Fast Food Greater Than 1000 Calories (Infographic)

Stephanie Garcia ( contacted us about a post she saw on IdealBite. She thought IdealBite readers would enjoy their infographic titled ‘Fast Food Items with 1000 Calories and More’.

With the dramatic increase of obesity, particularly in the industrialized world, there is great concern about the causes of this disturbing phenomenon and its attendant impact on the health and happiness of people affected by obesity.

In America, the general population spends billions yearly in an effort to prevent obesity and the related health problems. One of the results is an increase in “calorie consciousness”- or an awareness of how many calories are in the foods one eats.

Attentiveness to the amount of calories consumed is an excellent tool for controlling diet and weight. An average diet should consist of approximately 1500 to 2500 calories depending on factors such as current height, weight, age and level of physical activity.

The following is a list of foods that contain more than 1000 calories which should generally be avoided if one is trying to achieve a healthy weight.


Do you eat fast food from this list? Did you have any idea these items were soo high in calories? Share your thoughts with us!




    OMG, will always think twice before going for any such fast food. This information has been locked in my mind and I cannot risk my health anymore.

  2. Etta Gibson says:

    Yeah, obesity is a big problem these days and people who are not ready to compromise with their diet and takes high calorie diet are at many health risks. Being obese is not only confined to being fat but it has many health related disadvantages that cannot be ignored. I really appreciate the author of the post to offer a calorie counter chart to the readers.

  3. Lisa Gray says:

    Is there anything beyond the list that too must be avoided. I think there are many other foods that fits in the list.

  4. Kenneth Lee says:

    I have always heard about the drawbacks of consuming fast food. I hope the information provided by this article can help me to get out of my habit of indulging myself into taking extra calories by way of fast food. I think my lean structure never stop me to do so, but still it has some related health hazards that cannot be ignored.

  5. Ok, that first burger is really scary. OMG I can see why it has the name heart attack. Thanks for this great post, I love your blog. :-)

  6. Marc Anthony says:

    Thank you for such an informative post. I just love French fries and Mc. Donald’s Chocolate triple thick shake. Now when I know their calorie counts, I will better avoid them and try to maintain a healthy weight to stay away from obesity.

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