Eat These 7 Superfoods and Live Longer! (Infographic)

Melanie Palmero ( contacted us about a post she saw on IdealBite – Nutritionist Reveals 27 SuperFoods That Will Change Your Life & Increase Your Lifespan.

She thought their infographic titled ‘7 Superfoods That Help You Live Longer’ would fit well.

7 amazing superfoods that can help to live longer, be more productive, and feel great!
Acai Berries
Coconut Oil
Chia Seeds
Lentils & Beans


Have you tried any of these 7 Superfoods? What differences have you noticed since taking them? Which ones do you like? Share your thoughts with us!



  1. Rosemary says:

    Fresh blueberries significantly relieved my urinary tract infection symptoms, were much more effective than cranberry extract. I’ve been told that a cup of berries a day helps prevent cancer. I just love all kinds of berries and coconut, kale and other leafy green vegetables and beans/lentils. They taste great. Haven’t tried acai berries or maca, and chia seeds are just becoming the rage where I live – they’re putting them in bread now. One other food I swear by – I’ve had a torn tendon and mangoes were amazing as an anti-inflammatory.

  2. Coconut oil is specially a great stress reliever. It has that potentiality to heal high blood pressure, diabetes, cancer and HIV. Actually, it fights against harmful bacteria and protozoa.

  3. World knows the positive benefits of Berries (both varieties) but not many people know about Coconut Oil and some people don’t prefer it .. they can’t understand how coconut oil (a fatty food as per them) can help .. In my part of the world, Coconut oil is traditional staple food .. used everywhere ..

  4. It’s a very informative post. Our body needs essential nutrients to function well. We should go for more vitamins and minerals everyday. Acai berries are rich in vitamins, fiber and omega 3 fatty acids. Drinking daily acai berry juice may prevent spreading cancer cells.

  5. I love Kale, it’s an amazing food and it taste so well when it’s juiced. I think it’s also underrated and doesn’t get the hype it deserves.

  6. I’m already eating blueberry and coconut oil and after reading this, I plan to add the rest of the superfoods on this list pretty soon. I don’t really feel much difference in my body from when I didn’t eat blueberry and coconut oil, but the point I think is getting better on the inside and not really becoming a superhuman 😛 Anyways I’m doing the very best that I can to eat healthier and that hopefully will help me beat the odds against my family history of heart disease and cancer.

  7. Stephanie Vega says:

    I’ve really gotten into coconut water lately. Does that have the same benefits as coconut oil or have them been filtered out? Thanks! Great article, btw.

  8. Henry Arnold says:

    Thank you for offering the list of these seven Superfoods to live longer. I believe in god and personally feels that god decides the span of our lives in the earth and I am sure if I don’t happen to be a victim of some natural calamity or accidental death, I will surely live longer and will have a healthier body and mind, if I add these foods in my daily diets somehow. The nutrients, antioxidants that these foods have in store for the human beings, will definitely offer a healthier living style.

  9. I swear by blueberries and Acai Berries. My great grandmother has been eating since she was a little girl and she’s 103 and she moves faster than I do!

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