Can Pubic Hair Lower Your STD Risk?

What’s with the new trend in Brazilian waxing? Women under 30 are suddenly going ‘bare down there’, getting Brazilian waxes as a regular part of their beauty routine. And what the procedure entails is enough to make your skin crawl.First, you go to an esthetician or spa, where you undress, lay on a table, and go spread eagle for a complete stranger. Then, they pour burning hot wax onto your genitalia. The wax is about 140 degrees, which is left on for about 30 seconds, and then it is ripped off quickly, pulling your pubic hair out from the root.

Sound traumatic and disturbing? For some it is, but for many gals, it has become a habit and they can’t imagine life without it.

The worst part? You have to PAY for the pain, and this isn’t cheap. Usually Brazilian waxing costs between $50- $75, depending on your location and the provider.

Brazilian wax fanatics admit that it is tremendously painful and virtually indescribable, recommending ibuprofen and ice packs following the procedure. But for some reason, these women still feel like it is and necessary and worthwhile part of their beauty routine.

Why Would You Get a Brazilian Wax?
So the question is, what is with the vaginal evolution, and why are more and more women choosing to get rid of their hair down below?

Women do this for a variety of reasons. Some want to avoid the annoyance of razor burn and ingrown hair follicles that they get from shaving. Others just like the look and feel of having bare bodies. The popularity may have begun when smaller bathing suits became popular, or when porn stars began having Brazilian waxes for their movies. The look is sleek and clean, which may have attracted some women.

Natural pubic hair used to be the norm, heck, just look back to any 70’s porn and you’ll see what I’m saying. People barely trimmed or shaved down there at all, and waxing was considered disgusting. It was seen as more of a fetish to have that kind of bareness, which makes some people think of the prepubescent bodies of children. Fashion changed, attitudes changed, and so did feelings on pubic hair.

Or look at editions of Playboy from 1950 to now. If you laid the photos out in an array, you’d literally be able to watch the disappearance of pubic hair. You’d see big bushy mounds of hair decades ago shrink to trimmed discreet patches, then moving to a lack of any hair all together in current editions.

In the late 80’s, a group of sisters from Brazil opened a salon in New York City where they began offering the new Brazilian wax. It didn’t catch on right away, but about a decade later, more and more women began trying the trend. TV shows like Sex and the City started mentioning it — and bam! Like lightning the popularity skyrocketed, and salons all over the country started to offer the procedure. Women under thirty are twice as likely to be bare than women over thirty. So this is certainly an epidemic affecting our younger girls.

Still, the question is why, why, why? What could make any woman even want to do this? Another reason many women attribute to their decision to get a Brazilian was is that it has been said that sex after you’ve had a Brazilian wax is like nothing you’ve experienced. Women report that it feels incredible, and many men also agree that waxing is the way to go.

The soft skin down there is often more touchable after waxing. Waxing is most common among sexually active women, so they obviously feel like is must be more attractive for their partners. It is also more common among women in non-monogamous relationships, while people in committed relationships might feel safe with their partner going au natural.

As previously mentioned, clothing may be another contributing factor in the trend. Underwear and bathing suit designs are much tinier than they were decades ago. You don’t want unattractive pubic hair sticking out of the sides of your sexy underwear or bikini; so many women choose to wax. And if you’re waxing your bikini line, why not just wax it all?Some girls feel cleaner with no pubic hair, they say that they feel sweatier and that the smell increases with the more pubic hair you have. Also, women have found that in their personal lives, men are more excited to perform oral sex on them if they have waxed.

There is no reason for women to feel the intense peer pressure to wax their pubic hair. Unfortunately, the statistics prove that college age women are the most susceptible to this trend, and that makes sense. Women in dorms talk, and the ‘everyone is doing it’ mentality has taken over. But these same college age women are also extremely at risk for contracting STD’s. The college lifestyle includes binge drinking and sexual escapades that are not always thought out. If having pubic hair can help to protect you, it may be worth keeping.

Guys also have started to expect women to be hairless, and talk to their friends about it too.

It was bad enough in the 80’s and 90’s when you hooked up with a guy and everyone on campus was talking about it the next day, but imagine if they were also gossiping about your grooming habits down there? No wonder so many women get Brazilians, they don’t feel like they have a choice in the matter.

Negatives Associated with Brazilian Waxing
There are negatives that come along with the Brazilian wax that you should know about before you try it. First, while you may be hearing that ‘everyone is doing it’, that just isn’t the case. Many women have tried it out of peer pressure and have been disappointed with the experience.Besides paying a lot of money, which you have to repeat approximately once per month to keep up with, you have to realize that it may not remove all of the hair, and you may have to continue shaving. If you have to shave AND go through the pain of waxing, why bother?

Some women hate the way their vaginas look after waxing, and don’t think looking like a teenager again is attractive. Luckily, the hair grows back, but what a waste of money.

Another reason not to go Brazilian is because people are supposed to have pubic hair; it wouldn’t grow on our bodies if it weren’t there for a reason. Some believe it traps pheromones, which attract the opposite sex, while others think it is for warmth. One thing is for sure which has been proven; it can prevent the transmission of STD’s.

Some doctors are telling their female patients to quit the waxes to preserve their health. They say that the waxing causes small cuts on the skin which allows infections to get into your body. Another purpose of pubic hair is a barrier against friction during sex and other activities, to protect you. You don’t want bacteria, STD’s or infections to get into your skin through these tiny cuts that may not even be visible to the eye.

Pubic hair isn’t dirty; it is a part of our bodies that is there for a reason. But so it goes, as almost all women’s hair has- we shave our legs, under our arms, and wax our faces. Naturally pubic hair was next on the chopping block. It seems, as women, we are only ‘supposed’ to have hair on our heads.

If women are getting Brazilian waxes for the right reasons, more power to them. If they truly feel better about themselves, they should go forth and wax. But for many women, especially the younger generations, they actually feel as though they have to. Whatever you decide, it is your own decision and you shouldn’t allow other people’s opinions to sway you. You can trim it, shave it, wax it, or leave it alone! As long as you are the most confident in the style you choose, you’re probably doing the right thing.



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