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There’s no such thing as a guaranteed easy weight loss solution. What about pure green coffee bean extract? What does Dr. Oz say?

Some weight loss supplements can be problematic, for a number of reasons, when trying to find a real world solution to losing weight. Most doctors encourage their patients to steer clear of supplements, diet pills, or anything promising a quick result, so it’s become easy to blow off all new advancements as rumor.

The most important components when you are trying to lose weight are exercise and diet, and no doctors will debate that. So, most people who are anxious to lose weight feel like they are stuck without many options to help them with their goals.

Luckily, there are some little helpers that can assist you in losing weight that dramatically benefit you when added to your diet and exercise plans. These amazing super foods can give you just the extra push that you need to succeed.

One super food that has become increasingly popular recently is the green coffee bean. Maybe you’ve heard about it in the media, because it is the hot new thing on the market that people are claiming can help them lose weight. The important part about this new development? It actually WORKS! And has no negative side effects. It can simply be used to help you lose weight, which is exactly what all of us want.

Doctors and nutritionists are impressed and shocked by the news. And the patients are happy too, because you don’t have to do anything additional while taking green coffee extract to assist you in losing weight. With green coffee beans you are not required to diet or exercise (although it is recommended that you do so to help you get the most of your weight loss goals). But people are just naturally losing weight while taking this weight loss supplement without a ton of hard work.

We review weight loss from pure green coffee bean extract ... does the green coffee diet work?One recent study showed that over a period of twelve weeks, a group of adult participants lost more than 10% of their body weight, over 16% of their body fat, and lost more than 15 pounds. With absolutely zero side effects, with all of this incredible progress! This makes many researchers think that the green coffee diet could be a huge benefit to the fight against obesity for those who either need a kick start to get in shape, or need an extra boost.

Most people think that the boost of weight loss from pure green coffee bean extract is due to the caffeine in the beans, but this is not the case. Natural green coffee bean extract does include some caffeine, but less than 25% of your average cup of coffee. So certainly not a lot at all in comparison with the average person’s coffee intake per day. Thankfully, the extract does NOT make people feel “amped up” and does not give you the jitters. You feel the same as you would without taking any kind of supplement. Some people have even seen a positive increase in their metabolism and a decrease in blood pressure while on the extract!

“Most people think that the boost of weight loss from pure green coffee bean extract is due to the caffeine in the green coffee beans, but this isn’t the case.”

The components of the extract keep your body from releasing extra glucose into the body while it is burning fat. Because these two things are happening at the same time, they work together and your body rejects fat to help you stop gaining weight.

So most people think that they may be able to get these kinds of effects by drinking lots of coffee, but unfortunately it doesn’t work that way. Otherwise we would all be happily thin without much effort! When you roast coffee, the important ingredients of the green coffee bean extract that successfully help you lose weight are destroyed. The pure green coffee extract uses unroasted beans. They don’t smell strongly like normal coffee and they are quite bad to taste, a very bitter flavor due to the large amount of acid in the beans.
You can take this helpful extract through a capsule, which is the easiest form to take it in. Before you buy green coffee beans, check to make sure you buy pure capsules with no fillers or additives. You should look for a pure green coffee bean extract of over 400 milligrams (we have found 800mg to be optimal) and take 2 capsules at least a half hour before you eat. You should take the capsules as recommended, usually two or three times a day with water before meals. This will give you the best results so that you get the most out of your weight loss goals. Make sure to drink a lot of water!

Dr. Oz suggests Green Coffee Capsules with SVETOL or GCA with at least 45% chlorogenic acid. Learn more at http://www.doctoroz.com/videos/green-coffee-bean-extract-fat-burner-or-fraud-pt-1

And my most important recommendation? Combine green coffee pure with a healthy, well maintained diet and a solid exercise plan. The extract alone will most likely help you lose weight, but with this trifecta of weight loss tools, you’ll lose weight much faster and in larger quantities than with the extract alone.

What do you think? Have you bought / tried green coffee beans? What were your results? How do you feel about them? Share your thoughts with us!



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