Anti Wrinkle Serum – How to Find the Best Products for Your Dollar

Pretty no wrinklesOK ladies, at a certain point in our lives, we all know that it is imperative that we start using products that will help to eliminate wrinkles. While that age may differ depending on who you are, when you are ready, you’ll probably find the hunt for the best skin care treatment daunting due to the hundreds and hundreds of products for sale.

Women spend billions of dollars each and every year on potions and creams, hoping to stay youthful looking for as long as possible. There are a lot of anti wrinkle serums out there that promise you their product is the best for keeping you young. We’ve all heard the scary words that marketers use to push us into using anti-wrinkle creams, like free radicals, collagen, and so on.

Unfortunately for the consumer, a lot of these products don’t work at all, or provide very little in the way of results. For the average buyer, it is hard to tell the good products from the bad products. A lot of these creams and potions that say they’ll reduce your wrinkles and they’ll slow down aging, but truly they have little to no impact on your wrinkles.

The first trick is to buy products with ingredients that actually work. There are some ingredients in skin creams that have been proven to help your skin look younger, meaning if your product contains them, you may be on the right track to buying products that actually work. The second trick is to find the best products that actually work with your personal skin type.

Because there are literally hundreds of products out on the market that you can find at specialty stores, your grocery store, and your local drug store, it is important to understand what to look for when you’re ready to buy. Here is a list of five ingredients to look for in your skin care products if you are trying to stay youthful looking as long as possible.


Because older skin often starts to thin out, it can more easily show sagging and wrinkles because of the loss of fat under the skin. Peptides are forms of protein that help new cells to grow in your body, and can make your skin look more youthful. While medical science hasn’t necessarily proven how important peptides are to younger looking skin, some patients have seen results from products that feature peptides. Whether or not they help you to look younger is still to be decided, but they are definitely good at helping to maintain moisture in the skin, which certainly isn’t a bad thing.


Retinol is basically just a natural source of Vitamin A, which reduces wrinkles seen to the eye and can make your skin thicker and smoother. There is already evidence out there that retinol works, so skin care products featuring retinol are a good bet if you are shopping for skin creams. You can find retinol in many of your lower priced, over the counter products that you have access to at store near you. There are also products that you can get with a prescription only, which have stronger levels of retinol in them. These products usually have higher side effects than the ones you can buy over the counter. Including, redness, dryness, sun sensitivity, burning and peeling.

Alpha Hydroxy

Many products you find these days claim they have alpha hydroxy acids within them. These are natural byproducts of milk and sugars, which can help to exfoliate your skin. Getting rid of dead skin cells is a key activity to keep your skin looking youthful and glowing. Also, when you get rid of the dead skin cells on the top of your skin, it helps new, youthful cells to be able to grow. There are a number of kinds of acid, and each one may impact your skin differently. There are some acids that remove the dead skin cells, and others that help to decrease the appearance of wrinkles. Both of them can cause your skin to look healthier and more youthful. These acids may work wonders on your skin, but they also come with side effects. You must be careful of being out in the sun after using these products, as you may have sun sensitivity.

(These last 2 ingredients are effective anti-wrinkle treatments, but they need to be ingested instead of being applied to the skin. They are not really effective in creams or serums.)


Resveratrol has become increasingly more popular lately because it is found in red wine and seems to have an anti-aging effect on the body. While it is difficult to drink enough red wine daily to make a huge impact on the body, they are now selling resveratrol supplements so that you can get a helpful level of resveratrol in your system each and every day. Resveratrol comes from plants, and doesn’t only help you to look younger. It also can help with symptoms of heart disease, diabetes, and other major medical problems. So you not only look younger but you feel younger, too!


We’ve all heard of antioxidants, which are supposed to help our body cells remain healthy and to promote the fight against disease. Free radicals attack our healthy cells, and antioxidants battle against them to keep us healthy. Many foods contain antioxidants, like fruits, meats, vegetables, and nuts. You can also take antioxidant supplements if you aren’t able to get enough in your daily diet. Vitamin C and vitamin E are the most helpful to the skin it seems, so look for products that contain those specific vitamins to incorporate in your skin care routine.

