Salma Hayek’s Weight Loss Secret – Copy Her and Lose Weight NOW!

Sexy, seductive star Salma Hayek is often the source of Hollywood chatter. She seems to go up and down in weight, which is naturally gossiped about in the tabloids, but she always comes back to being in great shape.

So how does she do it? We’ve got Salma’s secret weapon and we’re not afraid to share it!

Many women envy her for her good looks and her ability to remain curvy without being overweight. And many men just simply like to stare at her hot physique! Millions of fans know this great lady as an activist, a philanthropist, an actress, producer, and now, inventor.

The curvy but thin actress attributes her ability to lose weight quickly to juice cleanses. Salma says she has been doing juice cleanses for over fifteen years, and has recently gotten together and formed an alliance with a professional juicer named Eric Helms to create their own structured and delicious detoxification plan.

Learn more about Salma Hayek’s diet plan in the video below:

She approached Eric to create this program in 2008 because she admits she is no good at dieting, but the cleansing process doesn’t make you feel as though you are missing anything in your daily diet, you feel great, and after the cleanse, you feel even better. Because you are eating and drinking tons of vitamins and nutrients, you feel great and not at all starved.

The 45 year old star is the co-creator of “Cooler Cleanse,” which is a three or five day detox delivery program that is intended to help people lose weight just like Salma does. She says that often if she has been overeating or eating a rich diet, she can basically reset her body by doing one of these kinds of juice cleansing programs. She admits loudly and proudly that she absolutely loves to eat, and is not a vegetarian. This has led her to believe that it is important to give her body a break from time to time- and she’s found that the best way to do that is by doing a cleanse.

She admits that when she is going through a stressful or difficult period in her life, she, like many other women, turn to food for comfort. Cleansing is one of the tools that she keeps in her arsenal to get her back to feeling good and to become more motivated to eat healthy. She thinks the cleanse is like therapy for her system, reminding her to appreciate her body, to refocus on eating healthy, and to get her back into the habit of thinking about everything she is putting into her body. She calls it “hitting the reset button.”

Eric and Salma collaborated with chefs and nutritionists to make a quality product that is not only healthy, but tastes great. Salma says that their clients love their variety of juices and nut milks that are delicious and leave you feeling full. The Cooler Cleanse system uses a juice and raw food menu, featuring premium and organic foods only.The product will cost you approximately $60, and forces you to kick processed foods, alcohol, dairy, and caffeine out of your diet. The juice is shipped directly to your home, six drinks in all that are less than 1200 calories per day. There are a variety of flavors to keep things interesting.

Salma says that she always loses weight on this program, and thinks everyone can do the same. She also admits she is not an avid exercise fanatic like many of her Hollywood friends. While she does yoga often, she doesn’t feel the need to overwork her body.

Eric says that weight loss is just one of the great reasons to use this product. Additionally, your energy will be up, and all those unwanted toxins in your body will be released. He says that you will feel renewed and restored.

Salma even notes that after the third day she always notices a glow to her skin, which makes her realize how healthy it really is for you.

If you are interested in trying an alternative way to lose weight that is simple and incredibly healthy, you may want to follow Salma’s advice and try a juice cleanse. Salma compares it to preventative medicine, keeping the body healthy before problems arise, and she thinks it can help millions of women feel and look great.



  1. How do you know when you need to do a cleanse, I mean I understand that when you feel tired and sluggish it is a good sign but what if you feel like that all the time even after a cleanse then how are you supposed to tell when you need to do it? And how careful do you have to be with this? Is there a certain amount of times that is allowed?

  2. I think before I try this one I am going to try the lemon cleanse where you make this lemonade type drink and drink it for a number of days with out food. At least the lemon will kill the flavor of a lot of the other stuff. Thank you for this idea though I will use it if this other one doesn’t work. I appreciate the help because there are many that don’t work.

  3. I know these are suppose to be good for you and your body but I just can’t bring myself to do one. I tired taking some colon cleanse pills not to long ago and didn’t continue it so I just think that if I decided to try it again I would have to do something like this and it would be a waste of money because I wouldn’t be able to swallow it.

  4. I have read about so many cleansing drinks, diets and products. I’m sure the cooler cleanse has many benefits, but I would remind people that the most natural way to cleanse your system is by detoxifying it through exercise. There’s nothing better than excreting toxins by sweating them out – and burning fat in the process. Eating vegetables and fruits will also cleanse your digestive track.

  5. This sounds like a great idea actually, I have been wanting to do a cleanse because I keep hearing things about how good it makes you feel and much energy you get because you aren’t weighted down with all that sludge in your system. I look forward to trying this one because it sounds like it would at least taste half way decent.

  6. I remember when director, Quenton Trrantinno introduced her to the world in the movie, From Dusk Till Dawn. She was fit back then in her 20’s, before pregnancy. And she remains beautiful today, but as anyone would understand, once you hit your late 30’s and early 40’s, your weight can fluctuate. I have struggled with it in my late 30’s, but I manage to stay relatively fit because of a sensible diet and exercise.

  7. This is interesting, is it like those colon cleansing drinks or pills that people have been taking the past couple of years? Will this cause you to expel something that you shouldn’t like that stuff looks like it does. There is just something unnatural about the way some of that stuff looks. I am surprised that Selma is trying to do this with acting though.

  8. Marissa is right I have slipped back into my old ways after 6 months of riding along in a semi with my husband over the road. It didn’t do me any favors for the exercise and eating regime that I was on before we left. I need something to get me started again and I think if it is something I can see quick results with it might help.

  9. I always check out this website before buying any weight loss products, thanks idealbite

  10. Fantastic story. Thanks!

  11. Even when they’re losing 2 or more pounds of fat a week, some people fail to continue their body improvement program for more than a few weeks. They get distracted, they slip back into their old habits. Don’t allow this to happen to you.

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