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How Paula Deen Lost 30 Pounds!

If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to our RSS feed. Thanks for visiting!So I think everyone around the world heard the news when Paula Deen announced that she was diabetic. Especially days before she signed a deal with a huge pharmaceutical company to tout their diabetes supplies. Oh, the outrage! The woman […]

Raspberry Ketone Diet: Why Dr OZ Says To Check This Supplement Out

If you would like to purchase Raspberry Ketone please click here. Raspberry Ketone reviews have been gaining popularity recently, in large part because Dr. Oz featured them on his award winning television show as a weight loss wonder. Dr. Oz was very excited about the potential for fat loss that the Raspberry Ketone diet affords. […]

Tone Your ENTIRE BODY with Jorge Cruise’s 5-Minute CRAZY Workout

There is a new workout program out there that you need to learn about if you haven’t heard of it already:  Jorge Cruise’s 5 minute workout. You can tone your whole body at once using this workout, making it the hottest new craze out there in the diet and workout world. If you think you […]

10 Food Additives to Avoid at all Costs

If you are like most people, processed foods are a part of your daily life. Most people can hardly survive without them because of their convenience and ease of preparation. For any working parent of young children, it is an impossibility to stay away from packaged and processed food products and anyone who says that […]

Want to Avoid a Hangover? Drink More Water!

Most of us, at one time or another, have suffered from a nasty hangover. The worst hangovers can take days to recover from and leave you thinking that you may never drink again! There is a simple solution to the dreaded hangover, and that is water. Water is great for many other reasons of course, […]

African Mango Diet | *Where To Buy Best African Mango*

If you would like to purchase African Mango please click here. We recently looked into African mango after it started gaining popularity on various TV shows. At first we thought, well, a new week is upon us, and yet again, a new diet plan has hit the marketplace. Sometimes it seems that there are more […]

Is Your Kid’s Diet Turning Him into a Butthead?

Hundreds of thousands of children in our so-called civilized nation go to school hungry. Millions of children are fed via drive-through windows too, and if they don’t get what they want, the parent knows there will be a scene…so they get what they want. Other busy parents have been brainwashed into thinking that a pack […]

Chris Powell’s Diet Plan for Huge Results

Chris Powell’s diet plan is a high quality, effective weight loss plan that can help everyone! Including people who want to lose a few extra pounds and people who need to lose hundreds of pounds to save their lives. For many people out there, if you have tried dozens of diets and are tired of […]

Ewww! Don’t Look at a Detox Food Pad After Removing!

Have you heard about the detoxifying foot pads that can help you live a healthier life? One tip- don’t look at them after you remove them! Yuk!Foot patches are all the rage now with people talking about detoxifying the body. People have reported great results for individuals who get tired easily, have swollen extremities like […]

How Did Miley Cyrus Get That New Bod!?

The internet is a buzz with opinions on Miley Cyrus and her new bod. Have you seen her? There are some differing opinions out there though, as to whether she looks great or has gone too far and looks too thin. With rumors that she has an eating disorder, she’s emaciated, and weighs less than […]


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