The Jennifer Hudson Weight Loss Plan: Copy Her and Lose Your Lbs!

Sure, many of us want to shed some extra pounds and as we start the search for some guidance, we are literally bombarded with plans, potions and pills that promise “incredible breakthrough weight loss” and other such claims. It is hard to know what works and what doesn’t and even harder to stick to a plan long enough to get the results you’re really after.

One of the best ways to get involved in a weight loss plan is just to follow what someone else has already done and just copy what they did. One person who has been an inspiration for thousands and thousands of women is Jennifer Hudson.  This former 7th place finisher of American Idol fame has gone on to major success in the Broadway film version of Dreamgirls as well as her recording and live performance singing career. As of late, she has been actively promoting her 56+ pound weight loss thanks to her participation in the Weight Watcher’s plan.

I know what you’re thinking…”She’s a movie star, she probably has 20 people following her around at all times telling her what to eat, when to work out, and more…her weight loss was EASY!” Well, the truth may be a bit different than that. In fact, if you really check out what Jennifer Hudson has done with regards to weight loss, you just might find that copying her plan may just lead the weight loss success you have been looking for.

Here is a breakdown of some of the things Jennifer has done in her weight loss progress and how these things may work for you as well:

Choose a weight loss plan that works:

Jennifer Hudson chose weight watchers…not a simple pill or powder that makes ridiculous claims. Weight Watchers has been around for 40 years and has literally helped millions of men and women reach their goals.

Adopting such a plan with a successful history and one that is based on sound and valid nutrition and food values gives one a much higher chance of success than simply going after what SOUNDS good. Sure, it is work, but if followed consistently, a plan like Weight Watchers has a higher success rate than many other diet and weight loss programs especially when combined with Dr Oz endorsed supplements i.e. garcinia cambogia extractAfrican mango, raspberry ketone, and pure green coffee bean extract. A great diet combined with exercise and supplements can help you lose weight!

Let everyone know your plans and goals:

It goes without saying that someone like Jennifer, who is a public figure, has a hard time hiding what she is doing. She has millions of fans and she put herself out there in the public eye when talking about her weight loss plans. You should do the same. Tell your friends and your family what you are doing and how important it is for you to succeed.

By letting others know, you are helping yourself to be accountable and ask those around you to help you be accountable as well. If others are supporting you AND helping you keep on track, your chances for success are even higher. Now, you don’t need to go on TV to make this happen, but don’t try to keep your weight loss goals a secret either.

Document your ongoing success (and failures):

Today, it is easier than ever to document your weight loss goals and share your progress with others, just do what Jennifer did! She has a regular blog she posts to (found at: Jennifer Hudson Weight Loss Plan Copy Her and Lose Your LbsJennifer posts her ongoing progress with others. This helps her to stay on track and be honest about what she is doing (even when she feels a little guilty about finding a favorite snack she likes!) One post lists her love of a gourmet popcorn treat…she tells us that, while it can be hard to stay within the Weight Watchers POINTS program considering how many points this popcorn treat represents, but she also shares how she is overcoming that and combining the treat with other low cal food options so she can enjoy the sinful food AND stay on track at the same time.

Be an inspiration to others:

It is easy enough for someone like Jennifer Hudson to be an inspiration because there are so many eyeballs on her at any given time. There are many that have commented on her blog that list her as the main inspiration for getting started on a healthy weight loss program and watching and reading about her success really helped move their progress forward. Being an inspiration to others is a GREAT way to support your own success as well. If someone in your family watches you, and wants to mimic your success, you have a built in responsibility to stay consistent and not let yourself go backwards. How can you inspire others easily? Just do what you say you are going to do, be consistent, and offer guidance to others who want the same things. It is likely that you know at least one (probably many) friends and family members who want to lose some weight. Once you experience success, it is easy to help support others and guide them along the path you have taken.

Show off your results!:

How many of us were shocked and amazed when we saw the first pictures or commercials of Jennifer Hudson showing of her new body? There is no question that when Jennifer Hudson was on American Idol that, while she was quite beautiful, she was also visibly overweight. When she shed her pounds, she let the world know it AND see it! You can do the exact same by posting your pictures of your weight loss success on your Facebook account, your website if you have one, or just by emailing pictures to friends and family. Sure, some may see it as boasting, but, who cares!? You did the work and should be proud of your results! By showing off, you are showing that it CAN be done and those who know you may gain even greater belief in themselves that they can do it as well.

As you can see, Jennifer Hudson’s approach to weight loss using Weight Watcher’s may not be all that hard to follow. Just follow the path that she laid for you above, be consistent, and stay positive. Serious weight loss doesn’t occur overnight but if you stick to your plan, keep a record of your progress, and share your success, you too can look like a superstar when you reach your goals!



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