I Can’t Find Clothes That Fit! 8 Unique Female Body Types and How to Find Clothes for You

Ladies, while it is important to be in shape to look your best, there are also ways to make sure your body is looking its finest no matter what your weight may be.

By dressing for your body type. When shopping, 99% of us buy clothes they like off the rack. It’s quite rare for a women to actually analyze the best types of clothes for them and why. The key to a purchase looking good or bad has nothing to do with the designer or the cost- it is actually knowing what pieces to buy.

There are types of clothes that will flatter you, and there are types of clothes that will wind up looking terrible on you. And sometimes you might just look bland and frumpy.

You need to know which category that you fall into so you can buy clothes that accentuate your positives and hide the parts you want to hide.

There are many women who find it virtually impossible to even find clothes that fit. If you think you know your size, go from store to store one afternoon, trying things on and see just how wrong you are. And don’t even try buying clothes online based on the weight and height recommendations- you might wind up with a disaster on your hands.

Stores do their best to make their clothes in the best way possible to suit the average woman of that size, but very few women fall comfortably into that category. And as we’ve all learned through trial and error, every single store on the planet somehow manages to do their sizing differently. If only we all had a personal tailor on hand twenty four hours a day to do a nip here, a tuck there, and we’d have clothes perfectly styled for us!

Some women have a tiny waist but big hips, making pants hang off of them. Some women’s arms are longer than others, but they may both be slender and need to buy the same size. Whatever your issue may be, read on to find out which of these eight body types you fall into, and the best tips for looking your best.

The Bell
First, we’ll discuss the bell body type. Many women fall into this body type and as most women age, they go more towards this type. Yes, you can change types! The bell typically epitomizes someone who is somewhat small up top, who gets larger through the stomach, hips and waist.

While some women are simply born with a thicker waist, many women start falling into this category after having children or after 40. If you aren’t an avid fitness junkie, you may find that as you age, the pounds accumulate around your mid-section. The tummy is often a major issue for people of this body type.

The best thing you can do to look your best is to try to balance out the top and lower half of your body. You want to add height or depth near your shoulders, which can be done by adding shoulder pads or choosing tops that feature boxy styles. This will make your waist seem more equal to your shoulders, meaning your waist will look thinner. Also, try wrap around shirts, shirts with different angles, or tunics to help hide your midsection.

The Lollipop
This type wins the award for the funniest name, and these women are seen as quite blessed by the rest of the women of the world because of their feminine shape. Lollipop ladies are typically big in the bust, and smaller tapering down towards the floor, meaning thin stomachs, hips and legs.

Many of your Hollywood leading ladies fall into this category. Strapless looks are great for these girls, or anything fitted that hugs your stomach to show off your slender figure. If you’re uncomfortable with thin legs, there are many floor length dresses that can accentuate your bust line without compromising your legs. For pants, try a boot cut version that will help to balance your bottom half with your bust line.

The Column
The column is just what it sounds like. Lucky ladies! You’re tiny from top to bottom, and while most clothes probably look their best on this body type, certain things can tend to look like they’re hanging off of you.

Most of our seriously tall female friends find themselves falling into the Column body type. Unless you are embarrassed about your height, you can try just about every style of clothing, because they are made for you! If you prefer to downplay your height, try styles that are belted or something that breaks up the long look that may become tiresome to you.

The Cello
Are you big on top and on the bottom? You may fall into the Cello category. While you may not be an overweight woman, many Cello women are very tiny in their waists but have larger busts and behinds.

While many women would kill for this figure, it can also be difficult to downplay those dangerous curves. Try to wear V neck shirts that can downplay your bust, and avoid clothing that is too form fitting that might seem like it is clinging to those areas that you want to cover up. You might want to consider trying out a heavier style of shoe since this can also pull the eye down to your thin ankles and feet. Full skirts can also be a Cello girl’s best friend.

Cornet Style
Are you built like a fashion model (or a 12 year old boy as jealous friends may refer to you)? Well no fear, you are the Cornet style. While most of your pals are probably jealous of your slender figure, tight tummy, and ability to look pretty good in just about anything, it can get old having no boobs or curves to accentuate.

The Cornet body often has broad, thin shoulders, little to no bust, a tiny waist and hips, along with stick thin legs. Really tall women can fall into this type if they are not busty. Try to find looks that accentuate the breasts and hips that you do have- low slung pants, V neck tops paired with a pushup bra can help.

The Goblet
The Goblet ladies, on the other hand, are overflowing with these extra assets! Our Goblet girls often have wide shoulders but are quite tiny on the bottom half, with thin legs.

You will want to accentuate those long slender legs in every way possible, so skirts work well, or pants with a high waist. V neck shirts can help downplay the bust, which let the eye rest on your long and slender legs.

The Skittle
The Skittle body type pairs a tiny top with a curvy bottom. While most women who fall into this category curse it, you can look sexy in many of the great looks available to you.

You want to put focus on your breasts, so choose deep V neck looks paired with a bra that adds a lot of cleavage. You can also pull off strapless looks that are low enough to show a little cleavage, which immediately makes breasts look larger. Wear jackets and structured shirts with shoulder pads, collars, lapels, or a boxy feel to make your top half look balanced with your bottom half. This will act like a mirage to make your hips and butt look tinier. Patterned pieces can also hide the large thighs or hips you’re trying to hide.

The Vase
Lastly, is the Vase. This is a more modern form of the old hourglass figure that we all were taught as children that we should strive to attain. If you have a long torso, breasts that balance out with your hips and thighs, you’re in luck, you’re a vase!

This is the figure most men point to as sexy (no – not the stick thin women!) Wear fitted clothing because it will fall on you well. Low or scooped necklines will accentuate your bust, but not too much. Jackets will work as a great cover up for you if you choose a fitted dress or shirt but need to cover up a bit. Almost all styles and looks that you choose are going to look good on you! So feel free to experiment.

8 Unique Female Body Types and How to Find Clothes for YouSo hopefully you’ve been able to determine which body type matches you. Once you know, you can find many more dressing tips specific for your body type all over the internet.

Look for famous women in photos that resemble your shape and cut those looks out and keep them. Keep in mind that these famous ladies have personal fashion stylists whose job it is to know this stuff.

Looking great and being in shape is a start, but dressing for your style is the icing on the cake and will ensure you look even more fabulous, so make sure to implement these tips today to look your best.

What are your thoughts? What tips work for you? Share your thoughts with us!



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