Are You Feeling Depressed, Tired or Hungry from Weight Loss?

Are-You-Feeling-Depressed-Tired-or-Hungry-from-Weight-Loss“I’m tired; I don’t want to work out!”

Waa. Cry me a river. Right?

While it might just sound like pure laziness, there’s a new feeling out there among people trying to lose weight. It’s absolute and complete delirium. The inability to compose sentences, to stay awake at work, and to simply get through the day. And what is the culprit? Your weight loss routine.

This is the #1 complaint of those trying to lose weight. While you’re pushing yourself to lose the pounds and get to the gym, you may feel so tired that you could just fall asleep in the parking lot before you even get there. All those evil skinny people say they feel so good when they work out! So why are you feeling so differently?

Weight loss can not only make you incredibly tired, but you might start noticing feelings of depression or hunger as well. You don’t need to feel hungry, sad or tired to lose weight, but for most people they don’t know the right balance of activities and calories to offset their new program. So they wind up feeling terrible, which oftentimes leads them back to their old eating or exercising habits.

Why feel terrible if you’re trying to do the right thing? Why bother if you aren’t getting results anyway? And for many, it is just impossible to feel this way and take care of their kids, jobs, homes, and everything else we try to balance in a given day. Feeling sluggish, sad and depressed- there just isn’t time for it.

If you look online at message boards for people losing weight, you’ll see the same complaints over and over. And it isn’t the feeling of being a little sleepy—it is undeniable, uncontrollable feelings of being tired and like they have no energy. People seem to accept that if you are working to lose weight, you’ve got to deal with the side effects. You’re depriving yourself of calories and energy that you are using to work out. To get to your weight loss goal, you’re probably focused on slashing the calories from your diet, so that energy has to go somewhere, right?

Nope. There is absolutely no reason to deal with these kinds of weight loss side effects unless you are just stubborn and unwilling to change your habits. You can easily keep your energy level up- or even increase it- through weight loss. The people experiencing depression, sleepiness or hunger are quite clearly making the wrong choices when it comes to their diet, and they may be doing the wrong exercises as well. People who are stuck in the rut of the sad, tired, and hungry are there by choice or behavior.

“Many people need to ADD calories to their diets to lose weight because they are burning so many through their workouts.”

If you are hungry, you aren’t feeding yourself enough. You don’t get to eat whatever you want, but you shouldn’t be cutting out calories either and feeling hungry. Eating too few calories is often the culprit with this feeling. If you’re cutting calories as well as working out, that is a double whammy on your body, so you need to be strategic and smart. Many people need to ADD calories to their diets to lose weight because they are burning so many through their workouts.

Also if you aren’t feeding yourself the proper food, you probably aren’t getting the vitamins and nutrients you need from your food anyway. This can leave you feeling exhausted, depressed and down.

To be able to get through your workouts you need enough energy to keep the body running. You should be able to eat a normal amount of food, fuel your workouts, without feeling tired. You need to make good meal choices- things that are actually fuel for your body and will give you added energy without being counterproductive to your weight loss goal.

You will need to keep yourself on a healthy diet while you’re losing weight- crash diets and cutting massive amounts of calories just won’t work. You should start by implementing little changes to your diet that won’t feel like torture- and can instead be solid starting points that you can carry with you over the course of your diet.

“When losing weight you shouldn’t feel bad, you should feel good.”

You need to be consistent with your diet, so if you are feeling extraordinarily tired you might be burning your muscle instead of your fat. For people who go on and off diets or who don’t work out consistently, you’re going to feel more tired than someone who does an average amount of exercise every day. Short term adjustments to your routine make you feel bad, not good. You need to make changes that you can stick with and your body can adjust to.Girl-Showing-You-Can-Lose-Weight

When your body is eliminating muscle, you wind up being exhausted. With less muscle, everything will be more difficult for you. Some women push too hard, eliminate muscle instead of fat, make themselves feel more and more tired, and don’t get to their goals due to exhaustion. A lot of women especially go overboard on cardio. Instead of doing a short session, they want to lose weight fast and start doing hours of cardio per day. This won’t get you to where you want to be, will crush your energy level, and will hurt you in the long run.

When losing weight you shouldn’t feel bad, you should feel good. And this isn’t just that great feeling of pride that you are taking care of yourself or the pleasure you get from seeing a few pounds drop off the scale. Your body should literally feel great. You should be sleeping better, feeling overall happier, you should be moving better, feeling less pain, and not feeling hungry.

“All those evil skinny people say they feel so good when they work out! So why are you feeling so differently?”

If you are feeling the opposite way, you’re doing something wrong. You may not be fueling your body properly to do what it needs to do, or you might not be working out appropriately. If you can’t figure out this balance on your own without feeling terrible for weeks or months on end, consult with your doctor or a nutritionist to get some advice. Sometimes you can’t see what you’re doing wrong even when it’s right in front of your eyes!

How do you feel when losing weight? What causes your frustration when dieting? What works for you when on a diet? Share your thoughts with us!



  1. Latest research has found that depressed individual suffering from excess fat often reduces stress and depression after reducing excess weight. It’s a psychological factor indeed. One need to have a good mentor to support the entire journey.

  2. Most fat people feel tired just before the exercise starts, just before they hit the gym, it is kind of psychological. They ain’t actually tired to exercise. Brain plays with them, the fear of fatigue after exercise makes them feel more tired, …

    Yeah, diet and exercise must head in same direction. Don’t add calories just coz you are running (for you started running to reduce weight .. remember that .. )

  3. Crash diet is not at all good, it makes our body weak and slows our metabolic rate. One should not try improper diet, like consuming liquid only. I think, if somebody wants to loose weight must go for a long term weight loss method.

  4. I feel great after a workout, more energized and ready for the day or the remainder of the day. However I do feel as if I can eat a cow after my workout. I’m looking for more healthier snacks to eat.

  5. The part about adding calories to the diet is probably what I need to do right now. I’ve decreased the amount of food I eat by about 50 percent from before and I eat much healthier as well. I’ve added vegetable and fruits to my daily diet and I no longer eat junk foods. To add to my weight loss efforts, I work out two hours a day, but I never feel energized. I mean ever. I think it might have something to do with that fact that I’m not giving my body enough fuel to keep me energized pre and post workout. As incredible as it sounds to me, I might have to eat a little more to lose weight.

  6. Emily Dillingham says:

    Sleep is important to losing weight but if you’re tired all the time, there’s definitely a caloric deficiency.

  7. Stephanie Vega says:

    Working out usually revives me when I’m really tired – like caffeine does. But, sure, trying to lose those 5 or ten pounds makes me sleeping and sometimes grumpy. I usually counteract that with a handful of lightly salted cashews and some extra cold water.

  8. Marc anthony says:

    The weight loss is not a one day affair and a person who really wants to lose weight needs to keep a track of the calorie intake along with the workout. A rigorous workout can make a person feel exhausted and at the same time offers a lower energy level and a day that is full of frustrations. Weight loss does not mean starvation and proper food that is rich in calories and cut off fats is the need of the entire game. So, if you really want to lose weight, just offer the right food in right consistency for your body and you will feel lighter and find yourself in good shape and energy in a fraction of months.

  9. Loved this article, I always full of energy after and when I work out. I really liked this article because it’s even more motivation for those who aren’t feeling the positive side effects of working out.

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