How Did Miley Cyrus Get That New Bod!?

The internet is a buzz with opinions on Miley Cyrus and her new bod. Have you seen her?

There are some differing opinions out there though, as to whether she looks great or has gone too far and looks too thin. With rumors that she has an eating disorder, she’s emaciated, and weighs less than 100 pounds at just five feet four inches tall, with scary thin pictures backing the gossip up, no wonder she’s got everyone talking.
 Many women may be critical, but are secretly wishing they had the ability to do what Miley has done, even if they don’t want to go to the extent that she did. Admit it girls, we might not always want to lose that much weight, but wouldn’t it be nice if it were easy to lose some?

The great news for her AND us is that according to Miley, she doesn’t have an eating disorder, and she has no terrible disease. She’s just done the work, and you can do it too! She’s simply chosen to get started on a routine that she’s committed to called Pilates.

“People who are committed and stay with a workout or training program and emphasize consistency are the most successful.”

Miley and her personal trainer have come out to dispel the rumors that she has issues and to show that anyone with commitment to the program can have the same results. Pilates can help you lose pounds, and get a lean and toned waist line.

While Pilates can help you get fit in every area of your body, many women find it extremely helpful when trying to define their abdominal and stomach areas, their hips and thighs, and their butts. Pilates offers a lot of different focused workouts that help to tone these muscles while burning fat at the same time. Pilates can help strengthen and lengthen the muscles of your body, improve posture and flexibility, and erase those bad areas on the body that we all curse when we look in the mirror.

To get a tight, tone tummy like Miley, you can join the Pilates movement to lose weight too. Or if Pilates isn’t your style, you can pick just about any workout routine that interests and challenges you, that helps you lose those unwanted pounds.

A professional athlete can tell you that the difference between him and the other guys he played ball with on his high school team was a combination of two equally important things- talent and commitment. People who are committed and stay with a workout or training program and emphasize consistency are the most successful. To do anything in life the right way you have to be consistent and dedicated, which is the real moral of Miley’s weight loss story. Not the number of pounds, but the fact that she did it daily and stuck with it until she saw results without giving up.

Is Miley’s new look unhealthy?
Maybe it is verging on being unhealthy, which is really just a matter of personal opinion. But as long as she’s getting enough calories, every individual’s body is different, and the good news to take away from this is that with enough dedication, you can lose weight like this too.

Focus on staying healthy and taking care of your body while you’re going after this kind of physique though. While reports claim that Miley has lost weight and looks great- other reports say that she’s eating less than a thousand calories a day and has lost over 25 pounds in less than 8 weeks, which is dangerous and unhealthy.

The issue with Miley may be overtraining.
She’s supposedly running, biking, and doing Pilates every single day along with a low caloric intake. This isn’t recommended for anyone trying to lose weight and remain healthy. The other bad news is that she supposedly began this routine to look good for a vacation, but instead got hooked on it and is continuing to lose weight fast. This can lead to injury, overtraining, and eating disorders. It can also lead to medical issues and depression.

Keep in mind your body needs a break.
Over exercising can be terrible for your body and can cause injury or problems that will side track you and not allow you to work out at all, putting you back to your original dilemma.

“To get a tight, tone tummy like Miley, you can join the Pilates movement to lose weight too.”

Get committed to something healthy and stick with it, and you can see results just like Miley did. While the extent of her weight loss may be debatable, the fact that she lost the weight and looks great isn’t. You can do it too- get active, get moving, and get consistent and your friends will be jealous just like so many people are of Miley!
 Miley Ray Cyrus is an American actress and pop singer/songwriter. She became famous for her role as Miley Stewart/Hannah Montana on the Disney Channel show, “Hannah Montana”. And has gained massive popularity with her music and movies.

Miley stars in many movies including “Bolt”, “Hannah Montana: The Movie”, and “The Last Song” which included her hit single “Party in the U.S.A”. And, recently got engaged to her boyfriend Liam Hemsworth who was her costar in “The Last Song”.




