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7 New Weight Loss Supplements You Will Love

If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to our RSS feed. Thanks for visiting!Because there are so many new medications out on the market to help people lose weight, there is also a great deal of skepticism on what works and what is purely fiction. Besides the prescription medications, there are also a […]

101 Things You Need To Know About Dr. Mehmet Cengiz Oz

Everyone has heard of the incredible, engaging, informational Dr. Mehmet Oz. But how much do you really know about this incredible man? 101 facts you need to know about Dr. Oz from his birth to his present career… 1. Dr. Oz may look young for his age, but as of May 2013, he’s currently 53 […]

American Weight From A 13-Year-Olds Perspective

“Food advertising makes up about half of all advertising aimed at kids”. As a child food was always a reward for me, everyone went out to dinner or lunch. It used to be cool to go to McDonald’s and exciting to hear ‘I’m loving it’ on the T.V. Now, as I have gotten older, the […]

6 New Tricks For Weight Loss

It’s springtime! And what does that mean for most of us ladies out there? It’s time to drop that winter weight we added on through the holidays, while we slacked off on working out. It’s time to get active and kick that New Year’s Resolution in the butt! Here are six of the top secret […]

How To Fight Chocolate | Processed Food | Desserts | Fast Food | Soda Temptation

It starts with just one single chocolate bar, or a nice vanilla smoothie with some whipped cream on the top, or maybe something seemingly harmless, like a slice of pizza… Then another one, and another one, and before you know it, your diet is gone, and you’re back sitting in front of a TV, eating […]

Get a Flat Stomach – Secrets to Losing Belly Fat

Are you ready to get a tight, toned stomach? No matter how far you have to go to get that washboard tummy that you’ve always dreamed of, believe it or not, it is a possibility! There are some simple workout and diet rules that will help you lose belly fat to get the flat stomach […]

Coffee, One of the Top 10 Most Dangerous Foods?

According to this article in Time Magazine, coffee is considered as one of the top 10 dangerous foods out there. It’s a little strange to support the claim with the incident where a lady spilled coffee on her lap while in a car. Coffee is dangerous only by reputation, and the benefits of consumption far […]

Making Tacos a Healthy Choice

Tacos have been around since before the Europeans arrived in Mexico. The term actually comes from the word plug/wadding, that soon evolved into light lunch. Tacos have, for years, been a junk food staple in the United States and Canada because of our familiarity with fast-food restaurants or store bought taco kits that serve them […]

When It Comes to Health Insurance, Your Weight is More than a Number on a Scale—It Has a Dollar Sign!

Time may or may not be money—but a little bit of extra weight certainly is! People who are overweight and obese can expect to pay higher health insurance premiums. Since various studies have shown that obesity can lead to many health conditions and diseases, overweight individuals are asked to help defray some of the costs […]

Why You MUST Keep A Food Journal – What Top Trainers Say

Keeping a food journal of all of the foods that you eat each and every day is a highly recommended and proven way to encourage your weight loss and to help you keep the weight off in the long run. This very easy task only takes a few minutes per day and is a habit […]


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