Choose the right anti-wrinkle serum

take care of your skinWhen picking the best skin care products for you, you want to focus on re-hydrating your skin, as well as repairing damage. Some good ingredients to help keep your skin hydrated are shea butter, lanolin, and ceramides.

It can be tough to find the right balance for your personal skin type. While it may seem important to splurge on high priced products to get the best results, this isn’t always the case. Some over the counter products that you can buy in the skin care aisle of your grocery store can be just as results oriented as the pricey products sold in specialty stores.

While it may take some trial and error, you can also utilize websites on the internet that feature a variety of different products and skin types to see what is best for you. For example, if you have very oily skin, you’re going to need a product that is much different than another woman who has very dry skin. Each product is formulated differently, and is meant for various types of skin.

Just buying products off the shelf without doing your proper research first will most likely turn into a total waste of money and a shelf full of products in your medicine cabinet that showed you no results. So do your research and find out what is best for you, so that you look your best without wasting a ton of money in the process.

Have you tried an anti wrinkle serum? What were your results? How do you feel about it? Share your thoughts with us!



  1. Myra Cooper says:

    My skin is extremely dry and I’m suffering from wrinkles. I moisturize my skin everyday with lotions but getting no good result for my flaking dry skin. My cousin referred an aloe vera based serum which is soothing but having no long lasting result. I need your suggestion, please help.

  2. My serum, has Anti-Oxidants, Vitamin A and is showing some results. Not very grand but something is better than nothing.
    Let me choose something with Retinol and peptides ..
    thanks for the info …

  3. Cosmetic industry brings us numerous brands and products with loud promises. I have tried myself numerous products for toning and tightening my skin but without knowing how they work actually. Among various options, anti aging serums are the most effective new era products. I really thank you for this interesting post because this is going to help and guide many women like me.

  4. Most of my products have peptides in them, I don’t buy anything that does’t have peptides in them. I swear by them.

  5. Resveratrol is something that I really want to try. I know they come in supplements and I think I read somewhere that it also helps you lose weight. There are couple of Resveratrol creams that I’ve been reading about recently and I like them a lot. There are lots of positive reviews and it looks like they’re selling well too. It’s always a gamble when you try new things to make you look younger, but if Resveratrol works as advertised, then it’ll be well worth the money and time.

  6. Jennifer Darnell says:

    With so many options and so many other products claiming to help with wrinkles, it’s very difficult to navigate around this subject. Great and informative post. Thanks!

  7. Ora Powell says:

    I hate being old and want to stay ever young. Can anybody really tell me, if these creams are really helpful or are just making false promises to boost up their money making business. I swear, if I find just a right cream to fight with wrinkles and fine lines, will be really happy and enjoy a longer youth.

  8. Brad Miller says:

    I will soon be 30 years old and definitely can see the changes in my skin. The growing age does affect our skin and over time a person starts to look older. Where wrinkles are concerned, it is a process that will be visible in our skin at certain point of life and if with the use of any anti-wrinkle serum, I can delay it, I will love to buy such creams for myself. Though, I believe that wrinkles are the rewards of seniority and must be accepted wholeheartedly, that will make you look even more graceful with the touch of that wonderful matured wrinkled charm.

  9. I mostly buy my creams that are packed with peptides and antioxidents. I learned that those based creams are really good for your skin. I really liked this article because it expands my scope so now I have a few more options to consider when buying my creams.

  10. I think peptide is the hottest thing on the market right now. My coworkers talk about it all the time and some really rave about it. For me retinol has worked very well, but I suppose adding peptide to the equation wouldn’t hurt, as long as peptide really is effective in combating wrinkles. I could manage a few more years with these things, but I know eventually only cosmetic surgery will make any significant difference. I’ll enjoy my natural face until then.

  11. Aging is a natural process and nobody in the earth can avoid it even by spending big bucks after it. Though, with the wide range of anti aging products entering the market, many of them try to delay it. I personally feel the mere application of the anti wrinkle serum cannot help as no cream can boost the HCG hormone inside the body that reduces with the growing age and as a result appearance of fine lines and wrinkles can be seen as the initial signs of aging. Though, yoga or other kind of exercises can prove to be beneficial.

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