What do Dr. Oz, Jennifer Hudson, and Charles Barkley Have In Common?

Each New Year’s Eve millions of people make the same resolution: lose weight and get fit.  Unfortunately not everyone has an easy time sticking to this resolution. Weight Watchers is not unfamiliar with this story and as a weight loss program they have helped countless people lose weight. Recently, bigger name celebrities are partnering with the weight loss giant to help themselves and countless other win the battle of the bulge.

Jennifer Hudson

Recently Jennifer Hudson made headlines with her eye popping 80lbs of weight loss made possible with her relationship with Weight Watchers.

Jennifer Hudson was the season 3 winner of the music star making show American Idol. She had battled her weight issues and came out on top with an amazing 80lb weight loss.  Her commercial for Weight Watchers was simple. It featured a version of her singing the song “Believe” when she was larger next to herself at an astonishing 80lbs lighter. The commercial gets the point of how effective Weight Watchers is without needing to say anything about the program.

Charles Barkley

Weight Watchers doesn’t want to exclude the other half of the population. In recent years the program has realized that it was not offering enough support for their male clients. This is being represented in a new program that has an unlikely spokesperson. Their LOSE LIKE A MAN program is now being attempted by Charles Barkley.

Charles Barkley joined Weight Watchers last year and so far has lost 23 pounds on the program. During his career as a professional basketball player Barkley was in peak physical condition and had very low body fat. During his commercial for the Weight Watchers Power Points program he tells about how he gained over 100lbs since retiring as a professional ball player. When asked what motivated Barkley to lose the weight he said he had just gotten “too fat”. He added that, “no one who gains 100lbs doesn’t think that they’re fat.”

What do Dr. Oz, Jennifer Hudson, and Charles Barkley Have In Common

Dr. Oz

Weight control problems are at epidemic proportions in the United States. This is why Weight Watchers has partnered with the Dr. Oz Show to bring about awareness of the issue. Dr. Oz is promoting the Weight Watchers program with a new weight loss contest of his own.  This new program is called Transformation Nation: Million Dollar You. The program has 7 easy steps for participants to follow in order to qualify as a finalist and be featured on the show.

  1. Tell a friend
  2. Official weigh-in/Calculate BMI
  3. Connect with your doctor
  4. Learn your families health history
  5. Get more sleep
  6. Assess your stress
  7. Start new fitness habits

Dr. Oz makes step 7 easily achievable with his partnership with Weight Watchers and their new Power Points system.

This partnership of the three celebrities is a great move by Weight Watchers. It is especially important for them to reach out to the male population. Men may not talk about their weight problems, but it is just as much of a risk to their health as it is to any woman. Hopefully 2012 really will be the year to believe in yourself.




    I like the post but I don’t know if weight watchers are the right thing to go for to lose weight. Let’s see how the article is helping all the fatties out there. Will have to do some research into the matter.

  2. Justin Wizard says:

    Tell me more about the LOOSE LIKE A MAN program ..

    the seven steps seem familiar .. I mean, more or less, every diet has 2-3 of these steps in it ..

    Is the LOOSE LIKE A MAN program available internationallY??

  3. I don’t know about you guys, but I would trust Doctor OZ any day than risk my life with weight watchers.

  4. It is good to see these programs start to gear towards us guys too. A lot of guys just have to get over the stigma that weight loss plans are just for women and take control of their lives again. Lose weight and live longer, it’s a win-win.

  5. How can you not trust Weight Watchers to do what it does? It’s been around for so long and so many people swear by it. Can’t wait to start my run next month with it!

  6. I guess you can’t get more of a dramatic example of successful and significant weight loss than the examples provided by Jennifer Hudson and Charles Barkley. If you look at photos or video highlights from the NBA playing days of Sir Charles (a.k.a. the round mound or rebounds), you will see a startling resemblance now of his player weight. It is truly inspirational.

  7. Katie Kristy says:

    The thing about these weight watchers programs is that they make this such a big deal for these stars, but we should also consider focusing the real people who live everyday lives because they can relate to us.

  8. Oh Charles Barkley you hit it right on the money LOL. I hated you as a basketball player but you do make sense about the weight gain and weight loss. It’s true that no one who gains 100 pounds doesn’t think they’re fat. Unfortunately I’m one of them. I’ve gone from 180 pounds to 280 pounds in a span of 3 years and I too am just too fat. I always thought of weight watchers for girls only, but maybe it’s time to reconsider seeing as how so many people are having success with it.

  9. My secret:
    I lose 3 pounds over night doing this, I am a boxer who usullay has to make weight for my fights.

    All I do is eat real healthy and do NOT EAT AFTER 7 PM!!!

    After 7 pm I go for a run to burn of the food I ate during the day and drink alot alot alot of water because what that does is flushes everything out.
    It works you should try it!

  10. best way to lose weight quickly says:

    I actually appreciated your article post. Really thank you! Cool.

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