How Did Miley Cyrus Get That New Bod!?

The internet is a buzz with opinions on Miley Cyrus and her new bod. Have you seen her?

There are some differing opinions out there though, as to whether she looks great or has gone too far and looks too thin. With rumors that she has an eating disorder, she’s emaciated, and weighs less than 100 pounds at just five feet four inches tall, with scary thin pictures backing the gossip up, no wonder she’s got everyone talking.
 Many women may be critical, but are secretly wishing they had the ability to do what Miley has done, even if they don’t want to go to the extent that she did. Admit it girls, we might not always want to lose that much weight, but wouldn’t it be nice if it were easy to lose some?

The great news for her AND us is that according to Miley, she doesn’t have an eating disorder, and she has no terrible disease. She’s just done the work, and you can do it too! She’s simply chosen to get started on a routine that she’s committed to called Pilates.

“People who are committed and stay with a workout or training program and emphasize consistency are the most successful.”

Miley and her personal trainer have come out to dispel the rumors that she has issues and to show that anyone with commitment to the program can have the same results. Pilates can help you lose pounds, and get a lean and toned waist line.

While Pilates can help you get fit in every area of your body, many women find it extremely helpful when trying to define their abdominal and stomach areas, their hips and thighs, and their butts. Pilates offers a lot of different focused workouts that help to tone these muscles while burning fat at the same time. Pilates can help strengthen and lengthen the muscles of your body, improve posture and flexibility, and erase those bad areas on the body that we all curse when we look in the mirror.

To get a tight, tone tummy like Miley, you can join the Pilates movement to lose weight too. Or if Pilates isn’t your style, you can pick just about any workout routine that interests and challenges you, that helps you lose those unwanted pounds.

A professional athlete can tell you that the difference between him and the other guys he played ball with on his high school team was a combination of two equally important things- talent and commitment. People who are committed and stay with a workout or training program and emphasize consistency are the most successful. To do anything in life the right way you have to be consistent and dedicated, which is the real moral of Miley’s weight loss story. Not the number of pounds, but the fact that she did it daily and stuck with it until she saw results without giving up.

Is Miley’s new look unhealthy?
Maybe it is verging on being unhealthy, which is really just a matter of personal opinion. But as long as she’s getting enough calories, every individual’s body is different, and the good news to take away from this is that with enough dedication, you can lose weight like this too.

Focus on staying healthy and taking care of your body while you’re going after this kind of physique though. While reports claim that Miley has lost weight and looks great- other reports say that she’s eating less than a thousand calories a day and has lost over 25 pounds in less than 8 weeks, which is dangerous and unhealthy.

The issue with Miley may be overtraining.
She’s supposedly running, biking, and doing Pilates every single day along with a low caloric intake. This isn’t recommended for anyone trying to lose weight and remain healthy. The other bad news is that she supposedly began this routine to look good for a vacation, but instead got hooked on it and is continuing to lose weight fast. This can lead to injury, overtraining, and eating disorders. It can also lead to medical issues and depression.

Keep in mind your body needs a break.
Over exercising can be terrible for your body and can cause injury or problems that will side track you and not allow you to work out at all, putting you back to your original dilemma.

“To get a tight, tone tummy like Miley, you can join the Pilates movement to lose weight too.”

Get committed to something healthy and stick with it, and you can see results just like Miley did. While the extent of her weight loss may be debatable, the fact that she lost the weight and looks great isn’t. You can do it too- get active, get moving, and get consistent and your friends will be jealous just like so many people are of Miley!
 Miley Ray Cyrus is an American actress and pop singer/songwriter. She became famous for her role as Miley Stewart/Hannah Montana on the Disney Channel show, “Hannah Montana”. And has gained massive popularity with her music and movies.

Miley stars in many movies including “Bolt”, “Hannah Montana: The Movie”, and “The Last Song” which included her hit single “Party in the U.S.A”. And, recently got engaged to her boyfriend Liam Hemsworth who was her costar in “The Last Song”.




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