Do Not Try 5-HTP Until You Read the Facts About It Now!

Have you heard of 5-HTP? Recently, this supplement has gained increasing popularity for a number of widely varied reasons. Is it a weight loss supplement? Does it treat the effects of depression? Does it work at all?
This supplement is under quite a bit of controversy right now because it is loved by some, and hated by others. Medical practitioners and clients who have used 5HTP have a variety of different experiences with the supplement, so it is difficult for the average Joe to know what to believe.

5-HTP is an amino acid, and it is found in the body as a naturally created substance which helps to make serotonin. Serotonin is a chemical in the brain that has many important purposes, primarily, is controls your moods. The better your serotonin levels are, the happier you most likely feel.

If you can get 5 HTP as a supplement, you are basically able to help your brain create more serotonin. Sounds like a good thing, right?

If you increase your serotonin level, you may be able to avoid feelings of anxiousness and depression. Many users are happy and feel like 5-HTP is saving their lives. Some users say it has been as helpful to them as prescription medication like Zoloft or Prozac. So if it has so many great uses and has helped so many people, what is all the controversy for?

The supplement was given a bad reputation when it was released, because it had some very serious side effects. A number of people got a muscle condition called EMS which was linked back to taking 5-HTP. While eventually it was found that only one bad batch of the HTP was tainted, many people still feel that the supplement is tainted and can’t be trusted.

Why Take 5-HTP
5-HTP has been used for a wide variety of purposes:

1. Fibromyalgia- 5-HTP can give people relief from the pain and stress of fibromyalgia.

2. Melatonin- 5- HTP increases the amount of melatonin in the body, which helps people to sleep properly. The supplement has also been prescribed and recommended to purchasers as a sleep aid.

3. Weight Loss- A deficiency in serotonin often causes people to overeat, so the supplement may be an effective weight loss supplement for people who eat when they are in certain moods.

4. Depression & Anxiety- 5-HTP is most frequently used to treat anxious feelings or depression as we’ve mentioned.

5-HTP can be made chemically, or can also be created from the seeds of a bush that is found most often in Africa. Some people prefer this method and feel safer using the seed version, because it is a natural way to get 5-HTP.

The Negatives
It is important to also consider the negative impacts for 5-HTP. While there are currently no ‘serious’ side effects from the use of the supplement, more studies are required to truly tell what the long term side effects are.

Some people experience nausea from taking the supplement. In severe cases people have reported feeling more depressed than they were to start with. You should always talk to your doctor before adding a drug or supplement to your diet to be sure there are no risk factors that you need to consider.

Studies of 5-HTP

Some studies have shown the supplement is an effective anti-depressant and can help people similarly to prescription medications. Other studies have proven it works to help people with overeating. They have also seen positive results on people with fibromyalgia, migraines, and sleeplessness.

What to Look For:5-HTP-can-increase-your-serotonin-level
If you’re ready to try 5-HTP, it is important to know what to look for in the supplement you purchasing. First of all, you want to make sure to buy a product that clearly states that it is 5-HTP, or the natural version Griffonia Simplicifolia on the package. It should recommend the dosage as three times per day at 50 milligrams per serving. You want to take the supplement about a half hour before your meals.

You want the product to be completely pure and not including any artificial ingredients, fillers, or binders.

Once you start the product, it is important to give it at least 90 days to see how it functions with your body and if it is going to work for you. If you don’t feel the results that you desire, you do have the ability to adjust your doses. It is important not to do that in the first three months though, so that you give it a chance to work for you.

As we previously mentioned, it is important to talk with your doctor before trying the supplement. The supplement can potentially interfere with other medications and may not be right for everyone. So make sure you adequately research the product and its side effects before you take it.

Have you tried 5-HTP? What were your results? How do you feel about it? Share your thoughts with us!



  1. I’ve had a mixed experience with 5htp – but have found it best in the patch form. The tablets are fine – but watch the dosage, whereas I have simply found the slow-release patch to be better from a more limited dosage.

  2. I felt extremely depressed suicidal after taking tryptophan. Th day after I felt really drowsy and lethargic. Scary. I took 400-600 mg for five days.

  3. Thank god, I found you guys.
    I was searching for the long term side effects of HTP 5 on net and couldn’t find much info ..
    When do people feel nausea, right after taking the HTP 5?? or after some time?? is the feeling kind of Chronic??

    More depressed in the end?? Man, probably they must check out this drug again, clinical trials and stuff

  4. People are more inclining for natural supplements than prescribed drugs. My sister had tried 5 HTP, as she was suffering from depression, stress and insomnia. It worked well and now she is better. Basically its an effective drug that proved itself over an extended period of time.

  5. People are more inclining for natural supplements than prescribed drugs. My sister have tried 5 HTP, as she as suffering from depression, stress and insomnia. It worked well and now she is better. Basically its an effective drug that proved itself over an extended period of time.

  6. I’m very interested in 5 HTP, I’m read a lot of positive reviews and I can’t wait to give it a go. I ordered some on the net today.

  7. Caroline J says:

    I guess everyone’s body react differently to supplements, but I’ve never experienced side effects to weight loss pills. For me, they either work or they don’t and side effect was non-existent. But anyhow, I did find a pill that worked okay, but for the weight loss that it provides the price was too steep. I’m willing to give 5HTP a try, but only if it outperforms the other supplement.

  8. I’ve been taking 5htp for about a week now and I already feel a difference. I had trouble with low energy and sleeping. I had been taking energy drinks daily and sleeping pills nightly. I was really looking to use 5htp to help lose weight. Now I have full energy and sleep peacefully. Overall I think this will help me lose weight being able to actually be more active.

  9. Stephanie Vega says:

    I’ve heard about this but have been hesitant to try it because of the reputation it has. Thanks for this post. It cleared up some of the issues I’ve had about it.

  10. Neil Cook says:

    Well, if you have not tried 5-HTP, you must give if you are suffering from fibromyalgia, depression, anxiety and is really struggling hard to lose weight. The best thing is that you are bestowed with a better sleep, for better health by boosting melatonin in the body and the article is really awesome to offer such great information on the product. All those, who are not very sure about the usefulness of the product can always look for more reviews on the internet and believe me most of them are the positive reviews and convincing ones.

  11. Patty Gray says:

    The post is really helpful and contains some very useful information regarding 5-HTP. The post contains information on positive effects and side effects of 5-HTP and this information can prove out to be really fruitful to all of them who are planning to start with the supplement or are actually taking it. The supplement if taken under medical supervision will be a better deal.

  12. I’ve tried 5-HTP and it works wonders from weight loss to anxiety this is an all around miracle supplement. Since taking this I have dropped a few pounds and my anxiety has decreased.

  13. Like any product that’s wildly popular, 5 HTP has its share of believers and skeptics. Overall though from what I’ve seen the positive reviews on it far outnumbers the negative reviews. I’ve been fooled before, so I’m not gonna get all excited for it before giving it a try, but I admit I’m very interested in it. I need to lose weight and I suffer from a mild case of depression, so if 5 htp is the real deal, I’d benefit hugely from it. I have my finger crossed.

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