Ewww! Don’t Look at a Detox Food Pad After Removing!

Have you heard about the detoxifying foot pads that can help you live a healthier life? One tip- don’t look at them after you remove them! Yuk!Foot patches are all the rage now with people talking about detoxifying the body. People have reported great results for individuals who get tired easily, have swollen extremities like their legs and arms.

It can also help people who get sore and achy throughout the day, folks who do physical labor, those suffering from anxiety or depression, and even people who need help getting a good night’s sleep. Wow! It sounds like these foot pads can help just about everyone.

Detox foot patches are able to be worn overnight and are said to help detoxify your body and revitalize your entire system by removing metals, toxins and other bad things that are making you feel bad. The science is said to come from Japan where doctors developed technology to detoxify your body and making you feel healthier and cleansed. While some people feel immediate results, you should test it out for 30 days to see if your health issues are resolved by using detox foot pads.People who have used the products have reported less headaches, less arthritis pain, higher energy levels, lower levels of stress, and better circulation after using the patches. Others report a decrease in their feelings of sleeplessness, anxiety, or depression related symptoms.

So how does this amazing technology work and how can it make you feel better?

Basically, through your daily life, toxins get into our system. You can’t get away from them- as they are in the water, food we eat, and even in the air. Over time the chemicals build up and become a part of us. The ridding of the chemicals, also called detoxifying, has become popular to help people to rid themselves of these chemicals which impact the body’s ability to do its best work.

Foot pads are one product that can help with the detoxification process- the foot patches make you feel better by removing the toxins through your feet while you are sleeping, and offering cleansing to your entire body.Foot patches contain many, many very important ingredients, but one is tourmaline. This is a mineral from Brazil that emits infrared rays that create negative ions. Negative ions can have a cleansing and soothing feeling to the body. Because the foot has many acupressure points which impact organs all over your body, the negative ions can stimulate your body to cleanse yourself and to get a good night’s sleep.

Another of the most important ingredients is revered by the Chinese- wood vinegar, which is said to be able to pull toxins out of the body as well. It is used in detox foot pads in a powder form. Wood vinegar is useful in many ways, not just detox, but can aid in digestion, healing, swelling, and pain relief.

While you can wear the patches on any area of your body, you will see the best results if you put them on the soles of your feet. Your body has reflexology points within the feet, and the feet are known in Chinese culture to be the second heart. You will get the most benefit by applying the patches to your feet because they have such a plethora of important focus points to cleanse your body.Because your body naturally removes bad things away from your important organs, toxins are naturally drawn away from your chest and stomach area and moved to your feet, making your feet a dumping ground for metals and toxins.

In the morning when you remove the patches from your feet, you will be shocked! The toxins were removed from your body overnight and will show up on the patches as black stain marks. These marks are the signal that the toxins and heavy metals are out of your body and were absorbed by the pad. After several days or weeks of use you will notice that the level of the black on the patches is less and less, because you are literally pulling the toxins out of your system over time and eliminating them from your body.
One Japanese article showed the cleansing results through the red blood cells of a patient. The patient showed measurable differences in the toxins that were found after using foot patches to remove the heavy metals from their bodies.

While there doesn’t seem to be a lot of legitimate medical research on the products, there are thousands of happy users who report feeling better after using them. They are over the counter and not harmful, they are more of a homeopathic treatment and are revered in other countries. Some people who have criticized the treatment say that the chemicals on the pads turn color from dirt, dead skin cells or even sweat, but this wouldn’t account for the people who feel dramatically better after doing cleansing with foot pads or the fact that the pads are less dark over time as your body is ridding itself of harmful toxins.

There are also detox foot baths and spas if you are more interested in detoxifying your body. Detox foot pads may be just the help you need to feel good again and are inexpensive to try. Try them out if you simply want to see if detoxifying can help you feel good easily – but take my advice and don’t look at the bottom of the foot pads after use!



  1. there is a layer of epidermis which covers most of our skin (and are especially thick on your feet) which are basically dead cells and has NO BLOOD CAPILLARIES on them. So, foot pads, which claim to clean your blood) are probably a farce. A little oxidizing agent should do the trick. When you sleep, you tend to sweat. With the moisture from your sweat, the cotton on the foot patches would get oxidized and produce that stain on the pad. Potassium permanganate is a common oxidizing agent notorious for producing a very dirty brownish stain (which actually gave me this idea :) ).