  1. Im a celeb lover but i can definately say Miley looks amazing and has achieved her results by hard work in the gym/ with a personal trainer. Hard work, clean eating pays off. Weight training and cardio has its benefits. I was weight training 3 days per week plus cardio and achieved amazing results. I was defined mainly in my arms, shoulders and stomach. Hips and thighs being my area that holds more weight. We all have different bodies and carry more fat/ muscle in different areas so never be discouraged. You can achieve your goal. Dont give up!!

  2. I am not sure that she looks this way by doing just Pilates but if that is the case sign me up. I wonder how much weight she actually lost. I think she is on the verge of being to skinny but I do think she looks great the way she is if she loses anymore it will look very unhealthy. Great blog thank you for sharing it with us.

  3. I did pilates religiously for a year, along with hour long cardio every other day. I was eating next to nothing. Maybe 800-1000 calories everyday. I wish I could post a picture of myself at that time..I did not look like Miley. I was pretty skinny yeah, but lacked muscle tone like she has. So my guess is she doing pilates, cardio, plus some type of weight training. Maybe they incorporate weight training with the pilates class. Also, I bet she is eating enough. It doesn’t look like she’s starving. You don’t get toned like that from starving..I would know unfortunately. You need to EAT to have a hot bod.

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  5. I heard a rumor that Milley has been doing lemon cleanses. I have always considered lemon juice a great way to kill bacteria and other toxins. That is why I use it in my drinking water. So I guess you could say that I am already doing a mild form of this cleansing home remedy treatment. I must average 1 lime every 1 or 2 days or so. Thank goodness I love the taste of limes.

  6. I think Miley should be commended for her commitment to dropping the baby fat. At some point, after you continually see yourself on camera (which ads 10 pounds to your appearance), you realize you must do something to lose that chunky look on camera. Being in the media ads a sort of accountability and pressure to look fit or thin as is the case with some celebrities.

  7. I need to get skinny too. Can we call it the Miley Cyrus diet?

  8. Here’s a bold statement: If everyone Post 50 and postpartum did pilates, we’d all be stronger, leaner and more agile; breathe better; stand better; be more focused and — who knew? — have better sex. I stumbled on that last attribute in a piece called “Pilates’ Dirty Little Secret” written by “The Huffington Post” blogger and Pilates instructor Corrie McCrae.

  9. I think she does look a little on the unhealthy side, her waist almost shows her ribs there at the waist line and her collar bones are sticking out which says she is on the verge, if not already, of being to skinny. I wish I had this problem but mine is the complete opposite, I want to know how to get to this point. Right now she looks good.

  10. Not even Pilates and a sexy figure can save a relationship for some person in the public eye. Miley Cyrus hinted that there may be some issues in her relationship with Liam Hemsworth by writing a series of telling tweets on Thursday. She posted some messages to her Twitter followers depicting some “thoughts” about love and passion, or the lack thereof. “Ever feel like you want just …something more? Not sure what exactly…passion perhaps?

  11. I don’t think Miley is over training if all she is doing is Pilates. It is hard to over train with that or Yoga. If anything, she is restricting her calories a bit too excessively. I’m not going over board and saying she has an eating disorder. But if you train regularly and restrict your calories, you can start to look a bit drawn. Still, she looks good. She should be an inspiration to those who are trying to lose fat.

  12. I am not sure that she looks this way by doing just Pilates but if that is the case sign me up. I wonder how much weight she actually lost. I think she is on the verge of being to skinny but I do think she looks great the way she is if she loses anymore it will look very unhealthy. Great blog thank you for sharing it with us.

  13. I hope someone will find out the true secret to what she was eating during this time too because I want to know so that I can do it as well. Thank you for the information though I appreciate it because it gives me a place to start my research into programs etc. Great job on you blog keep up the good work idealbite.

  14. I guess even the most beneficial exercises like Pilates has its risks. I watched a story about a 59-year-old woman was stretching during a Pilates class. Next thing she knew, her breast implant had disappeared into her body. “I remember her saying, ‘My body swallowed my boob,'” that’s what the womans’ physician said in the report. You’d think you could pull a muscle or strain a ligament. But your implant?

  15. People tend to underestimate Pilates because the misconception is that it is a Hollywood fad workout or that it is a mild routine made for only women, but just like in Yoga, it is up to each person to workout at their desired intensity. You can work at a mild pace or you can challenge yourself and push yourself to the limit. It is up to you to decide the kind of results you want from each workout.

