How To Do A Lemon Juice Cleanse With Items From Your Local Store

If you’re one of the millions of people out there who are looking to lose weight, detoxify, and feel better, you’ve come to the right place.

Have you heard of the Lemon Juice Cleanse? It is also known as the Lemonade Diet, or the Master Cleanse.

Cleansing is very important to remain in good health, as it rids your body of harmful toxins and junk that can build up within your body and make you feel bad. Cleansing can help your body to operate at its highest potential and will assist your body as it naturally tries to rid itself of this yucky stuff that can weigh you down.

These toxins come from pollution, the food that we eat, and stress. Our body takes them in, but has a tough time getting rid of them. They build up in your internal organs, and just like a car’s engine slows down from gunk and build up; your body will start to run slower. Your intestines will start building up these chemicals along their walls, and your body won’t be able to absorb all of the valuable vitamins and minerals it needs to help you feel good.

Do you feel tired, run down, unable to clear your head? Are you always worried, upset, and you just know deep down inside that your health isn’t at its best? While you should check with your doctor- there is probably nothing major wrong with you. You might just need to clean out your system.

Cleanses are proven to increase ones energy level, they help to get rid of many of the negative feelings we’ve described, and a cleanse can even help your immune system to fight off disease. There are many different kinds of cleansing programs out on the market today, but you can inexpensively do this one from your own home, using ingredients found in your local supermarket.

So why not try it out? Here are the steps you’ll need to follow.

First, the ingredients.

You’ll need to buy at least 12 fresh lemons, maple syrup, cayenne pepper, and plenty of water.
The cleanse requires you to drink 6- 12 glasses per day of the following mixture:

–          Juice of half a lemon (don’t buy the concentrate, buy REAL lemons)
–          2 tablespoons of maple syrup (Grade B is the Best)
–          8 ounces of purified water
–          One tenth of a teaspoon of cayenne pepper (if you can handle it!)

This is all you drink. Seriously. No food or other drinks are allowed to get the best effect. You can do this for as many as ten days, but most people get their desired result by day four. Some experienced cleansers actually stay on the Lemonade Diet for up to thirty days. It all depends on how long your body takes to detoxify- and this is different from person to person.

Sometimes you can tell by looking at your tongue. You know that white/ yellow sticky coating that usually appears when you stick out your tongue? If you have been cleansing and you still see that when you stick out your tongue- it means you need to keep going. When there is no sign at all of that coating, you have been detoxified!!

You will need to pay close attention to the way you are feeling and what your body is telling you while you take part in the Lemonade Diet.

Whenever you are hungry, drink a glass of this mixture. Keep it on hand at all times to make sure that you do not cheat on the program. You can also drink as much water as you want, this will only help you to get all those nasty toxins out of your body. Flushing your system with additional water is a good thing.

While you should not expect to see results on the first day, around day two you’ll start to notice a drastic increase in your energy level, and you will understand that your body is ridding itself of these toxins. Most participants feel healthier, lighter, and more energetic. You actually feel better and know that it is working.

Understand in advance that you will need to go to the bathroom constantly, so don’t do the Lemon cleanse if you know you won’t have access to bathroom facilities easily.

You should also know that when the cleanse period is over and you are reintroducing real food into your diet, that you need to eat foods that your body can digest very easily. Stay away from sugar, meat, and dairy, as these are tough on your body to process. If you can, try going vegetarian all together! But if you can’t, start back eating regular foods like fruits, eggs, fish, nuts, beans and vegetables.

If you are reintroducing dairy and red meat back into your diet, give your body a few weeks and go back to these foods gradually to ensure that you don’t feel sick.

If you begin to feel terribly sick or weak at any point during the Master Cleanse, discontinue the diet entirely. While you won’t always feel fabulous on the diet, especially because you will constantly be running to the bathroom, you will know if you are feeling too sick to continue and you need to pay attention to what your body is telling you.

So how often should you do this kind of cleanse? It again, depends on your body. Everyone is different and it won’t be the same from person to person. It also can depend on how long you cleanse. If you do the cleanse for ten full days, you may want to re-cleanse quarterly. But if you are able to stick with the cleanse for a full thirty days, you might only need to do it once or twice per year.

A great time to do a cleanse is before or during flu season, because the lemon cleanse can give your struggling immune system the boost that it needs to get you through this rough season without getting sick.

As always, before doing any drastic diet or cleansing session, you will need to talk with your doctor about their recommendations. Every person’s health is different and these kinds of diets are not healthy for every person.

Your doctor may help you be able to determine how long you should cleanse as well. If you feel bad during the cleanse, instead of great like most people, you should also see your doctor. While it might not be as a result of the cleanse, there may be something wrong that your doctor should check out.

