The Biggest Loser’s Bob Harper ‘Weighs In’ on His Top 3 Weight Loss Tips

Just about everyone in America is familiar with Bob Harper, the incredible personal trainer and fitness guru who has become famous through his role transforming lives on the hit TV show, The Biggest Loser. Bob has a passion for fitness and an encouraging personality that is easy to love. He also aims to help America get healthy, fit, and in better overall shape.

It doesn’t have to be this hard…

Obesity is an alarming problem in this country. According to the Centers for Disease Control, more than 35% of Americans are considered obese. This isn’t just overweight, we mean OBESE. Obesity is responsible for heart disease, cancer, diabetes, high cholesterol, and a number of other alarming health problems that are avoidable.

Bob’s enthusiastic way of encouraging people to get in shape has gotten millions of home viewers off the couch and into the gym. He has three great weight loss tips that can help people from all walks of life to get in shape, lose weight, and feel better about themselves. Bob says these three exercises are the keys to helping you reach your weight loss goals. Here are his tips on which exercises to do, the technique you need to focus on to do them right, and how many repetitions are required to get your desired results.

The Burpee

Bob’s first recommended exercise to help you lose weight is called the Burpee. Some of you know it well, but for those who have never heard of it before, it probably sounds like something crazy relating to a bodily function. The Burpee is actually a great exercise to help you lose weight. And it is harder than it looks!

From a standing position, sink down to the ground while keeping your abs tight. Push your feet out behind you into a push up position. Then lay your body all the way down on the ground, push yourself up like a push up, pull your feet back underneath you, stand up straight, and then jump up in the air.

Basically this looks like a push up but you keep moving while you are doing it. To change it up a little bit, grab a broom stick and lay it to the side of you. Do a burpee, and instead of jumping straight up in the air at the end of the exercise, jump over the broom stick. Then do the same thing on the other side. This will give you a little extra oomph along with your burpees. Try to land softly on the ground after your jumps, because the softer you land on the ground means you are requiring more strength to be used from the core of your body.

Instead of just counting reps, try to go for a specific time goal. If you are just starting out, try to do the maximum number of burpees in a thirty second time period, and then rest for thirty seconds. While thirty seconds doesn’t sound like a lot, you will be shocked at how taxing this simple looking exercise can be! If you are a more advanced person, try to do five rounds of one minute each, with a minute break in between.

The Walking Lunge

The next exercise that Bob recommends to help you lose weight fast is called the walking lunge. Start by grabbing something in your home that has some weight to it- if you have a ten pound weight, a small kettlebell, or even a gallon of water- great. If you are a beginner or you just don’t have anything to utilize as a weight, you can even start out without any weight at all until you build up your strength.

For those in ok shape, start by holding your weight over your head and do a basic walking lunge. Start out by taking a good sized step forward, lunge your front knee down towards the ground, and continue with this technique which each leg. Make sure not to allow your top knee to point forwards, it should be situated right above your foot. If you can, touch each knee lightly on the ground as it lowers, or come as close as you can. Be careful to gradually touch your knee to the ground to avoid injury.

Try to do at least 3 reps of 20 lunges or up to 5 reps of 20 lunges for more experienced individuals, to get the most bang for the buck with this exercise. Count each step as one lunge. Try to concentrate on keeping your arms as straight as possible above your head, to make sure you are getting a workout through your core, your leg muscles, as well as your arm muscles. While your arms are up straight, try to drop your shoulders low away from your ears.

The Goblet Squat

The last exercise is called the goblet squat. For this exercise, you will need a weight as well, but something small like a kettlebell that you can hold at chest level. Don’t be afraid to push yourself with using a heavier weight with an exercise like this, because if you use a heavier weight, you can do fewer reps.

You should try to do three to four reps of 8-10 exercises. Hold the kettlebell close to your chest, with your toes pointing outwards, and your head up straight. Simply try to sink your bodyweight down below your knees. At the bottom point you will be in a position that looks like a frog squat. Go down and then back up to a standing position, make sure you are not popping your knees when you lower or rise. You will also want to make sure to have a smooth and fluid movement.

Try to keep to core of your body strong and tight, and put your body weight in your heels as you are doing the motions. Keep your body upright and straight, and be sure not to push your back or butt outwards. If you are having trouble keeping your form in check, do these exercises up close to a wall or have someone else stand right in front of you, to remind yourself to keep your body upright and to now bend. Bending forward will put more pressure on your back and you can cause injury.These are just three of the fabulous exercises you can do to get in shape. While Bob’s lucky contestants on the Biggest Loser can benefit from him in person, even those of us who want to get in shape from home can take advantage of these simple and proven exercises.



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