    PS: I may be wrong; please be kind. thanks

  2. Tobias Burton. says:

    Wow, it is a mind blowing article on foot pads. I have a daily tight schedule and don’t find much time for myself. I am surely getting foot pads for cleansing and detoxification of the entire body. I think this will be really relaxing experience.

  3. I am an acupuncturist myself and practice TCM(standard Chinese medicine) also. Prior to I started out studying TCM I under no circumstances cared what varieties of food stuff I take in but now I select it very carefully. It is remarkable how properties of food stuff (scorching, cold, pungent, sweet etc.) affect your system. Definitely it is a fantastic strategy to take the TCM’s approach into everything you eat every day. Thank you for producing an short article about this. I hope many individuals get considering it as a result of your posting!

  4. Where is the best place to buy detox foot patches?

  5. Christopher says:

    It’s amazing to me that these actually do this. I couldn’t believe it the first time I used one of these and I made the mistake of looking at it, it was so dark I thought I would look at the bottom of my foot and it would be that way too but it wasn’t. I don’t know for sure how this works but it does, It just doesn’t make sense.

  6. I haven’t actually used these yet but a friend of mine did and she said that no joke they do turn brownish black just like the picture, especially the first night. She also told me that it took about a week before the pads came off fairly clean. When they start coming off clean how long do you wait before you start wearing them again?

  7. Whoever was wearing those foot pads in that photo must have some dirty shoes or he or she must have some serious toxins in their body. So is it the ingredients that are responsible for drawing out all this filth and toxins? It is hard for me to believe the body has such dirty fluids inside.

  8. Wow those are gross, what is in these exactly that pulls the toxins out of your body? I mean the other things besides the tourmaline that creates negative ions. I understand that part but there has to be more to it than that. I love the fact that you have posted pictures of these even though you told us not to look at them. I will have to see if these really work.

  9. This photo is just plain disgusting. If this were an image of some tobacco smoker’s lung tissue , I would be inclined to believe that. But to say this kind of grime comes from the toxins in your body as they are excreted through your feet is just unfathomable. And if it is true, the I will never invite anyone to my house who wears flip flops or sandals or any open toe show, for that matter.

  10. These photos are just plain gross. I am afraid I will have to play the role of the skeptic in this case because I find it hard to believe that a human body can excrete this kind of toxic waste – at least, that is what it looks like.

  11. I couldn’t believe these things worked so I had to get some and give them a try. I was shocked when I looked at the pad after wearing it just one night. There was so much stuff on them I had to look at the bottom of my foot and see what was there, that is the weird thing it was all on the pads. This was very interesting thank you for posting it.

  12. Sandy Halliday says:

    I think it’s hard to know if the pads work or if people feel better simply because they believe they are detoxing their bodies.

    I know of a company who sells them and they did a little research project of their own. They got some of the used foot pads analyzed and found that they contained heavy metals. This they said proved they worked but I have read that some foot pads contain heavy metals before they are used so it’s hard to know if there is anything in it.

    When I used them I was surprised that they did not go brown or discolored at all . Does that mean I am fully detoxed or simply that my feet do not sweat at night?

    There is some controversy over the detox foot pads. Some say it is a scam.

    • What is in your detox products? Do you also advise against antipersperants as they are full of toxins. If so what do you suggest in their place? Really like to know. Thanks,Gail

  13. How is it possible for a foot pad to become so filthy? Where is all this stain coming from? You can walk in mud and still not dirty a pad as much as this photo would indicate. So what is this filth supposed to be? Am I supposed to believe that these are mineral or toxin excretions that come from the feet? I find that hard to believe. I prefer to exercise and detoxify by sweating.

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  15. This is very interesting, the first time I heard about these I thought the same way a lot of people do and figured it was just dirt, sweat and other things that had collected on the pads. But after reading this I’d like to give them a try. It’s funny that you tell us not to look at the bottom of the pads, but how do you tell if their working if you don’t?

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  1. Amy says:

    Infrared rays that create negative ions. Negative ions can harm you…

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