Ditch The Diet…Eat What You Want WHEN You Want And Still Lose Tons Of Fat!

Dieting sucks. It’s no secret. Who in their right mind wants to stop eating the things they absolutely LOVE? Cookies, cake, ice cream, BEER…the things that make us smile, that we look forward to, and even make some of us tingle inside…(did you know many people have significant physiological responses just to the SMELL of their favorite foods including increased heart rate, goosebumps, and sweating???)

If you love food and HATE restricting yourself to some bland DIET…but STILL want to look amazing in your bathing suit, then check it out…it IS possible to eat what you want and still lose tons of fat!

Ditch The Diet…Eat What You Want WHEN You Want And Still Lose Tons Of Fat!

Ever heard Of HIIT?

The answer may come as no surprise and it is EXERCISE. But wait! Before you X out the article and start screaming curse words, let me give you some good news. I am not talking about spending hours on the treadmill or pumping iron with ridiculously heavy weights. No, the fact is, if you are smart about the types of exercises you choose, you can burn tons of fat quickly AND build some sleek, sexy muscles at the same time, even while you are tearing up your favorite foods (even the really sinful ones!) In order to make this info as valuable as possible, I am going to throw it to you as SIMPLY as possible. Here’s just two exercises to add to your weekly activities that will allow you to burn all the calories you need and build muscle at the same time.

HIIT it and quit

Nope, I didn’t misspell a thing…HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval Training. This is a kind of exercise that combines high intensity ALL OUT effort with periods of lower intensity movements with the result being you burning the MAXIMUM amount of calories in the MINIMUM amount of time. The easiest and probably the most effective HIIT workout is sprint intervals. Simply put, you run as fast as you can for 30 seconds, then jog at a medium pace for 90 seconds to 2 minutes. Each period of sprint and jog is known as an interval. Each workout would include about 6-10 intervals (the more fit you are, the more intervals you would do.)

You know what the REALLY cool thing is about this type of workout? You will finish in about 20-25 minutes, but your body will continue to burn calories for as much as 12+ hours afterwards! (numerous studies have been completed all touting the benefits of this method, just Google HIIT studies and read away, then start doing HIIT and getting the benefits now!)

KETTLEBELL SNATCH your way to a perfect body

Ok, so you have the HIIT method down, now let’s add one more exercise that will burn fat AND build muscle, the kettlebell snatch.

The snatch is an Olympic lift but when done with the kettlebell, you can do it anywhere and learn to master it effectively with weights as small as 5 pounds. It is a particular lift that is performed by pulling a kettlebell off the ground and lifting it straight overhead in one motion. It is a little hard to learn and will take some time and it is best that when you begin, you work with someone who is a certified kettlebell instructor, BUT, when you master it, and begin increasing the weight you use, the fat will come flying off your body and the rippling muscles will start to show. Just as with HIIT, the kettlebell snatch workout can be completed in no time at all, as few as 15 minutes a day can burn as much as 300 calories or more. We are talking an exercise whose only equal at burning calories is cross country skiing…uphill…at a FAST pace! Are you kidding me??? Sorry, I don’t have a snowy hill at my disposal, but I sure as heck can go to a sporting goods store and grab a kettlebell.

So if giving up the fab foods you love in exchange for some bland or crazy diet just ain’t your thang, then just work away the fat with these exercises. Get active, get fit, and still enjoy a kick butt array of all the goodies you love to stuff your face with!




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