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What’s the Deal With Ugly Brown Seaweed?

If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to our RSS feed. Thanks for visiting! Brown Seaweed Doesn’t sound that appetizing does it? But this is one amazing natural product that has been hitting the headlines for the past few years. I wasn’t convinced to begin with, but I have to admit that it’s […]

Students Vote With Their Feet and Say NO to Healthy Cafeteria Food

What did you eat at school when you were a kid? Times are certainly a’ changing if the latest news reports from Canada are anything to go by. Apparently schools in the Windsor-Essex area are suffering as a result of the new food rules that came into force for school cafeterias late last year. This […]

Forget About BMI It Does Not Work – Get a Hydrostatic Body Fat Test Instead

We’ve all heard about BMI – body mass index. Your physician has probably mentioned this at some point or another, telling you what your BMI is and whether it is in the range for a healthy body weight or under or over weight. We’ve pretty much been led to believe that BMI is what we […]

5 Critical Reasons To Hire A Personal Trainer

In fitness it is important to know how to achieve the goals you have in mind. More importantly it is important to have goals to achieve for your fitness level. When you find yourself having a hard time achieving your goals, or even setting goals, it may be time to hire a personal trainer. Personal […]

What do Dr. Oz, Jennifer Hudson, and Charles Barkley Have In Common?

Each New Year’s Eve millions of people make the same resolution: lose weight and get fit.  Unfortunately not everyone has an easy time sticking to this resolution. Weight Watchers is not unfamiliar with this story and as a weight loss program they have helped countless people lose weight. Recently, bigger name celebrities are partnering with […]

Must Read Tips for a Healthy 2012 from Dr. Oz

In a recent interview, Dr. Oz gave three tips to stay healthy in 2012. They included how to stick to a resolution, eating more safflower oil and something called ‘carbohydrate cycling’.  So what’s the deal with these three solutions brought to us by our good friend Dr. Oz? Sticking out your New Year’s resolution Dr. […]

Grrrrrr … How to Eat Healthy When You Just Don’t Feel Like It

You know you need to eat healthy. You are getting older, your cholesterol is an issue, you are not getting any skinnier, AND, you have more than a few health problems that run in your family. The problem is, you don’t WANT to! You love pie, cake, fresh baked cookies and fatty steaks…oh the joy […]

How To Diet, Eat Well, And Stay In Shape On A Budget

OK, so your doctor has said it’s time to shed some pounds…or maybe it was your significant other…or even worse…YOUR MIRROR! No matter what started the discussion, it’s time you slimmed down. You know you will look better and probably live a longer life because of it, but now the question looms…where do you start? […]

5 Ways To Burn More Calories While Having a BLAST!

You know why most of us hate working out? It’s because of the root word…WORK! Most of us despise being told what to do and HAVING to do it. We spend all day at our jobs, being told what to do, and oftentimes a good bit of our free time being told what to do […]

The Jennifer Hudson Weight Loss Plan: Copy Her and Lose Your Lbs!

Sure, many of us want to shed some extra pounds and as we start the search for some guidance, we are literally bombarded with plans, potions and pills that promise “incredible breakthrough weight loss” and other such claims. It is hard to know what works and what doesn’t and even harder to stick to a […]


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