Tone Your ENTIRE BODY with Jorge Cruise’s 5-Minute CRAZY Workout

There is a new workout program out there that you need to learn about if you haven’t heard of it already:  Jorge Cruise’s 5 minute workout. You can tone your whole body at once using this workout, making it the hottest new craze out there in the diet and workout world.

If you think you have heard of Jorge Cruise, you are probably right. He has recently been featured on the acclaimed Dr. Oz TV show, and he is the famed author of the book, the Belly Fat Cure Fast Track. On the Dr. Oz show, he joined Oz to show the audience a couple of really easy to do, simple exercises that can help you if you want to re-contour your entire body.

Jorge Cruise’s 5-Minute Workout Video Link Below

Jorge makes a great point- most of the exercises out there today that people think are going to drastically reshape their bodies just don’t do anything that makes an impact. Jorge also says another problem is that people don’t have time to work out, and aren’t willing to make the time. That is why he created this incredible five minute program- that actually hits all the muscle areas and truly works. And people can no longer complain that they don’t have the time- because everyone has five minutes within their day somewhere. The plan is to incorporate strength conditioning into the plan so that even when you aren’t actually working out, your body is still burning fat to get you in shape.

“Fitness expert Jorge Cruise and Dr. Oz designed this 5-minute workout to transform your body. By committing for just 5 minutes a day, you can burn fat and calories – no gym membership needed!” 

Here are the 5 exercises that comprise Jorge’s 5 minute workout:

1. Waist Whittler To start, get down on the floor and get into a position like you are about to do a pushup. Next, you will pull up your left knee so that you can touch your left elbow. So you are matching up the knee and elbow on the same side of the body. Next, put your foot back on the floor. Continue by alternating and doing the same exact motion on the other side. If you want to get other muscle groups involved, next do the same action but touch your knee to the opposite elbow, crisscrossing your body instead of remaining on the same side.

2.  Butt Buster To do this move, you want to start my laying on the floor on your back, with your arms lying on the floor by your sides. Pull your feel up so that they are a few inches in front of where your knees are. Next, pull your hips up from the floor, all while keeping your arms laying on the floor, and your feel stay planted on the floor as well. Tighten your butt muscles while you are pulling your hips up. Lastly, put your hips back on the floor slowly and repeat the entire process.

3. Shoulder Shaper To start, get down on the floor and put your feet on the floor out in front of you, several inches in front of your knees. Put your hands a few inches behind you and lay your hands flat on the floor with your fingers pointing forward. Pull your hips up from the floor while keeping your hands and feet flat on the floor. Your elbows are bent, and should be working out your arm muscles. Dip down and return to the floor, then repeat the action again.

4 .Chest Chiseler You want to start in a push up position, but with your knees on the floor. Instead of starting with your hands under your shoulders though, pull your hands close together and allow your fingers to touch at the thumbs. Slowly lower yourself to the floor, and then push yourself back up. Repeat. If you are having a hard time doing this move, you can do it on a table or chair instead of the floor.

5. Thigh Trimmer To start, stand up with your feet apart the length of your hips. Stick your hands out straight in front of you with your hands facing the floor, and pull your left leg up in front of you off the ground by about 6 inches. Squat downwards by bending your right knee, then go back to standing. This will test your balance. Alternate legs and repeat.

So these are the five key exercises that will work out your whole entire body that are recommended by Mr. Jorge Cruise to help you lose weight and get healthy. It might seem hard to believe that this can help you lose weight and all in the small window of five minutes that you devote to it per day. These strengthening exercises are designed to work your muscles, which will allow them to keep burning fat throughout the day, long after you’ve finished your five minute program.

5-Minute Workout to Reshape Your Body Overview

This program is perfect for anyone who can’t get to the gym for their regular exercise, or for anyone who wants to make a new start at becoming healthier but isn’t ready to commit to spending a half-hour at the gym.

Good health starts with making little changes every day. Take the challenge and give it a try. You can’t claim that you don’t have time anymore. Get to work losing weight, becoming healthier, and gaining muscle. While these exercises alone may not get you to your goal weight, they are a great tool to get (or keep) you headed in the right direction. In combination with proper nutrition and eating habits, you will see results much faster.

