person I am not sure if it is for real or not. Now I heard that she signed up for it because she was doing the diet and it was working and she wants to share that with everyone. If that is the case why do they feel they should be paid so much, do it just because.

  18. I was once on weight watchers and I seemed to be hungry all the time so I decided to try the intermittent fasting, I know that is going without food and that would make you even hungrier but I have found it is easier to do with out then to try and pull in the reins when you are eating so you don’t go over your points. Do you think this is a good diet?

    • I had the same issue when I tried weight watchers I never felt totally satisfied. I think it may work for some but not others. After weight watchers I switched to Fullbar and it made a huge difference for me! I never felt like I was still hungry after eating and their bars and shakes were very satisfying and filling for me to help get me through until lunch or dinner. The Full Diet book even offers a bunch of recipes to make that I found delicious.

  19. I agree as well Zeb and that is why it is important to do some strength training at least twice a week. Do you recommend it anymore than that? I was also wondering what you think the best fat burning cardio exercise is? I have been using the treadmill but I have to admit that running is not my forte. I can speed walk with the best of them though.

  20. I can attest to the effectiveness of a healthy meal program such as that of weight watchers. This program is not at all like eating the super market TV dinners, which are full of preservatives. Quality gourmet meal plans are not too different from having a nutritionist and personal chef on your payroll, except subscribing to one of these meal plans is far more affordable. It beats having to prepare the meals yourself.

  21. I had a friend that did weight watchers and it really helped her and her mom but as far as the stars endorsing it goes I still think they get kick backs for that because they can afford their meals to be prepared for them daily and they can afford a personal trainer to make them work out everyday. When you have to do it yourself it is harder to do.

  22. Muscle does NOT weight more than fat. A pound of feathers is the same as a pound of nails, it just takes a heck of a lot more feathers to get to the pound. Muscle takes up less room, therefore making people look smaller. Your body also burns more calories maintaining muscles mass than it does fat.

  23. I’ve been making my own diet program and I know it’s unhealthy. I only eat once a day around 4pm or 5 pm and most of them are less than 1000 cal and sometimes less than 500 cal. The results was amazing, my waist dropped from 44 inches to 31 inches and it took me only about 3 months. However, it hit me the other day when I knew something wasn’t right. It was a mess, it scared the hell out of me. I swear I thought I’m going to get a stroke or major heart-attack. Now, I’m trying to let go of this unhealthy diet and back to being chunky and happy, instead of Skinny and miserable. But, I still can’t let go of this diet, I’m so hooked. Whenever I eat a large portion of food I start to feel guilty and the diet card plays again. I’m back to square one. Is there a medication to boost my crave on eating or any tips for me to start eating 5 times a day.


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