Coffee, One of the Top 10 Most Dangerous Foods?

Coffee BeansAccording to this article in Time Magazine, coffee is considered as one of the top 10 dangerous foods out there. It’s a little strange to support the claim with the incident where a lady spilled coffee on her lap while in a car. Coffee is dangerous only by reputation, and the benefits of consumption far outweigh their alleged health risks. To clear up the misconceptions regarding coffee, read on and learn more about what it does to your body and how you can fully enjoy it.

Coffee stimulates your mind
The effect of coffee varies from every individual. Coffee is a natural stimulant, and it can lead to jittery reactions, but only if taken in large amounts. If you have a history of heart problems and issues with your nervous system, then there’s also a chance of shaking even if you only drink a cup of coffee. Regular consumption of 2 to 4 cups of coffee a day has shown to have no harmful effects. If you take more than that, then you may experience bouts of insomnia, restlessness and muscle tremors. You can also get stomach pains if you finish the cup too quickly.

Coffee provides numerous health benefits
From the media, you’ll often find that the issue of harmful effects directed to coffee is often overblown. A single cup of coffee actually contains antioxidants which lower the likelihood of contracting diseases such as cancer and heart ailments. Taken in moderation and in regular quantities, it stimulates the nerves and regulates the flow of blood by improving vascular muscle tone. In addition, it also intensifies the burning of fat, thus contributing to better metabolism and cutting the amount of cholesterol you ingest.

“Coffee is considered as one of the top 10 dangerous foods out there”

Coffee should not be taken straight up
Coffee is meant to be consumed one sip at a time. As with any hot drink, your body needs time to adjust to the temperature, and your internal organs should be able to send out signals that can aid in the digestion of coffee-based drinks. This is the reason why it’s ideal to have your coffee at home or in cafes that offer high-quality blends.

Coffee can taste better if you brew it yourself
Sometimes, coffee can be too expensive when bought at establishments, so it’s good to know there are companies who sell coffee beans for you to brew on your own. You’ll have the option to prepare the coffee as strong as you like, and you can adjust the taste accordingly. If you want home-brewed coffee in the office or at school, specially designed flasks are available from local shops. You also need to remember that “Do not drink while driving” does not only apply to alcohol. Hot coffee is always a hazard when you’re inside a moving car.

Coffee does have benefits, and its dangers only become apparent when you’re not responsible, you’re clumsy or you drink too much. It is not a detriment to fitness, since your health does not just involve removal of a certain type of food or drink. Coffee can be a part of your healthy lifestyle and aid you in your daily thoughts and tasks.

How do you drink your coffee? How would each day be without coffee? Share your thoughts with us!

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  1. I drink coffee all the time, and do not have any problems with sleep. However, I may be more of the exception rather than the rule. I think that coffee, consumed moderately poses few risks, while those energy drinks are dangerous to consume just one. The only time I had tried a ‘Redbull,’ I felt like I had just consumed a few alcoholic drinks and was lightheaded for a while. It really is up to the individual to find what is right for them, therefore, I think it is a bit ALARMIST to classify coffee as Top 10 dangerous food.

  2. William Albert says:

    I just hate coffee. If it is one of the top 10 most dangerous foods, I think I am on safer side. I feel coffee is just too strong beverage for me to handle. Glad to learn about the health hazards related to coffee and I consider myself lucky to stay away from it.

  3. Kirk Reed says:

    Coffee is one of the most liked beverage drink throughout the world. The article contains a real information on the health hazards as well as benefits of drinking coffee. What, I personally feel that, when people say“one cup of coffee is equal to 10 cups of tea”, I must say, that they are right. If I happen to drink one cup of coffee in a day, I cannot sleep throughout the night . I think regular coffee drinkers may have to go through several health emergencies in the long run of life and sleep disorders can be a common problem with most of them.

  4. Stephanie says:

    Yeah, citing the case of the woman who got burned with coffee is silly. My family used to grow coffee beans. I don’t take to kindly to someone saying the old family business was dangerous. :)

    • Christopher Allen says:

      It was unfair to directly pin that case to coffee. The woman could have spilled any other type of hot drink.

  5. I agree with coffee being really dangerous, I remember the first time I had a couple cups of coffee and boy was I wired. It was not a good feeling. I’m scared to try the energy drinks!

  6. Robert Davies says:

    I think, the article contains a great information on coffee. Though, I am not very fond of coffee but after going through the article, I will not mind having a cup of coffee in a day due to the health benefits it has to offer. It is really surprising to know that coffee is one of the top ten dangerous foods that has some fatal effects on our health and can also be the reason for many deadly health issues.

  7. If a natural thing such as coffee is considered a top 10 most dangerous food, than are energy drinks such as monster and five hour energy that are made of mostly chemicals leading the list?

    Sure there can sometimes be a side affect, but in coffee the reward far out weighs the risk. At least to me.

    Maybe, the false portrayal of the side affects by actors aided in this. You know how it always makes them jittery and insomniacs instantly?

  8. How many of you would give up coffee? Sort of uncomfortable. I’m not an addict for coffee but I think it just makes your day beautiful and I agree with the points above, I think too much of anything would lead to destruction of course so with moderate amount of consumption, coffee, fortunately brings so much of health benefits to us.

  9. This was a very informative aritcle, I enjoyed reading it. I like how this website outlined the positive and negative effects of Coffee. Most websites either run with the pro’s or con’s. Thanks IdealBite for the amazing read!

    • Christopher Allen says:

      The compliment is much appreciated. Both sides need to be presented well in any issue, specially ones concerning our health.

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