Jorge Cruise’s 5-Minute Workout On Dr Oz Site Video Link



  1. i am in my 20’s (female)and i eat almost every and anything. i weight between 115-125 pounds and i have a stomach and i want to tone up my butt and my body. how and where do i start

  2. Amy Michael says:

    I can tell you from my experience with doing Yoga, that most of these moves are Yoga poses, so I know they are effective because I have discovered the many benefits of doing Yoga. It actually tones and strengthens your muscles, improves flexibility and best of all, it’s a great fat burner. This workout is just as effective, but is also condensed for the busy person.

  3. This isn’t new advice, but it’s worth repeating. If you aren’t getting enough sleep because of things outside of your control – such as a child who is not sleeping regularly or a medical condition – focus on the things that are within your control. Scale back your volunteer activities, the projects your tackling around the house and even the fun opportunities that come your way until you’re sleeping better and able to handle the extra commitments!

  4. Most of the time when Dr. Oz recommends certain exercises, the routine is catered to non-athletic, sedentary persons who are not used to pushing themselves to the near maximum effort. I am not saying this routine is not effective – it certainly is and it is far better for anyone to do it than to not do anything at all. But I’m surprised by this routine because it is much like Yoga.

  5. This Tabata craze has really peaked my interest – not because I’m some sedentary person who Is looking for a short cut to losing weight. On the contrary, I have been a dedicated workout freak for half my life, but as I got more experienced, I realize that you don’t always have time to do the normal workout. And rather than miss that day’s workout, Tabata is the perfect way to burn some calories on a tight schedule.

  6. I printed of the diagram of the exercises and I did each one of them as many times as I possibly could. I know it’s a good idea to work until failure when lifting weights but I don’t recommend it here. I was so sore the next day I could hardly move. Follow the instruction, don’t try to rush it like I did. Thank you for the work out I’ll do it right next time.

  7. Anthony, that is a great idea, I don’t work outside the home but if I stopped house work for five minutes a day or did it when my kids were down for their naps then I could fit in a work out everyday where now I can fit it in only on days when the kids gone or the house work is light. That stuff wouldn’t matter with this.

  8. I love this and the biggest advantage I think you have with it is the fact that it is so short yet it is such a great work out as well. It takes no equipment and very little room to do these and you get a great work out in just a short time. Thank you for turning me on to this because I do it every day now.

    • If you put extra weights on your back (on your shoulders, holding it with your hands) would that improve the exercise, or would it damage your back? Thank you!

  9. I actually printed the stick figure people doing the work outs so that I could stick them on the wall of my cubicle and do them every day. I still feel like I need some really good cardio after wards though so I get on the treadmill when I get home. Is there a better form of cardio to do, this is extremely boring, even in front of the TV.

  10. I love having these exercises available to me at any time. I printed the pictures out and hung them on the wall where I work so I can just do them really quick even if it is for energy purposes. I stare at the computer all day long so I tend to get pretty heavy lidded at times and need a pick me up, I’d rather do this then drink 5 hour energy.

  11. I am big into interval training or circuit training and I have started doing a one mile fast walk or jog and then I stop and do either some weight training for 5 to 10 min. then do another mile then back to the weights etc. I think that throwing these in between the miles would work great as well. Thank you for the idea I will try it and let you know.

  12. What I find interesting is that almost every work out that I have seen of Jorge’s they are all short like this I think he started with an 8 minute ab work out and kept going. Why do so many prominent weight loss guru’s always tell you that you have to work out for 45 minutes to an hour to get any benefits when his are all short and quick? Who do you believe?

  13. I agree with Anthony because there are night s that I Have to work late and I don’t have time to put in my usual 1 hour work out and I needed something that would work me hard but fast and I think with a few modification like using a chair to do the tricep dip it will make it even harder and work me out good in just five minutes.

  14. I have been doing these for just about two weeks, when I first read the article< and I am really enjoying them, they are actually very fun to do and the fact that they don't take long and your body feels like it got a really good workout is a plus. I was concerned at first because I didn't think your heart rate would get up there but I was wrong.

  15. What kind of diet do I have to do (please be specific like what certain foods should I avoid and what should I eat and how often?)? And what exercises should I do(please be really specific like you should sit on the floor and get in a straddle position and lean down the center and hold for 30 seconds) I need to start a body workout.

