What’s the Deal With Ugly Brown Seaweed?

What’s the Deal With Ugly Brown Seaweed

Brown Seaweed

Doesn’t sound that appetizing does it? But this is one amazing natural product that has been hitting the headlines for the past few years. I wasn’t convinced to begin with, but I have to admit that it’s well worth finding out more about it. You’ve probably heard of Dr Oz. Well even this guy has plenty to say about how cool and how beneficial brown seaweed could be. If that hasn’t got you interested, keep reading because you’re about to find out how it may have the power to change your life.

Let’s start at the beginning. What on earth is brown seaweed?

Well to state the obvious, brown seaweed is just what it sounds like. It’s seaweed from the sea and it’s brown. In fact this isn’t some rare and exotic type of seaweed; you’ve probably seen it with your own two eyes if you’ve ever gone to the beach. You’ve probably heard of bladderwrack before – this is one of the best known types of brown seaweed around. Its posh name is Fucus vesiculosus is also one of the types of brown seaweed that is used in various medicines and treatments. Another common type is Laminaria japonica.

It has been discovered that brown seaweed contains something called fucoxanthin. This has been noted in studies to be able to boost weight loss in overweight people. Now that sounds impressive but unfortunately brown seaweed doesn’t naturally contain enough of the stuff to make a difference. It certainly doesn’t make it worth sitting down and eating as much brown seaweed as you can get your hands on so you get the required amount of fucoxanthin.

But the story doesn’t end there. This seaweed is already used in a number of natural products to lead to potential health benefits in other ways, not just for weight loss. I’ll share some more information with you about that in just a moment. But in addition to this the Japanese in particular use a lot of brown seaweed in their food. It’s great for flavoring so if you love Japanese food and you want to cook some at home it certainly wouldn’t do you any harm to start introducing brown seaweed into your diet.

What has Dr Oz got to say about it?

The Dr Oz Show is incredibly popular and shares a lot of good and startling information about various natural products among other things. He had a lot of good things to say about brown seaweed when he talked about it on a recent program during the latter part of 2011.

His show focused on the potential ability the brown seaweed has to help people lose weight. Now he was careful to note that the ideal way to do this was not to eat the seaweed itself. As I mentioned above, while brown seaweed does have fucoxanthin in it, you won’t get enough of it from eating the seaweed in its natural form.

Luckily you don’t have to. This is because you can buy a natural supplement that has taken this part of the brown seaweed and concentrated it into a pill form. This means all you have to do is to take the supplement every day as directed, and it could help you lose weight. Dr Oz reckoned that 500mg a day would be right for most people.

The best news of all is that this magic ingredient seems to have the power to burn belly fat. Now this is an area of fat that a lot of people have trouble losing. But Dr Oz has the following to say about it: “Brown seaweed has potent powers for burning belly fat, but only if you eat it in a pill form.”

Remember that as you keep on reading.

The health benefits don’t stop with belly fat…

Okay so we know that this particular ingredient of brown seaweed is super cool when it comes to helping you get rid of any excess body fat, but does it have any other great qualities? Can it help you get a healthier body in other ways as well?

It looks as if this might be the case. When brown seaweed and extracts from it are used in natural medicine, they are used to tackle such conditions as stomach problems, cellulite and other skin conditions. Some also believe it can help reduce fatigue and even help with protecting the body against harmful cells. Seaweed is believed to contain antioxidants, which can help the body fight off oxidant molecules. These can be extremely harmful over time, so it makes sense that if you can increase the amount of antioxidant foods you are ingesting, you’ll have a much better shot of staying healthy.

This is another reason why some people think it’s a great idea to use brown seaweed as an ingredient in certain dishes. It will help increase your level of antioxidants even before you think about taking your fucoxanthin supplements.

What’s the best approach to adding brown seaweed to your diet?

For my money I think it’s best to focus on eating more healthily as well as taking the supplement containing the active part of brown seaweed. You don’t want to keep on eating the same diet if you are looking to try and lose your belly fat. With a sensible diet to help you lose weight, this supplement may help you reduce your belly fat even faster than you would be able to normally.

Of course it could be that you have other health conditions you want to try and help by taking the supplement too. Hopefully more research will be done into the effects of brown seaweed and its component parts so we’ll learn more about how it affects the body. So far the research has been limited and there is no definitive proof to back up the various benefits that brown seaweed could have. Many believe it is worth taking the supplement every day in the hope that their belly fat will disappear and their bodies remain healthy and immune to certain conditions and afflictions.

So, is brown seaweed the magic panacea for fat loss and health that everyone has been looking for? It seems it certainly may have some pretty awesome properties and with high profile health gurus like Dr. Oz touting the benefits, it may well be worth grabbing a bottle in pill form. Start with a healthy diet, and add some brown seaweed in addition, and you just may reap the fat loss effects and health benefits you have been looking for.



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