This simple, inexpensive and worthwhile cleanse has helped millions of people lose weight, and even more importantly, to feel better. If your body needs to hit the ‘restart’ button, try the Lemon Juice cleanse to get back to feeling fabulous!



  1. I’ve followed the master cleanse twice….once for 3 days when I lost 7lbs and a year later for 2 days when I lost 5lbs for a wedding.
    You do get headaches, but it soon passes and on day 3 of my first cleanse, I was so energised that I was up bright and early at 5am doing a light workout!
    Takes willpower, but is worth it

  2. says:

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  3. Elena Anne says:

    I did lemon detoxification once, after 2 months of corticosteroids medication combined with walking and sauna. It helped me a lot. I felt very rejuvenated and fresh. It took me just 5 days to feel the difference, but I think someone overdoes if he tries it for more days. I am a personal trainer and sports nutritionist and I know that we need so many nutrients every single day. Lemon has antiseptic and detoxification properties but can’t replace all the nutrients intake.

  4. Tanya rozzanne says:

    Will. Like. To try. The lemon cleanse. For. Ten day. But my question. Is. To go without some sort of food in your. Body. Is this a. Good. Method

  5. We used to do the lemonade diet when we were younger. It was a great cleanse and really did work. I ended up headaches for a short period but nothing major.

  6. I did the cleanse for 21 days, and obviously I can’t go days without some sort of protein. I don’t think drinking fluids only is healthy, but then again I “heard” one can go days without food but not water. I just did the warm water and half a lemon every morning along with a protein shake as for lunch I went all vegetarian. Lentils worked best for me!!


  7. I heard about this, I know people really do it, and I really want to try it. But how in the hell do you not eat anything but this thing for days or weeks? It baffles my mind how people can go through a day without eating proper meals and surviving on this. Maybe I’m just scared and I’m trying to give myself a reason to not do this, but nonetheless it does sound very difficult.

  8. I was looking into lemon diets and not really cleansing or detoxifying, whatever you want to put it, but it’s a good thing that I came across this article because I had totally forgotten about this. I thought about doing cleansing, but I just never got the guts to go through with it, because I seriously don’t know how I can go without food for days on. But it’s something that you need to try to know exactly how far you can go with it and I really want to try it because even my sister says it’s done wonders for her.

  9. Obviously, you don’t want to stay on this diet for more than 10 days or so. I saw results after about day 6 and that’s when I stopped. I’d be interested in trying it again though! It does work!

  10. Well I’ve only been doing this for a day since I first read the article, so I’m not sure of the benefits just yet, but I will say that it tastes a LOT better than that stupid saltwater cleanse!

  11. Well I like the idea of being able to make a mixture on my own but how do you know it works as well as the other kinds out there? I want one that will do what it is supposed to do not just half way. I can’t think of what is in the mixture in your video that would cause you to go to the bathroom as much as you would have to.

  12. What is a good indicator that you need to do this cleanse? Every now and then my stomach will get hard and bloated is that a sign that I need to do this? What about if you are just tired all the time, should you try this to see what happens before going to the doctor? The only reason I say that I because fatigue is a symptom of heart problems as well.

  13. This was very interesting I have to admit that I am not a fan of lemons but if it would work I think I could stomach it for a period of time. I tried pills and they don’t work so I am going to try a liquid and see how that goes. Thank you for the idea and the recipe I will get the stuff and start as soon as possible, great job.

  14. This sounds good and easy enough for anyone to do it. I will have to try it but do I have to mix it in my night gown. Why would the video have a lady in her night gown doing this anyway? It isn’t like that is going to make any woman out there want to do this more. I watched the video and the juicer is definitely a must.

  15. I didn’t see a reply to Walter’s comment and I am very curious if what he said it true or not so please reply if possible. I was also thinking that you can’t possibly mean to go without food for ten to thirty days and just drink this stuff right? I don’t think people can do that in a healthy manner so maybe you want to clarify that part of the post.

  16. I prefer to cleanse myself through exercise and eating greens which help me with my digestion. For me, that works fine, but if I had to (as some do) or if I wanted to try a cleansing method, this would be the one I would be inclined to try simply because I love the taste of lime. So this would have a taste that I would actually enjoy drinking throughout the day.

  17. I love lime and lemon juice with water – you know, for taste. And I know it has some vitamin C and is a form of antioxidant. Obviously, it is the other ingredients that make this cleansing method work like it does. But I have to think that If you drink any natural juice and drink a lot of it, your body will cleanse itself simply cause of the hydration.

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