  16. I didn’t think that this would do anything especially in just 5 minutes but after I tried the different exercises for a minute each I realized that you could do more reps in that amount of time then you would think. It was actually a really good work out and I look forward to doing them again soon, I am at work right now so it will have to wait.

  17. I’m really enjoying these workouts because I’ve been trying to figure out a way to fit in my cardio and body weight training or weight training into the same day without being in the workout room for hours on end and not seeing my family at night. This is the simple way to do it and it seems to be working, I can do 30 min. of cardio and these and feel great.

  18. This was great, I was just trying them as you went and they work really well for such a short period of time. Thank you for posting this I’m all the time trying to find a workout that won’t take a lot of time and this is perfect because I can do it at work right in my cubicle at lunch because it doesn’t take a lot of room either. You did an awesome job.

  19. Well these exercises must work or I did them wrong because my legs are sore and my abs are sore from doing this and that was just in 5 minutes. I love the idea of getting these kinds of results from such a sort workout. However if your heart rate is not getting up there to that fat burning level, are you burning fat? Why does there have to be so many different methods?

  20. I missed the show this was on but I am glad that you posted the exercises at the bottom of the post because I was able to do them off of that. I did do them and I liked the work out it gave me in just those few short minutes. I was actually a little sore the next day and that doesn’t happen very often. Thank you so much for the tips.

  21. It is hard to believe that with just 5 minutes a day, you can actually make a difference and burn enough calories and fat to make progress. But now that the fitness pros have proven that there are many ways to burn calories, we have the benefit of a wide variety of workouts which can be done from home. 8 minutes is actually more than sedentary people put into exercise.

  22. I just finished going through a set of these exercises and I can seriously say that they would work if you did them on a regular basis. It takes such little time that you can literally do them on your break at work and it takes very little space. How many times a week do you recommend doing these though, should you have a rest day between them?

  23. The pitfalls of exercise that Jorge points out so well are experienced by those who are new to exercising and don’t know any better or those who have been working out for a short while, but haven’t yet figured out that diversity is essential in any workout regimen. So are high intensity intervals in aerobic training. That’s why the spinning classes are so effective – because they include such intervals.

  24. I thought this was great I actually dropped and did the exercises after reading the blog and they work great you can really feel it fast when you do them properly. I will need to get me a stop watch though because this is not one of those things that you can count it out because it would change all the time with a stop watch. Thanks so much I will continue to do them.

  25. I have to admit, the idea that 8 minutes in the morning can keep a person fit is very encouraging. I would go as far as to say that even 30 minutes sounds enticing to me. I am used to working out a full 60 minutes daily. And the one thing I have learned is that just showing up for 20 minutes every day will give you results. So this is good for those super busy persons.

  26. I actually played the video and did these exercises in my office and I have to say they will get the blood pumping in just a short amount of time. I especially liked the core exercise where you are in plank and bring your knee to your elbow and back to starting position. That just about works everything at once and if you do it long enough you can tell.

  27. I will say this about Dr. Oz. He comes up with some of the more obscure cures and solutions for life’s common problems and challenges. I would say that one of the biggest challenges for all humans is the need to make time for regular exercise. I have struggled with this all my adult life, but I’m proud to say that I am fit and have not ever given up the fight to stay lean.

  28. I have one of Jorge Cruises books that talks about getting a flat belly, I forget the exact title but it was another one of these eight minute things. I did it for a little while and then my body got used to it so I had to switch up the exercises. I haven’t done it for awhile so I think I’ll get it out and use it again for a little while.

  29. I thought this was great because I tried it while I was at work and you can do it on break and not even really break a sweat which is nice for the other employees and it really doesn’t take that much room. Thank you for pointing this out I will continue to do this at work and then get on the treadmill when I get home.

  30. I was reading through some of your content on this website and I believe this site is real instructive! Continue putting up.

  31. This is great I was looking for something that I could do real quick on those days that I can’t get to the gym and do a full fledged work out. Thank you so much for this I will do it tonight because I had to work late in the first place. If you come up with any more quick work outs in the near future please post hem as well.

  32. Where can I order Jorge’s weight loss program?

  33. What are the best diet pills that make you lose weight the fastest? And why do you reccomend them?


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  2. Amelia says:

    Make Sure If You Can Not Work Out At Home That You Choose The Right Gym For Your Fitness Plan

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