The Jennifer Hudson Weight Loss Plan: Copy Her and Lose Your Lbs!

Sure, many of us want to shed some extra pounds and as we start the search for some guidance, we are literally bombarded with plans, potions and pills that promise “incredible breakthrough weight loss” and other such claims. It is hard to know what works and what doesn’t and even harder to stick to a plan long enough to get the results you’re really after.

One of the best ways to get involved in a weight loss plan is just to follow what someone else has already done and just copy what they did. One person who has been an inspiration for thousands and thousands of women is Jennifer Hudson.  This former 7th place finisher of American Idol fame has gone on to major success in the Broadway film version of Dreamgirls as well as her recording and live performance singing career. As of late, she has been actively promoting her 56+ pound weight loss thanks to her participation in the Weight Watcher’s plan.

I know what you’re thinking…”She’s a movie star, she probably has 20 people following her around at all times telling her what to eat, when to work out, and more…her weight loss was EASY!” Well, the truth may be a bit different than that. In fact, if you really check out what Jennifer Hudson has done with regards to weight loss, you just might find that copying her plan may just lead the weight loss success you have been looking for.

Here is a breakdown of some of the things Jennifer has done in her weight loss progress and how these things may work for you as well:

Choose a weight loss plan that works:

Jennifer Hudson chose weight watchers…not a simple pill or powder that makes ridiculous claims. Weight Watchers has been around for 40 years and has literally helped millions of men and women reach their goals.

Adopting such a plan with a successful history and one that is based on sound and valid nutrition and food values gives one a much higher chance of success than simply going after what SOUNDS good. Sure, it is work, but if followed consistently, a plan like Weight Watchers has a higher success rate than many other diet and weight loss programs especially when combined with Dr Oz endorsed supplements i.e. garcinia cambogia extractAfrican mango, raspberry ketone, and pure green coffee bean extract. A great diet combined with exercise and supplements can help you lose weight!

Let everyone know your plans and goals:

It goes without saying that someone like Jennifer, who is a public figure, has a hard time hiding what she is doing. She has millions of fans and she put herself out there in the public eye when talking about her weight loss plans. You should do the same. Tell your friends and your family what you are doing and how important it is for you to succeed.

By letting others know, you are helping yourself to be accountable and ask those around you to help you be accountable as well. If others are supporting you AND helping you keep on track, your chances for success are even higher. Now, you don’t need to go on TV to make this happen, but don’t try to keep your weight loss goals a secret either.

Document your ongoing success (and failures):

Today, it is easier than ever to document your weight loss goals and share your progress with others, just do what Jennifer did! She has a regular blog she posts to (found at: Jennifer Hudson Weight Loss Plan Copy Her and Lose Your LbsJennifer posts her ongoing progress with others. This helps her to stay on track and be honest about what she is doing (even when she feels a little guilty about finding a favorite snack she likes!) One post lists her love of a gourmet popcorn treat…she tells us that, while it can be hard to stay within the Weight Watchers POINTS program considering how many points this popcorn treat represents, but she also shares how she is overcoming that and combining the treat with other low cal food options so she can enjoy the sinful food AND stay on track at the same time.

Be an inspiration to others:

It is easy enough for someone like Jennifer Hudson to be an inspiration because there are so many eyeballs on her at any given time. There are many that have commented on her blog that list her as the main inspiration for getting started on a healthy weight loss program and watching and reading about her success really helped move their progress forward. Being an inspiration to others is a GREAT way to support your own success as well. If someone in your family watches you, and wants to mimic your success, you have a built in responsibility to stay consistent and not let yourself go backwards. How can you inspire others easily? Just do what you say you are going to do, be consistent, and offer guidance to others who want the same things. It is likely that you know at least one (probably many) friends and family members who want to lose some weight. Once you experience success, it is easy to help support others and guide them along the path you have taken.

Show off your results!:

How many of us were shocked and amazed when we saw the first pictures or commercials of Jennifer Hudson showing of her new body? There is no question that when Jennifer Hudson was on American Idol that, while she was quite beautiful, she was also visibly overweight. When she shed her pounds, she let the world know it AND see it! You can do the exact same by posting your pictures of your weight loss success on your Facebook account, your website if you have one, or just by emailing pictures to friends and family. Sure, some may see it as boasting, but, who cares!? You did the work and should be proud of your results! By showing off, you are showing that it CAN be done and those who know you may gain even greater belief in themselves that they can do it as well.

As you can see, Jennifer Hudson’s approach to weight loss using Weight Watcher’s may not be all that hard to follow. Just follow the path that she laid for you above, be consistent, and stay positive. Serious weight loss doesn’t occur overnight but if you stick to your plan, keep a record of your progress, and share your success, you too can look like a superstar when you reach your goals!



