Look Hot With These 10 Sizzling Health & Beauty Products

So if you’re like me (or any other woman on earth), you’ve probably got a bathroom full of all kinds of beauty products. Some of them have made it into your daily ritual, while others you may have tried once and you just haven’t had the heart to toss.

I can admit it, I hoard beauty products myself, to the point where my family avoids opening cabinets and drawers in my bathroom to protect themselves from the fall out.

While I usually buy off brand products at the grocery store to maintain my beauty routine because I’m not made of money, I also know where my splurge points are. There are times where you just must buy the good stuff. Sometimes I also spend extra money on an exciting new product that is all the rage on the market.

Some products are worth the money, while others are a total waste of your hard earned cash. It’s tough to tell the good from the bad, so here we will review 10 products that you need to have right now that we love, and hopefully, you will too.

1. Sunblock

The first and most important beauty must have is sunblock. You’ve heard it from every source out there by now, but there are still people who don’t understand the value of sunblock. Every medical professional and beauty expert agrees, sunblock is the most important thing you can buy to keep your skin looking healthy and youthful. Even if you aren’t afraid of skin cancer, at least tap into your vanity and remember that sun damage causes wrinkles and age spots all over your skin.

Don’t skimp in the sunscreen area. Get a natural sunblock that doesn’t include a lot of oils. Don’t buy the cheapest one or you will wind up regretting your decision later in life! To avoid breakouts on your face, look for a sunscreen designed to be used on the face. And don’t think you’re getting enough protection because the foundation you use includes sunscreen. While that is helpful, it is usually a low number and will wear off throughout the day. It also doesn’t always apply evenly and can leave you susceptible to damaging rays from the sun.

2. Eye Smoothing System

While this is one of the most high tech items on our list, the new WrinkleMD Eye System is priced just over $100 and is a great alternative to injectable wrinkle releasing products. Why pay someone to stick you with needles so that you can get injections that make you look…well…strange after the procedure? Admit it; you know what I’m talking about.

Injections also put you at risk for infections or for adverse effects from the chemicals they use to plump up your skin.

Instead, this incredible new product features patches that you put around your eyes, and the gadget puts hyaluronic acid on your skin topically which helps to tighten your skin and avoid lines and wrinkles. You can do this yourself from the comfort of your own home. You have to leave the patches on for 40 minutes, but you don’t have to stop what you’re doing while it works. It isn’t painful, and you will see immediate results.

3. Lip Gloss or Lipstick

Stop buying the cheapest lipstick from the drug store. It can be quite tempting when you see those bright tubes of color for $.99, but it is cheap for a reason, it is often filled with fragrances and petroleum, which just aren’t always good for you. Look for high quality lipstick and lip gloss products that include cocoa butter or beeswax. Or choose a brand that you know produces high quality products and stick with it. Research cosmetic companies before you buy, so that you are sure you know the company’s values and what they put in their products before you are forced to make a buying decision.

4. Hair Stimulating Treatments

For women who are losing their hair, nothing can be more traumatic and you are probably trying every product out there on the market to stop the hair loss. Aveda has a new three part hair care program that stimulates hair growth and is made up almost entirely of natural ingredients that are responsible for increasing the function of your follicles.

There are zero tough chemicals in the products, and in the studies before the product launched, individuals who were tested reported their hair loss was cut down by one third. If hair loss, shedding, or thinning hair are plaguing you, this Aveda product might be your savior. The line comes with a shampoo, condition and scalp revitalizer.

5. Digital Foundation

Another hot techy beauty product is digital foundation. Yes, you heard that correctly. This product, retailing at under $100, is a handheld gadget that applies foundation through stippling. Stippling is an action where foundation is applied using a tiny patting motion done by pads attached to the device.

In just one minute, it is applied through about five thousand tiny pats that you can hardly feel, applying the foundation like paint on your skin. It doesn’t look cakey like most foundations do. It is fast to apply and looks better than hand applied foundation. You can choose your shade, and the kit has several months of foundation and sponges included. You can purchase refills, and additional sponges through the company.

6. Exercise Bras

While this may be scoffed at for being listed as a beauty product, don’t kid yourself. For those of us who are ‘blessed’ to be heavy up top, or even for those ladies who are moderate in breast size, working out can be painful and difficult if you don’t have the right support.

Don’t buy the cheapest sports bra you can find, because it simply won’t have the proper support that you need to work out comfortably and safely. You will also want to look for a product that helps to avoid moisture and has venting. You can find sports bras for a reasonable price, under $20, that will hold you up and make your workouts more manageable.

7. Contact Lens Solution

This is another one that might have you raising your eyebrows, but often women buy contact lens solution that is cheap and just won’t have the same power as the more pricey ones. If you wear contacts, you probably wait all day just to take your contacts out, and hate when you run out of solution. Store brand contact lens solution often has a bunch of unimportant ingredients in them which can cause eye problems in certain individuals. It just isn’t worth the potential damage to your eye, splurge in this area and get the good stuff.

Don’t feel like you need to buy the expensive prescription brands, the middle of the road brand name products you can get at your local drug store are good enough.

8.  Lotions & Potions

The lotions you choose to put on your skin can be some of the best, or worst decisions that you’ll make in your skin care regimen. Think about what you do with your lotion, you actually massage it into your skin for your skin to absorb it into your body. So don’t you think you should get the good stuff? Again, this is an area where you don’t need to feel like you need to buy the most expensive name brand, high priced or prescription products. But cheap lotions have the lowest level ingredients which you simply don’t want to be smearing all over your body. You can buy handmade lotions, organic lotions, or even the higher quality over the counter drug store products that have a good reputation for avoiding harmful ingredients and take a natural approach.

9. Hair Removal Products

While an astounding amount of women suffer from unwanted facial hair, it can be a disturbing and embarrassing problem to have. Whether you shave or wax your hair, make sure you do it the proper way.

If you shave, using cheap razors without a proper skin softening lotion can cause nicks, cuts, and razor burn. Buy quality razors and always use a moisturizing shaving lotion. If you are waxing, you want to buy a quality product or even make your own at home using recipes you can find online.

10. Mascara

As we age, often we need more moisture in our mascara to keep our eyelashes healthy and to avoid them becoming brittle. Naturally we want our eyes to pop, so adding some color is a great idea. But some mascaras are damaging and can even cause eye issues. Make sure you are choosing natural mascara that mentions moisturizing in the label to make your eyelashes healthier and looking younger longer.

These are just ten of the best health and beauty tips to keep you looking good while protecting your health. There are constantly new inventions coming out on the market, so always look for products that are all natural, organic, and encourage women to protect themselves while being beautiful. It isn’t always worth it to choose cheap products, so choose products and brands that you trust, even if you have to pay a little bit more. It’s worth it.



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