Bellicon Mini Trampoline – The World’s Best Rebounder

Bellicon Mini Trampoline

Let me tell you about the most fun- and effective- way to work out ever! It is called rebounding, and there is no activity out there that will get you six pack abs faster.

A rebounder is basically a little trampoline, meant for just one person to use as a part of your exercise regimen. Rebounders were invented around 1975, when trampolining became extremely popular as a sport. These athletes were incredibly toned and fit, and a man named Albert Carter wondered if it was due to the springy trampoline itself.

In 1980, NASA even did its own study to test the effects trampolining had on the body. Albert then knew he was right- and jumping on a trampoline was magnificent exercise. That is where rebounding was born, and mini trampolines started being created.

In the 1980’s, rebounders were very popular, but then they lost their pizazz because they were everywhere. People used their rebounders for a little while but then quit. For many reasons, but the people who bought cheap rebounders often wound up injured or breaking their rebounder. They gradually became less and less popular and virtually disappeared.

Now, there are several high quality manufacturers of rebounders who have reentered the market place and rebounders are becoming popular again. Many doctors claim that rebounding is the #1 way to exercise out there! If you like to run, you’re probably well aware of the damage you can do to your knees and body. All of that pavement pounding can leave you in a world of hurt, but not on a trampoline. That springy bounce protects your joints from wear and tear. And the NASA research found that jumping on a trampoline is actually more than twice as effective as running on a treadmill!

Medical research has also shown that it is great for people with physical handicapped because it is a very low impact sport. It is also primarily safe and helps your body gain strength.

The up and down motion of rebounding is great for the body and burns tons of calories. Because your body is moving up and down against gravity, you are building a great deal of strength in one fluid motion. Rebounding helps to build balance and coordination, increases your energy level, increases your bone mass, and reduces cholesterol. It also reduces your stress level, increases your heart function, increases your flexibility, and helps you lose weight. Rebounding can also reverse the effects of aging and help you to attain better sleep. Rebounding is the perfect exercise!

Besides all of the health benefits, rebounding is just plain fun. What is more youthful than bouncing on a trampoline! Most people report that they feel healthier and happier after rebounding. And if you combine your rebounding efforts with a better diet, you are  bound to lose those excess pounds you’ve been meaning to lose.

The one thing to focus on before you jump headfirst into rebounding is that the equipment is the key to your success and safety. Make sure you buy quality, tested rebounders from one of the highly recommended companies. Avoid the cheaply made products from China; instead look for a Bellicon rebounder, which is made in Germany. These are the absolute best quality rebounders that you can buy, and you will be pleased with your purchase. They will keep you safe and they hold up well to wear and tear. Don’t even consider buying a rebounder from a department store, and don’t believe that you can buy a quality product for less than one hundred dollars.

You get what you pay for- and if you want safety and results, invest in the product. The good news is, you don’t need to buy a bunch of accessories, and the initial investment is basically all you will have to spend to get a great workout in. Poor quality rebounders will cause pain to your knees, ankles and hips. A quality product will usually range from $200 to $500, but the investment is well worth it.

Understand that every few years you will need to replace the bungees on your rebounder, the springs that make you bounce.

Overall, rebounding is an incredible exercise that can help everyone lose weight. Whether you are starting from scratch and need to get in shape, or if you are an avid fitness professional, you will find success and great joy in rebounding!

Are you a rebounder? What benefits do you see? What kind of mini trampoline do you use? Share your thoughts with us!



  1. Joseph Parker says:

    Just love the post. If anybody interested to know more about the mini trampoline, this is just the right place to land. This wonderful rebounding exerciser has a lot to offer people and must be given a try. This is one of the best deals for all those people, who is looking forward to invest in any of such exercising gadgets.

  2. It looks like pretty much everyone’s enjoying their bellicon mini trampoline, so we might really have a winner here. However, I don’t buy the whole “It’s really fun” hype. Eventually it’s going to feel repetitive and it’s just not going to be as fun as the first try. With that said getting fit or losing weight is not about having fun anyways, I’m not saying that you couldn’t have fun occasionally, but it’s generally boring. I for example fight against my laziness every day to walk at least one hour a day. The mini trampoline will be more fun than most exercises though, I’ll give you that much.

  3. I love my mini bellicon trampoline, I can spend hours jumping on it and it also tones my thighs!

  4. Rebounding is also a good way to align the electricity inside the body, if you do not believe me search for it on Google.

  5. I didn’t know that having fun can be gainful when it comes to loosing weight .. cool ..

    do you suggest this for people who are obese?? Any limits on the weight? What kind of warm up is needed before this rebounding exercise??

  6. God bored of all most all kinds of exercise sessions .. Jog / Walk / Run / Cycle / Gym ain’t for me anymore … they are boring .. let me try rebounder .. looks like this would be fun ..

  7. It’s an excellent fat burner and equally relaxing. This bouncing helps to gain better athletic figure. I think, it’s a part of both fitness and recreation. Everybody loves to boince !

  8. It looks fun. I don’t know how long the fun will last, but I think as long as I do it say 20 minutes a day, I believe I can actually enjoy the exercise. My opinion on the mini trampoline could be very different had I grown up with one in the house, but I grew up in an apartment and I never been on a trampoline aside from this one time at a friend’s birthday party. So it could be the kid in me thinking that the rebounder may be fun, but I don’t know, I just think it’ll be fun.

  9. I can see how the rebounders would have caused many injuries in the 80’s. The material strengths from then and now is night and day, I’m sure the rebounders back then broke down quite a bit. It would buy one now though, I never knew the robounders would give you that great of a workout, but it looks fun and anyone can do it, so it looks like a winner.

  10. I just opened up a new gym and I use these trampolines in a couple of classes and they make my classes so fun and innovative. I always have fun teaching my “X-Based Cardio” Class!

  11. I use during my exercise routines and I think it’s a pretty cool tool when used correctly. It also keeps my 6 year old daughter entertained so I can’t complain there. I actually plan on purchasing another one to maximize and switch up my exercise routines.

  12. The reentry of the rebounders in the market and its growing popularity has proved that this revolutionary product is one of the best gadgets to help you to exercise. Especially, when researches have proved its effectiveness on handicapped people and considered it safe on physically challenged people, it has to be an awesome product that must replace other methods for exercising.

  13. You’re spot on with the bit about you get what you pay for. I purchased a rebounder that was low in quality… metal springs and almost see-through mat. It only lasted a few weeks. Although it worked well when I used it, it wasn’t built to last and eventually broke. The construction of the one you have pictured looks amazing however, much better than the model I had

  14. Awesome! Very informative. I’ve heard of rebounding before but I never gave it much thought. Though I know that the bouncing up and down is a great exercise and surely a lot of fun, I’ve been in a trampoline with my kids and it really gives you a great cardio exercise and it kinda works every muscle in your body. I have a question though, is it possible to hurt you knees or ankles if you do it regularly? What’s the recommended frequency and is there a “right” way to do rebounding?


  15. I actually have a Bellicon mini trampoline and I really like it. I excessive and improve my coordination with it. It’s one of my better investments.

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