How Paula Deen Lost 30 Pounds!

So I think everyone around the world heard the news when Paula Deen announced that she was diabetic. Especially days before she signed a deal with a huge pharmaceutical company to tout their diabetes supplies.

Oh, the outrage! The woman who preached ‘butter, butter, and more butter’ to millions of already overweight, struggling Americans, was now under fire.
paula deen loses 30 lbsAnd rightfully so. Her attitude that it didn’t matter what (or how much) that you ate, wasn’t entirely real, now was it? Secretly, Paula was suffering from type 2 Diabetes, a disease brought on from overeating and high levels of sugar, which typically must be treated with insulin.

Those with type 2 diabetes cannot metabolize sugar correctly. Usually it’s because the pancreas is not making enough insulin. Sometimes the body is resisting its own insulin. With the glucose locked out, too much sugar builds up in the bloodstream, causing type 2 diabetes. When you gain a lot of weight you run the risk of developing type 2 diabetes because as you gain weight the body becomes less responsive to it’s own insulin.

Paula was picked on for months for the seeming contradiction between what she was preaching and what she was living. People claimed that if she had been honest all along about her health condition, it would have been easier to swallow.

But just in time, before her reputation was ruined, Paula is back with an incredible, 30 pound weight loss, looking more fabulous than ever. While people are still a little irritated that she preached high fat food for years before coming clean, thankfully she is setting a good example for others and showing that every one of us needs a good balance and to maintain good health.

Paula claims that she now feels differently about food, and is paying attention to what she puts in her body. Paula has learned to incorporate more low fat, low calorie meals into her diet, some favorite’s beings salads and baked (not fried) fish. She has started to come out with some healthier recipes and tips.

Paula explains that it isn’t just one food, or bad food choice that caused her type 2 diabetes, it is being overweight. Obviously, that comes from overeating, eating the wrong foods, and a lack of exercise. She has come clean that she still eats all of her favorite southern comfort foods, but now she does so in a much more structured way. She claims her new way of life is all based on “moderation,” and that she doubles her vegetables, salads, and her carbohydrate portions are tiny. Paula Deen’s RecipesPaula lost her 30 pounds in a short period of time, just six months. And the queen of cooking says she isn’t going to stop there, either. She plans on losing even more weight and improving her health as well.

Paula has also decided to begin working out, with some weight training and cardio exercise, and she says that she feels better than ever. She also lost weight by cutting potatoes out of her diet, and sugary things like ketchup have been replaced with healthy mustard. Another key to Paula’s weight loss is that she doesn’t skip breakfast, instead she will have something healthy like a fruit drink. And at dinner time, instead of anything fried, she turns to baked foods. For dessert, instead of her old treats, she enjoys fat free ice cream. She told the world on the View that she has gone from size 18 all the way down to a size 10.

Her message is inspiring, that anyone, no matter how obsessed with fried foods and butter, can make a change for the better. Even her husband has followed her lead, he has dropped 40 pounds since they made the commitment to lose weight.

While Paula may have lost some fans over her diabetes controversy, she did the right thing for her health and lost some pounds at the same time.



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