Lady Gaga Diet – How She Deals With Weight

lady gaga dietLet’s face it; being in the public eye must be very difficult, especially if you’re a hot commodity like Lady Gaga.   These days it’s not just a couple of unflattering photos snapped and sold to a cheesy tabloid that celebs like Gaga have to worry about. It’s the dozens of websites, blogs and social media sites that are only too happy to create a big negative buzz whenever someone in the spotlight puts on a few extra pounds. Madonna went through it and let’s not even mention Kirstie Alley.

Why is different for men? Or did I miss all the hype when Forest Whitaker lost half his former self, and Alec Baldwin put on and quickly dropped an extra 30lbs? Oh, they’re both actors, that’s different. Huh?

Everyone has a camera so each time someone like Lady Gaga steps on stage or even outside her hotel, if she looks different, the world is yapping within a few minutes. Recently when Lady Gaga was criticized for gaining 25 extra pounds, tongues started wagging. But Gaga said “So effing what?”

Celebrities are treated like demigods. They’re expected to look great all the time and lead exemplary lives or they won’t get left alone. There’s nothing the media likes more than finding a flaw and exploiting it to make money. A recent “expert” was quick to comment on Gaga’s recent weight gain and suggested she’d been on a “drunk diet”. Really? He doesn’t know Lady Gaga personally and apparently doesn’t know much about her, but it was enough to make Miss Gaga speak out.

The Born this Way singer was indeed born that way. As a daughter of New York Italians you know she grew up eating pasta and meals bursting with carbs. She has had to battle weight gain most of her life. By 15 years old she was already battling bulimia and anorexia. She said every time she goes in her dad’s new restaurant she puts on 5 pounds! Her weight gain, she said, was definitely not as a result of heavy drinking, it’s simply the way she is.

When Gaga is on tour things are different. Each rehearsal, each strenuous show means she’s working out. She loses weight and builds muscle and has to follow a strict diet. It’s a look she admits she doesn’t really like, but she can’t do much about it.

When she’s not touring she likes to relax and be herself and if that means she puts on a few extra pounds, she says she really doesn’t worry about it. Life is about being yourself, not what others think you should be, and you know she’s not about to hide her body under a burqa.

Some time ago she sent out the controversial Tweet “pop stars don’t eat” which I think was misconstrued by many. If that Tweet hadn’t been limited to 140 characters, she may have gone on to say that “pop stars who are not on tour relax and do what everyone else does” and that is enjoy themselves and maybe eat just a little too much.

So what can women learn from the forthright Miss Gaga? Probably the first lesson is to love yourself and be yourself. There probably isn’t a woman in America who hasn’t had to diet at some point in her life.  They battle hormones, stress, pregnancy, post-pregnancy weight gain, and depression, and then they can then look forward to the big ones – middle age spread and menopause. No wonder women have a constant battle with their weight, even if they’re not under the spotlight and followed around by pesky paparazzi and malicious media.

So Gaga’s message is clear, find what works for you. You are what you are and you can only do your best. If she can fight bulimia and anorexia and a 25lb weight gain and take it all in her stride then I guess normal women have a glimmer of hope. She’s an entertainer not a runway model.

If you think about it, the average woman actually has an advantage over personalities like Lady Gaga. She can exercise regularly and maintain a healthy everyday diet, and if she slips up once in a while it’s not going to be headline news.

What are your thoughts? Do you agree with her portrayal of healthy woman’s weight? Share your thoughts with us!



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