So What Do You Think About The Boob Job Bikini?

Or maybe you haven’t even heard about it before. With summer approaching quickly, you’d better study up so you know what you’ve got in your arsenal for getting your bikini body ready this summer.

If you are one of the millions of women worried about how you’ll look on the beach this year, there is a whole new item to look into. If you wish you were well endowed up top but feel like there is no answer besides getting actual plastic surgery, you’ll be surprised with this new invention. The “Boob Job Bikini,” is a nickname, not the actual name of the product, Debenham’s “Ultimate Beach Bikini.” It comes with a promise to increase your cup size by TWO whole sizes!!

boob job bikini mega bust boostingAfter: The Mega bust-boosting bikini uses clever gel and foam padding combined with under wiring to achieve a boost of two cup sizes.

There are actually three models of the bikini which are based on how much of an increase in size you want, and they are inexpensively priced at around to $35 per piece. In an age where nice swimsuits can cost hundreds of dollars, and quality plastic surgery can be many thousands of dollars, this is refreshing. The bikini features an under-wire and a combination of gel and foam, which actually lift up your breasts giving you dramatic effect.

The sizes are called natural, mega, and extreme, and they truly have extreme results!

boob job bikini no boost to cleavageBefore: Most normal bikinis offer no boost to cleavage and minimal support. Here the difference made by the Ultimate Beach bikini (pictured above) is obvious.

So what is your opinion? Many women (and men) think it is silly that these bikinis even exist, while others are thankful for an option other than plastic surgery. Actually, bathing suit shoppers wanted suits that enhance their bust line for a very long time, so this is nothing new. The dramatic effects may be shocking, but the idea has been around for a while.

Many men are shocked by the difference in before and after pictures. Both women and men express the same general feelings about the product. Some think it is silly, while others are impressed and excited about the results.

But it is all up to you as the consumer. Think about it for a minute- even though you’ll feel the difference, no one else on the beach will really ever know, right? So if you’re in need of some help up top and aren’t interested in plastic surgery, this may be the product for you!

What do you think of the boob job bikini? Have you used one? Did it work for you? Share your thoughts with us!



  1. TERI WOOD says:

    The article reads well and is quite informative. Still, I cannot judge the product without using it. Maybe, I will leave a comment later on about its quality after using it.

  2. Lila Hayes says:

    By now, I have bought many swimsuits of various brands and I am keen to try even this brand. Hope at $35, I get good quality and the promises made by the brand are genuine.

  3. Michelle says:

    Boob job bikini is just rocking. I bought a pair of it and the difference was really worth the price I paid. “I am loving it”

  4. Joseph Parker says:

    It’s good to hear about the product. Even the price is not very high. I think everybody must go for the swimsuit this summer. Hope it bangs the market soon.

  5. I have never heard of this swimsuit. It does look promising though. I may have to check it out and $35 is a great price!

  6. Carry Cooper says:

    Wow! Wonderful product. Even the nickname of the product sounds great “boob job bikini”. It is interesting to know about the product and I am surely going to get it this wonderful bikini this summer for a better beach experience.

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