  1. Is Jennifer a brand ambassador of weight watchers? I have read many weight loss stories of people who opted for weight watchers and they are not very happy. Some complain about weak health and some complain for lesser charm in their skins. I hope her story is a true one.

  2. Losing weight is not the easiest thing but when you have the right stuff anything can happen

  3. Nora-If a person follows Weight Watchers, eating ALL of the food groups, including dairy, there is much less loose skin and your complexion glows. Exercise also helps.

  4. Hi I’ve been touched by your weight loss story, every time I start my diet plan I get discouraged and lose hope, I want to lose this big flubby body I have, I look disgusting!

  5. “not a simple pill or powder that makes ridiculous claims”, this is true. I really need to stay away from products that make ridiculous claims. I don’t know why but I end up making the same mistakes over and over again and after 10 years of being overweight I’m still fat. Actually I guess I do know why I make the same mistakes and that’s because I try to find an easy way out. Losing weight sucks… it’s so freaking hard… but you’re right I have to keep at it and do my best.

  6. I agree with Weight Watchers as it is a simple proven way to lose weight. My friends call me and text me all the time with the new diet trick they found. Whether its a pull or eating certain foods etc. My reply has become “Why waste money on a gimmick” as thats what a lot of pills or weight loss shortcuts are, gimmicks.

  7. I will stop procrastinating and will start my Weight Loss plan today, thank you for helping me build up my confidence and I nearly forgot but Jennifer looks smoking hot!

  8. I’ve always been nervous about telling other people my diet plan. Are you sure they aren’t going to make funny of me on that? Do they really stand behind you when you talk about it?

  9. Olufunke Ehiagwina says:

    Its amazing to know all what weight watcher programme can do,I have been battling with losing weight for years and truly will love to put an end to it,I will love to look good and healthy,but please how do I get started, can’t seem to figure out how to subscribe to the programme.

  10. This is very interesting, but I like a lot of other people, have been reading about photo shop and touched up photos and I was wondering, as I know others are, is that what happened here? I know people who have lost weight on Weight Watchers but they don’t always look so fit. A lot of times there is lose skin etc. so I am thinking this is different.

    • She’s not over 40. At her age, sagging skin isn’t going to be a problem. Plus she added exercise and not just dietary changes. Good for you Jennifer!

  11. I am sure she really lost some weight on Weight Watchers but how many of her pictures and things are photo shopped like the other people in these magazines and things? You have done a great job on this article and I will look for your next one.

  12. I read an article in my husband’s health magazine about BMI and life expectancy it said that being obese can shorten your life by five to 10 years. I didn’t want to miss out on any moments with my son just because of poor eating patterns. After that, I’d think, I could be here a little bit longer if I just eat better. So I started the WW meal plans and began to reduce my body fat.

  13. I was watching a medical show and they were discussing the good and the bad liquid cleanses and which ones are actually not good for your health. They mentioned that most liquid cleanses deprive you of protein an d fiber and this causes your kidneys to work harder. So I would definitely stay away from cleanses and eat a healthy meal plan like that of Weight Watchers instead.

  14. I lost weight with african mango says:

    It involves taking in all of the vital nutrients you need.
    There are many sugar free calorie free varieties that are available and they can easily replace a soda or a cup
    of coffee in your daily routine. Dramatic weight loss in too short of a
    period can be just as unhealthy.

  15. Should I take the african mango plus as I have already bought 6 bottles after listening to Dr Oz ? Or did i really just wasted my money.I havent tried the pills yet. I lost 22 pounds just by exercising but it was hard work. I went from 145 to 123 pounds, but now I have put on more weight because I stopped exercising. So, should I take the pills?

  16. David I would like to know that myself, I have been trying for a long time to lose weight like this and you see them do it on TV all the time but you don’t hear how they do it. I would like to know the secret behind the scenes. Because they seem to do it quickly and it lasts for awhile or at least as long as they are filming a show.

  17. Is it really possible to shed so much weight – as much as Miss Hudson has already? I asked myself this and then I started to consider examples of other celebrities. For instance, Alec Baldwin had become fat and his cheeks were bloated the past few seasons on his hit show, Thirty Rock. But since he met his now wife – a Yoga instructor – he has shed fat and looks 10 years younger.

  18. Jennifer is not only an inspiration to many singers and actresses, but now she has become a champion to anyone who is struggling with obesity. How her beauty has risen from invisibility, after years of being hidden under layers of fat, to her outer surface for everyone to witness and admire, is truly Amazing. It’s not the first time Weight Watchers has amazed people with such a transformation.

  19. There is a new concept: a gym for only those who are out of shape. For one thing, gyms are all competing for memberships and they look for any gimmick or fad workout craze. But you don’t need a gym when you can eat right with weight watchers and workout. Tthe explosion of successful workout regimens being sold on DVD can help you. And they work! Proving that you don’t need a gym membership in order to get fit.