  16. I used to think that Miley Cyrus looked pretty ungainly, but I suppose everyone goes through those awkward early teenage years. She seems to be getting more beautiful as she matures. And now that she has committed herself to getting in shape, she looks fantastic. Those who want to follow her example don’t need lots of money for chefs and trainers. You just need the right information like that on this site.

  17. I say she is looking quite fit. Don’t forget that the camera adds 10 pounds to the way you look in the flesh. So when it comes to entertainers who are always being captured on TV or film or even still photos, they have to make sure they are very lean in order to keep from looking pudgy on film. So when you see them in person, it may look to you like they are skinny cause you’re used to seeing them on film.

  18. Miley Cyrus finds herself all over the news on any given day of the week, and with that sort of media attention comes the attention of other, less desirable people. Namely, delusional ones. Luckily for Cyrus, she was away when a man by the name of Jason Luiz Rivera jumped the fence at her home and demanded to be let in because he wanted to see his “wife, claiming they had known each other for five years.

  19. I am going to look into the whole pilates thing. I have a DVD of pilates that seems really far out there but maybe if I can get past the beginning then I will be able to get a pretty good work out in. Do you know of any DVD’s that are more popular? I have Kathy Smith and Jackie and Jillian but they aren’t just Pilates.

  20. She is getting too skinny if she continues to lose weight but is that surprising when every woman in Hollywood that starts out looking good and healthy ends up losing weight to the point of being unhealthy. There is someone in Hollywood making these movies and TV shows that is telling these women they have to lose weight and it is ridiculous. Good job on your blog though.

  21. I don’t think that this was achieved by simply doing pilates, I want to know what she ate or if she ate. I have been thinking about intermittent fasting so I was wondering if that is something she did. I would love to look like her, I don’t think she is too skinny at all. Way to go Miley! Keep it up though because it will catch up with you as you get older.

  22. People need to stop marveling at how Miley Cyrus and other celebrities are able to achieve their fitness goals. The information is all around us, including some very effective, informative tips in this article. No longer is it a secret known only to high priced trainers and their clients. There are many effective and fun fitness regimens and meal plans you can follow. Thank you for the information on this article.

  23. I think the fact that she has gotten this body, speaks volumes and I would love to know exactly how she did it. I am in my forties so it isn’t going to be as easy to do as I am sure it was for her, but I would be willing to give it a try. Why is it when you get older you can’t lose as fast anymore?

  24. Awesome pics..

  25. Pilates does not count as cardio, they do not get your heart rate up fast enough. And strength training and circuit training don’t count as cardio for the same reason. You SHOULD add cardio to lose weight. Get your heart rate up to 70-85% of your maximum heart rate (maximum heart rate equals 220 minus your age. So if you’re 20, then your max heart rate is 200, and 70% of that is 140. 85% of that is 170. So you’d keep your heart rate between 140-170, for effective cardio).

  26. I can see why some people are speculating that she is anorexic; It’s because her waist is so narrow. But if you look closely, you will notice that her abs are well defined and this means that she is training and eating enough to maintain muscle tone. If she was really not eating enough calories (starving herself), her body would eat up her muscle and she would not look toned.

  27. Yeah I would love to know exactly how she got that body, because I have been trying for years and can’t get there. I am 42 years old so that could have something to do with it but look at Demi Moore so I refuse to believe that excuse. I would like to set down with either one and pick their brain about how they live their lives to look so good.

  28. I have all the exercise tapes and things that I think will work from Yoga to Taebo and anything in between those two. I eat low carb but I think I need to eat less. When I go to a restaurant I eat the entire meal instead of taking any of it home and eating it for lunch the next day. Portions are actually surprisingly small and we are just used to eating large.

  29. Why do people think a body like this is too thin but the models on the run ways in New York aren’t to skinny? Miley’s has a great physic and I would imagine it took more then Pilates to get there. What exactly is Pilates anyway? I have seen some people do it and it looks like a mixture of aerobics and yoga put together in several moves.

