Was Selena Gomez Photoshopped in Elle?

Photo: Carter Smith for Elle.com

Remember back in the day when Selena Gomez was that adorable, fun kid we watched on the Disney Channel?
Gone are the days of our sweet little Selena, instead now we’ve got a maturing young woman dressing up in fancy gowns, going on romantic getaways with her boyfriend Justin, and experimenting with the edginess of high fashion.

Photo: Carter Smith for Elle.com

She’s technically still a teenager, but has been straining against her “teeny-bopper” stereotype by posing for sexy cover shots on women’s fashion magazines. A recent controversy is that she was Photoshopped in her July Elle cover.

Selena takes the criticism in stride. She knows she has a young fan base tries to be respectful of that, but she also wants to separate herself from her innocent teen image. After all, she’s 19, and wants to be associated with other young adults in regards to fashion, style, and even sexiness.

She says that she’s proud of herself, her aging, and she thinks that the photo shoot was ‘classy.’

Photo: Carter Smith for Elle.com

Selena has proven she’s no longer a little kid, she now has a perfume named after herself and is coming out with another in the future. She also hopes to soon be branching out into other lines of business. She’s still a TV icon and will turn twenty years old soon, so she’s looking to star in bigger films and other projects.

In the issue of Elle that is so hotly debated, she gushes about how wonderful her relationship with her boyfriend Justin Bieber is, and how he is a hopeless romantic.

Photo: Carter Smith for Elle.com

In answer to the question of whether Selena’s cover shot was photo shopped the answer would be yes. In today’s world ALL fashion magazine photos are Photoshopped. The real question should only be, “How much was her image altered?” Or maybe, “Were the alterations excessive?” Whatever the answer, it’s readily apparent that Selena is serious about changing her image and is on the road to success in her adult career.




  1. Aashika Kansara says:

    It does not matter if a celebrity’s photo is retouched and then printed in a magazine.. They need to do that… No actress in hollywood is as adorable as they are seen in magazines.. So according me it really doesnt matter if a person photo has been retouched or no…

  2. Does it really matter? I mean really no one in Hollywood really looks as good as they do in the pictures in the magazines. People get to caught up in how they look in these magazines and then they think that is what they have to look like. I am one of those people and I can tell you there comes a time when you have to say I physically can’t be like that.

  3. Lucas Kingston says:

    I have to agree as I believe practically every image on fashion magazines have been altered in some way, whether it be tiny or just too much. But nonetheless, it is great to see Selena Gomez mature and grow over the past years.

  4. EllaKillah says:

    Every celeb’s photos are getting photoshopped so I don’t get what all the fuss is about. Selena isn’t the first celeb to be photoshopped and she certainly won’t be the last. The discussion about whether or not photoshopping has negative effects on children and adults alike is I think is a conversation that deserves a separate discussion. I think Selena’s photos on elle were beautiful and not at all too sexy. She looks hot even in paparazzi photos, so we all know she’s got the basic goods anyways.

  5. She probably isn’t. First, she’s smart; I’m pretty sure she wouldn’t be where she is right now in Hollywood if she was stupid, because so far there are no pics of her naked leaked onto the internet right now, and she’s managing herself pretty well. I feel bad for her, because she’s such a good actress and more, but ever since she began dating Justin Bieber, she’s been labeled as a whore and boyfriend-stealer , despite she’s not either. But the whole PDA thing put a new siting on her.

  6. Why are they making such a big deal out of Selena Gomez being photo shopped? Everyone on these magazines and others get photo shopped all the time. No one is perfect enough to put on the front of a magazine with out some air brush touch ups or photo shop.

  7. Selena Gomez recently got a new Roman numeral neck tattoo as tribute to family member. If she keeps this up, she’s going to have to be Photoshoped in every magazine photo spread. But her ink is more than just a superficial thrill. She already has one other tattoo, a small heart on her right wrist that she had done back in February during a visit to Hollywood’s Under the Gun tattoo shop.

  8. Photoshop is a part of any production work, whether it be a magazine spread or fashion model comp cars (also known as zed cards). Those who think magazines are published without post production editing are just plain ignorant about the industry. Every photo needs color correction or some airbrushing (using the photoshop healing brush) to remove any skin discolorations or imperfections.

  9. Does it really matter? I mean really no one in Hollywood really looks as good as they do in the pictures in the magazines. People get to caught up in how they look in these magazines and then they think that is what they have to look like. I am one of those people and I can tell you there comes a time when you have to say I physically can’t be like that.

  10. Stop bashing magazines cause they photoshop pictures. Not everything that is doctored / edited is bad. Sometimes, it’s done for the sake of art. Don’t forget that Selena Gomez spent years casting spells as the star of “The Wizards of Waverly Place” on Disney. And after taking a break from supernatural roles, she has returned to those roots as a teen vampire in the new animated flick, “Hotel Transylvania.

  11. Post production editing to enhance a photo is a standard, not just for celebrity photos, but for any published photo. I’m sure when anyone takes a family portrait or say, a wedding portrait, they are not going to want to print a photo that shows a skin blemish or bags under your eyes. You will want your photos edited so you look your best. Some photos are edited just to correct the color.

  12. I have been shooting freelance photography for years and I can tell you that when I shoot a model, I always photoshop my photos to remove any skin imperfections. So if I do it, and just about every photographer I know does it too, then of course the photos in Elle magazine were digitally edited. There is always some editing to be done.

  13. I realize that in these pictures she looks older than she really is but that is the point she wants to grow up and get away from the Disney kid feel. And what is the big deal if they photo shopped her picture. If someone would do that to my picture when I have it taken I would go for that in a heartbeat. Thank you for posting this, it really shows what matters.

  14. Does it really matter that she was photo shopped? She is a lovely girl who is trying to transition out of the Disney seen into the adult seen and this is a stepping stone to do just that. You have a great article but I am concerned that people are taking this the wrong way. All the magazine covers are photo shopped even if it is a man.

  15. David you’re right this is probably what causes a lot of eating disorders and things, because women (not just girls) see that this is what men look at and this is what men want not the actual real woman that is imperfect and lumpy in places because of child birth etc. they want a woman that will look like this forever even after kids. Why do girls have self esteem issues again?

  16. David you are probably the only guy that feels that way, most of them want the sexy pictures real or not because they are visual people and don’t care if it is photoshop as long as it looks real. Thank you for standing up for the better side of men. The picture they did of her were tasteful but some a little much for someone her age.

  17. It amazes me that there are people out there that think these people all look as great as they do on the cover of a magazine all the time. Have you ever heard these people talk about what they had to go through before the “shoot most of them starve themselves to get rid of body fat, and they work out constantly, but Photoshop is a huge part of getting rid of blemishes?

  18. It is a normal thing to photo shop celebrities on the covers of magazines these days because Hollywood has to keep up this faade of the beautiful people in California. Have you ever noticed that on TV as well, look at the show CSI Miami and CSI New York and tell me how long it take before you see a bunch of people in bikini’s?

  19. That is the problem with these magazines and young ladies today feeling like they have to look like that so they end up with eating disorders and things. They don’t stop to think about the fact that every magazine out there has been photoshopped so that the actress looks better than she does in person. I really wish this would end and they would be more real.

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