  20. I enjoy the weight watchers blogs

  21. After nailing her network’s second highest ratings via the interview with Rihanna, I heard on ET or Extra that Oprah Winfrey is vying to keep the momentum going for her “Next Chapter series. I don’t have her network channel on my cable, but I did hear she interviewed Olympic gold medalist, Gabby Douglas, should draw high ratings again cause of her sit down with the now thin Jennifer Hudson.

  22. So the only thing you have to copy is the fact that she joined weight watchers, what about what exercises did she do to get fit while losing? Is there anything out there that she might have put out that would give you more information as to what she did completely or do you just have to guess. I am tired of feeling like a blimp so I have to do something.

  23. Glad to learn the ways to lose weight fast. Ohh yeah, Jennifer looks amazing

  24. I’m on Weight Watchers and have lost 23 lbs in 3 months. Following my points, making better food choices and working out everyday. The way I look at it if I can sit down and watch a hour long tv show, then I have time to workout. Any diet plan will work if you are truly ready to change your ways!

  25. Dwight I am with you on that one, how much does the on-line thing cost? Surely it isn’t as much as the in person membership fee right? I think this is a great idea because I didn’t like weighing in either it was humiliating if you didn’t lose anything that week or whatever. Sign me up if this is cheap enough, I’m on board.

  26. Jen Hudson is so very naturally beautiful, but few persons would have realized this because she was hiding in obscurity (and perhaps a lot of emotional pain) under layers of excess body fat. It makes me wonder how many obese persons in the world are letting themselves become or remain obese due to some sort of emotional distress. Of course, we all know what sort of anguish Miss Hudson has experienced.

  27. I tired Weight Watchers a couple of times with friends of mine and they would lose and I wouldn’t so I would quit before it became to much of a humiliation. This was a great article and I appreciate the information, maybe this is something I should try by myself online instead of going to those embarrassing weigh in’s that would probably help me a lot.

  28. I am thrilled that this worked for her I really am but I tried it and was left feeling very hungry with the amount of points I was able to eat. You did a great job with your article and I look forward to seeing your future posts as well. Thank you so much for the information maybe one day I will try it again and see if my appetite has changed any.

  29. I tried Nutra System once before with the pre made meals and all you had to do was eat the food to lose weight. It didn’t work for me so why would Weight Watchers work for me? I have to prepare the food with that and I am sure it would be in larger portions than I am supposed to have as well. I need to do like that other commenter and try fasting.

  30. Over the years Jennifer Hudson has been a major media magnet. From her criticized weight in her beginnings with American Idol all the way to her latest slim figure in Weight Watcher commercials, Hudson has proved she has staying power. She proved this year that she has potential to have staying power in the fashion world as well, with her glamorous looks and new clothing line.

  31. If you are on Weight Watcher they will teach you how to count calories and things right or do they just tell you to pay attention to the points? You have to learn how to calculate the points though right? This stuff is so confusing to me but I have got to do something. Maybe I need one of those programs where you buy their food and that is all you eat, that seems easy.

  32. I guess I am going to have to try Weight Watchers because I can manage the carbs just fine but for some reason I can’t get the calorie counting down (I hate it, probably) and I understand that you don’t really have to count the calories on this Weight Watchers thing. The portions are all prepared for you as well aren’t they? I can’t seem to get that right either, it’s to small.

  33. I’ve been reading up on intermittent fasting and I have been questioning if it would be good for you or not because they tell you to eat three meals a day plus snacks. Then I started thinking about Weight Watchers and how if you get all of your points in just two meals for that day then you don’t eat again until the next day so in a way that is the same thing right?

  34. I don’t care what they say about Weight Watchers not paying the stars to endorse their program, when they just paid a 7 million sign on for Jessica Simpson to start being a spokesperson. I realize that it works to a point but they are not getting the lean bodies that I have seen (model form) with just eating the weight watchers way, there is some training going on somewhere with a personal trainer.

  35. If anyone can shed fat to the extent that Jennifer Hudson has done, they would have to be ecstatic. The transformation she has undergone is nothing short of incredible. But it would be a mistake to think that she accomplished this with diet alone. She will not admit that she also works with a trainer that Weight Watchers pays for. Of course, she is contracted not to admit this because it would diminish the perceived value of the Weight Watchers meal plan.

  36. I heard Mz.O has enlisted the silver-tongued, multi-talented artist Jennifer Hudson for a future episode of ultimate kikis Oprah’s Next Chapter! Oprah has invited Jennifer for a chat in her Chicago home, and the auspicious pairing will most likely talk about Jennifer’s Smash debut, Weight Watchers, transitioning from singing to acting, and OF COURSE, the sentencing of William Balfour, the man who murdered Jennifer’s mother, brother, and nephew.

