The Rise of the Cupcake (Infographic)

November the 26th is National Cake Day ?!#$^& Really? Cake Day??

Wikipedia tells us”The first mention of the cupcake can be traced as far back as 1796, when a recipe notation of “a cake to be baked in small cups” was written in American Cookery by Amelia Simmons.”

Carl Summers ( contacted us about a post he saw on IdealBite. He thought their health infographic titled ‘The Rise of the Cupcake’ would fit well.

Not a healthy way of living, but a fun way to ‘take a break’ as everyone needs a bit of fun in life. Plus, it is better than eating a whole cake!
Let us know what you think!

400 Cupcake Outlets in the USA.

770,000,000 Cupcakes consumed in the US in 2012.

Cupcake Wars (16 million viewers and 7 seasons) is a show dedicated to people making cupcakes.

Sex And The City Carrie Bradshaw ate a vanilla cupcake with pink butter-cream frosting in 2000, inspiring a new adult food.

Forward to 2012 and fill your cake-hole: Sprinkles bakery developed a hole in a wall that dispenses cupcakes 24 hours a day.

French macarons (stylish french meringue based snack)
Cake pops (mini-cake on a stick)

Enough, I am going to get fat.



  1. No wonder why we’re the most obese country on earth lol~ Not that cupcakes are the sole culprit, but damn these tasty little goodies sure pack lots of calories in a small size. I could eat a dozen with ease and I’m saying from experience xD Anyways, it was a very entertaining fact presentation.

  2. Stacy Peterson says:

    I love cupcakes, I am honestly addicted to them. The richer they are, the better they get. I do whatever I can to make my cupcakes more unique than the average cup cake, and I honestly believe that the cupcake stores that are built throughout the US do well because their cupcakes are unique.

  3. I have a co-worker who is simply addicted to exotic cupcakes, but I think that the better they look, the more sugar they have in them. However, I am guilty of splurging, so I can understand the trend.

  4. It is interesting how the growing popularity of cupcakes is evidenced by a prediction of a 20 percent rise in sales in the US over the next five years. The cookbook, Martha Stewart’s Cupcakes, spent 11 weeks on the New York Times bestseller list, while among the more than a dozen cupcake blogs, “Cupcakes Take the Cake” receives 9,000 visitors daily. Even The Food Network commissioned a pilot for a Cupcake Wars bake-off competition show.

  5. Jason Terry says:

    When I first saw a cupcake shop in college, I thought that it would be a quick come and go store, but surprisingly it is one of the most popular shops in town. They not only make incredibly rich cupcakes, but they make their shops a great place to hang out.

  6. The craziest thing about this whole thing, how in the hell did cupcake demand increase so much in less than ten years? What happened from 2006 to now that we are consuming so much more cupcakes than previous to 2006? It can’t be television only I don’t think. The increase is just so dramatic. Unfortunately it doesn’t help much with modern day obesity problem, does it?

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