Got Arthritis? How This Vacation Can Help

Arthritis afflicts as many as 40 million Americans. For some it is debilitating, for others it may just be a nuisance that they deal with on a daily basis. “Flare-ups” can be really nasty and disruptive to regular activities. Stress makes it all worse. The solution? Try taking a vacation – to some mineral hot springs.

Whether you have arthritis, fibromyalgia, or your tired muscles are simply in need of some rejuvenation, truly one of the most enjoyable “hot spots” to pay a visit to on holiday is a mineral hot spring. Hot springs are scattered throughout the United States and throughout the world. The water from geothermal springs is heated from the high temperatures of the earth’s crust, or from coming in contact with volcanic magma. Some of the minerals in geothermal springs that help the painful symptoms of arthritis and sore muscles are:

Calcium and Sodium bicarbonates – these minerals help to increase circulation and open peripheral vessels

Boron – strengthens bone and builds muscle

Magnesium – can help to reduce inflammation, and aids in the absorption of Calcium

Potassium – great mineral for arthritis, but also for gout, hypertension, and heart disease.

Many of the minerals found in mineral hot springs are not only good for arthritic conditions and pain syndromes, but also for the skin.

Mineral Pools at Pah TempeLast weekend I was fortunate to be able to visit a secluded mineral hot springs in Southern Utah (the city of Hurricane), at a place called Pah Tempe. Pah Tempe means “healing waters”.

Early in the history of Utah the Native American Indians revered the waters at Pah Tempe as sacred. Unlike many similar mineral hot springs that contain only a few different minerals, Pah Tempe contains at least 50 different mineral salts.

I was impressed with the beautiful surroundings of Pah Tempe. These pools of natural hot springs have been well-maintained by their guardian and owner, Ken Anderson.

There are 5 or 6 pools of natural spring water of various temperatures, ranging from 101 degrees Fahrenheit to 107 degrees at the hottest. The setting of the mineral pools is in a canyon beside the Virgin River. The surrounding reddish-orange rock was a very beautiful backdrop for the springs to be in. While soaking in the mineral springs it was enjoyable to look around and see what appeared to me as an iguana formation in the rocks on the mountainside, and a camel too! I wondered if I was the only one, though, who looked at those rocks and imagined these same images.

Is There an Iguana Watching Over Us?

A couple of the hottest pools began back within the side of the mountain, in caves essentially. It was fun to wander back into the caves and feel the water at its warmest.

There were also nice benches to the side of the pools that we could get out and relax on so as not to get overheated. It was a beautiful, crisp fall day, and everything was perfect.

Mineral Hot Spring in a Cave

Another highlight besides soaking in the wonderfully therapeutic mineral pools was to wade into the river below them, both to cool off and to apply the natural muds to my face for a “facial” or “mud mask”.

After applying the mud to my face I let it dry and then washed it off 20 minutes later. It was nice that we had the hot pots reserved to just our small group, and there was nobody there to see how funny we looked with mud on our faces! Later, we washed the mud from our faces and looked at each other awed at how wonderful and glowing our skin looked.

Mud Mask

I’ll certainly be back again to visit Pah Tempe in the future, maybe in the winter this time. Got pain? Need a makeover? Visit some mineral hot springs for a healthful, rejuvenating, glowing getaway!


About Amber Merton

Amber Merton is an outdoor enthusiast and natural living aficionado. She writes for the all-natural latex mattress manufacturer, She also regularly blogs about the topic of healthy sleep. Find her entries on Facebook, and Tweets on Twitter.


  1. John Chadwick says:

    My brother sadly has arthritis, he is going on a vacation to Utah, I hope he goes here, it could save him a heap of pain later!

  2. Wayne Rogers says:

    My father is 75 and swears by Mineral pools for his arthritis. This article proves he’s on to something. Maybe it’s time to take a vacation in Utah!

  3. Jake Tuesday says:

    Nice! Wow, I’d love to take a dip in a Mineral Hot Spring in a Cave! I didn’t know places like this even existed in North America. Thanks for sharing and if you have any other places you know of that are similar but near up-state NY can you post about them too?

  4. I’ve been to the Pah Tempe mineral pool and have been dealing with arthritis for some time. This pool feels so much better than just regular bath salts. If you’re passing through, I highly recommend it!

  5. To save money and to spend more time with our grandchildren, my wife and I hadn’t taken a vacation in years. A vacation in Utah and to be in one of the best mineral hot springs in the world sounds very enticing. Enticing enough that I’m willing to fork the money for the vacation and I’m willing to spend a little less time with my grandchildren this year so that I can have my relief. Yeah, I think I need this and deserve this. Now I just need to convince my wife.

  6. Would love to be sitting in the pool in Utah! Looks amazing

  7. I’m gonna have to convince my wife to make a move to Utah because that’s where I’m going to have a long and healthy life hahaha~ My arthritis has been worsening over the past couple of years and lately it’s gotten so bad that I sometimes can barely sleep a couple of hours at night. I think it’s time for a drastic change, but a move to Utah is not realistic right now. I’ll take a trip there with my wife and try out the mineral hot springs first and see what it can do for me. Thanks for the great tip.

  8. I recently had a very sore wrist from carpal tunnel which acted up because I had been typing from a flat keyboard on a desk. After I rested my wrist a couple of days, the discomfort subsided and once I resumed my typing, I did so from a reclining futon and a laptop lap desk. This angle prevented any future flare ups. I wonder if volcanic springs can help with my condition.

  9. I really like this idea. I’ve been suffering from arthritis in my knees for quite some time. And while I know the inevitable replacement is coming, I had no idea that hot springs would help more than just water. Thanks!

  10. I really like this idea. I’ve been suffering from arthritis in my knees for quite some time. And while I know the inevitable replacement is coming, I’d love to try this out just for relief!

  11. What a massive problem this is for people. But this is a great idea. In fact, my family comes from Ecuador, South America, where there are the Andes mountains and many active volcanoes. In those volcanic areas, they have made it into a therapeutic resort where you can enjoy the natural hot springs of carbonated water and the volcanic clay, which they say is good for your skin.

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