  37. One of the most beneficial aspects of Weight Watchers is the prepared gourmet meals. For those persons who may not have the time to educate themselves about which foods to eat and for those who cannot make the time to prepare their meals according to a healthy plan, the premade meals are an easy way to eat healthy. The meals are all very satisfying and if you stick to it, you will shed the fat.

  38. I am so glad that Weight Watchers has worked for her and she looks great but I tried weight watchers and they were starving me to death with the amount of points I could have per day. I have started a Wheat diet where you basically stay away from anything that has wheat in it. I really never knew there was so much stuff that does have wheat in it.

  39. As the spokes person for weight watchers, Jennifer Hudson has no doubt become an inspiration to many persons who dare to challenge themselves in achieving their desired fitness level. For each person it is a different goal. For me, it is becoming athletic and ripped. In any case, the diet is a key factor and if you don’t have time to learn or prepare your meals, this program will do both for you.

  40. I cannot believe the transformation that Jennifer has undergone. Weight watcher meals are no doubt healthy, but it is important to keep in mind that they hire a trainer to help their spokespersons lose fat.

    • I have always loved Jennifer’s work! She is abtsoulely amazing. It is no surprise to me that her studio would be anything less than perfect! Love Love Love It! Definitely have studio envy ! LoL

  41. I believe that avoiding refined foods would be the first step to lose weight.
    They can taste very good, but refined foods include very little vitamins and minerals, making you try to
    eat more just to have enough vitality to get throughout the
    day. In case you are constantly ingesting these foods, moving over to cereals and other complex carbohydrates will help you have more strength while
    eating less. Thanks alot : ) for your blog post.

  42. Did she use any saffron extract?

  43. Deidre Laplaca says:

    Thank you for helping out, excellent info!
    Go Jennifer!

  44. Those who pass judgment on society for how it seems to look past fat persons as if they were invisible should look in the mirror and decide to commit to a healthy and active lifestyle and stop making excuses for not exercising. It is amazing how the beauty of Jennifer Hudson just sprouted out as soon as she shed the excess fat. There are so many beautiful people who exist hidden under layers of fat.

  45. I did Fat Camp as a child and Weight Watchers as a teenager. I did feel that Fat Camp was exrtmeely demoralizing and did little to effectively modify behavior. It felt like the staff really didn’t know how to handle weight problems. The “solution” in their eyes seemed to be to force kids to memorize Canada’s Food Guide and get them to do moderate amounts of exercise.

    In all the time I was in the program I saw no indications of success for me or any of the campers. Education isn’t enough to change behavior. Just because you know you need several servings of vegetables in a day won’t stop kids from wanting donuts.

  46. I have heard of Weight Watcher, Jenny Craig, Nutra System, etc. and I have tried most of them with no avail. I am tired of this issue, I am tired of being uncomfortable in my clothes and feeling like people are judging me for what I eat because I’m fat. I can’t afford the surgery though to get a lap band or anything like that so diet and exercise is all I have.

  47. Clair Servi says:

    Jennifer looks great!

  48. I am glad that this is working for her because I tried it once and I couldn’t do the point think for my weight. I was hungry all the time and you get tired of eating things like green beans because you are hungry and craving a cookie or something sweet. Thank you for posting this it has inspired me to do something but I don’t know that it will be Weight Watchers.

    • Could try Jorge Cruise. He stresses 15 sugars and 6 carb servings (no more than 120 grams of carbs) a day. Is working for my dad and I.. Food is good and easy to make. Also has an eating out plan, a vege plan, works well for diabetics also.

  49. Thanks for all your efforts which you have put in this. Really fascinating information

  50. Tim I agree but the weight watchers plan to me was starvation because there are so many points in what you eat. I never realize how bad this stuff was for me. I chose the South Beach diet and so far I haven’t been hungry at all but I think that is because of the protein I’m eating now. If I can stick with this I think it will get me the results I want.

  51. Do you have a health email subscription link or newsletter service?
    Please let me know as I love your articles and view.

  52. I have been fascinated to watch the transformation of Jennifer Hudson as her rare beauty has continued to blossom. It is nothing less than amazing how much excess body fat can conceal a person’s beauty and sex appeal. Regardless of how she’s done it and who she is paid to be a spokes person for, it should be a lesson to everyone that discipline, will power and knowledge are the keys to shedding weight.

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  59. One of the best things to take from your article, in my opinion, is to follow a good weight loss plan. Weight Watchers being a very good example of this, too many diets people decide to follow are starvation style diets which normally end up in yo-yo weight loss/gain.


  1. Avery says:

    It is amazing to look at Jennifer Hudson before and after. Did she also do the 1 weight loss plan?

  2. Best Way To Lose Weight says:

    I added a link to your post about the Jennifer Hudson Weight Loss Plan to my diet site.
    I enjoy your writing.

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