  30. I would like to know what she eats exactly and how long she does Pilates to look like that because I would bet it isn’t what was mentioned in the article. If you spend 8 hours a day doing exercise and dance and eating just fruit and vegetables then yeah you would look like this. I wish I had the time and money to do something like that.

  31. Excellent post. Nice Miley pics. Thanks.

  32. She is a beautiful woman. Does she use Dr Oz products?

  33. I have never tried Pilates, but I am an avid Yogi which I combine with weight lifting and jump training. So I don’t doubt that this can have similar effects on the body than Yoga (improved flexibility, strength, endurance, muscle tone). But since Miley looks so good, that should be all the proof and motivation anyone needs to give it a try.

  34. I watched the movie, “LOL over the weekend, which stars Miley Cyrus and Demi Moore along with an ensemble cast. When this film was made, Miley had already developed her fit figure and it showed. This film is actually a remake of the French version film that earned acclaim. It’s a good coming of age movie about the digital generation of teens and their middle age parents who are also coping with a new stage in life.

  35. Love her body… is she doing weight watchers?

  36. I am not sure that what they put in the article is all that she did to lose the weight and get this skinny, I am thinking there might be a little drugs in there as well. I will gladly try what she did if that was it but I won’t do drugs like the heavy stuff they do in order to lose it. Not yet anyway maybe in a couple more weeks.

  37. Who cares I think she looks great, she isn’t too skinny and she doesn’t look unhealthy at all. I wish I could look like her and I don’t think it was just pilates that did it because I have done them before and even though they are an aerobic exercise you would have to do them for a really long time in order to make this kind of difference.

  38. Nice BOD Miley!!! :)

    • She’s an exceptional fighter, and a very strong person. I’m very proud of her, and glad of being by her side loving and supporting her. <3

  39. Does Miley use the African Mango Diet Dr. Oz talks about?
    She looks good!

  40. I think it is easier when you have the resources to afford a trainer and personal chef to prepare healthy meals. I know that the work must still be done and having wealth does not change that. But it is sure easier to eat healthy when you have delicious a variety of meals to choose from so that eating healthy never gets old. But when you have the proper knowledge, it is possible to get fit.

  41. I love Miley Cyrus says:

    She is Amaxing and soo Fit.

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  43. Tod, you are absolutely right, yoga and Pilates, when they have you hold that static pose for however long that is burning fat because the muscle is getting a burn that it never has had doing other exercises. Other than that I don’t know how they say she is too skinny when they love the runway models that are skin and bone literally.

  44. Well my hat is off to her, I have been trying to achieve this for years with no success. I would like to know what else she did besides Pilates because I have done them a long time and not had this kind of success. And what exactly does she eat? I don’t think she looks to skinny or unhealthy I think shw looks great.

  45. I have never tried Pilates, but I know that Miami HEAT star, Lebron James has incorporated it into his fitness regimen. I have been doing Yoga for the past 2 years and it has been a great addition to my weight training fitness. It is a great fat burner and muscle and flexibility improver, as I am sure Pilates is as well. People don’t realize how great a fat burner these programs are.

  46. Well it just goes to show you what you can do when you are twenty and have a lot of money to get the food you need and the trainer you can hire. Not to mention the genes to lose the weight, when you hit your 40’s and you are still trying to look like this you don’t have the genes anymore and it makes it twice as hard.

  47. I would love to look like that, I don’t think she is too skinny or unhealthy looking. I’m 5’4 as well and I have been trying to get to a body like that for years, I think the difference is I don’t have the kind of money she does to eat the food she does, I have a job so I can’t work out all day long like she does and I’m 42 not 20.

    • I’m a huge pilates fan, but have been stuck doing the same Windsor Pilates 20 minute routine for several years now and it’s not working for me anymore.
      Two quick questions for you:
      (1) Do you follow Weight Watchers?
      (2) I am not a cook and discovered a lot of my foods have refined sugars/carbs. I use these foods for simplicity & ease. As a working wife and mother of 2 small children, how would you advise me to eat healthy? Just as an example, where do you find WHOLE WHEAT bread and not enriched whole wheat for starters? It’s VERY difficult and discouraging to eat well when time is limited and experience in minimal. Thank you and look forward to my future workouts using your methods.


  1. Jessica says:

    How tall is Miley Cyrus?

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