American Weight From A 13-Year-Olds Perspective

IdealBite News America's Fat“Food advertising makes up about half of all advertising aimed at kids”. As a child food was always a reward for me, everyone went out to dinner or lunch. It used to be cool to go to McDonald’s and exciting to hear ‘I’m loving it’ on the T.V.

Now, as I have gotten older, the media has stopped focusing on trying to get me to buy fast food. Instead it wants us to change how we look using make-up and diets in order to reverse the effects of what was caused by our childhood diet of fast food (pimples and overweight). The message today to eat as much as you can as a kid and starve as a adult is unhealthy, our only hope is to limit our media.

In order to be healthy you should start young. Adults that are cursed with eating disorders are handicapped unable to lift weights or run fast because of loss of muscle. “Models weigh 23% less then the average women”. Children that are overweight are bullied and to a point physically handicapped. Anyone with abnormal weight is unhealthy with a possible bad self-image. People who overeat may be eating for their insecurities. Women who are underweight are trying to distract people from a ugly, broken or hurt insides with a beautiful outside.

If we as America don’t advertise with too-skinny models or a fun happy experience without a healthy choices, that will help. However it will be a small victory if we don’t cut back on watching T.V. with such commercials. The Center for the Study of Commercialism would agree that something must be done about America’s weight. So if we cut back on underweight digitally edited models for T.V. and billboards people’s ideas about weight will become realistic and if our country advertises including healthy food it will be healthier just because they have a healthy choice.

“It used to be cool to go to McDonald’s and exciting to hear ‘I’m loving it’ on the T.V.”

Commercials have lots of power over our ideas of weight, and right now media is affecting us negatively. People are being bullied and have diminishing self images. A way to help is to have bigger models and incorporate healthy food in the fun of advertisements. We eat a lot as a kid, starve as a adult, have bad self images and are unhealthy, but we can change that by watching less T.V. and the government can change that by regulating the size of models and ensuring healthy food in advertisements.

What do you think about America’s weight? How do your thoughts compare to a 13-year-old’s? Share your thoughts with us!



  1. Salvatore Fox says:

    There are some very true statements in the article that needs attention but is there any practical solution to the problem? Only writing such articles to make people read and think about the matter will not help, our nation will have to take some hard steps to understand the realities behind the article. Maybe, a ban on such TV commercials and setting a standard weight for every age group can help.

  2. Ronald Anthony says:

    So true, It is really great to hear Mc Donald’s pet slogan, ‘I’m loving it, but the love for this fast food is driving our youngsters mad and is heading our youth towards obesity. At the same time our adults are reducing weight to the extent of starvation. Media is negatively affecting the present generation and there must be some positive advertisements to change the present scenario of young America.

  3. Adam Austen says:

    The irony behind the whole situation is that even we all know about the American style weight conditions but still we are quiet about the whole existing scenario. I think America needs a revolution to fight with this silly condition of the nation.

  4. Warren Carter says:

    The article contains a bitter truth about the health conditions of the Americans. Kids are fighting with obesity while models weigh quite less than average ppl. This is a very unhealthy practice and must not be ignored. Right weight is extremely important for a healthy lifestyle. I congratulate the writer of the post to provide the readers with such a great article.

  5. Dustin Gordon says:

    Mc Donalds and other fast food corners have always played a great role in the growing obesity among the children. Our commercials undoubtedly are ruling our minds and promoting obesity among children. I like the article and consider it as a threat to different age groups who are either obese or underweight.

  6. Jennifer says:

    The issue with America’s obesity epidemic is the mass availability and relatively cheap price of fast food. That’s why people at the poverty level are often overweight. It isn’t how much they eat. it’s the kinds of foods they can afford – like burgers and fries.

  7. Brittney says:

    The key points in this article are very disturbing yet they are so true. Our society as a whole needs a serious makeover!

  8. Raymond Gilchrist says:

    The article highlights the true picture of America. Today’s American adults are actually starving and kids are over indulging themselves into fast food habits. I think these are the severe drawbacks in our society that have worsened with media hype. Somewhere, the society has to take some strict actions against these propaganda and a right weight level must be set for every age group to fight with the wrong food habits and also correct the wrong food statements.

  9. I miss being to eat whatever, and not calorie count and not worry about weight gain. I am sure this happens to a lot of people, but I ate into my 20s just like in my teens, and started to gain weight fast. Luckily for me I caught it early rather than to late, so it was easy to change. Others aren’t quite as lucky and dont notice until its to late.

  10. some ugly truth behind advancement in technology in the name of fast food. I guess it does more harm than good and advertisements just accelerates the effect of it

  11. According to advertisements we as a society we now know the standard of beauty when it comes to women. Because of this we have women out there starving themselves as well as young girls trying to achieve the ‘it’ look. It’s disturbing on so many levels!

  12. Upon reading this article, it really makes me feel bad about how advertisements can be so detrimental to people’s life and how the common notion that society holds on beauty of women makes things worse for ladies health!

  13. Two big ironies, the young binge-eating and the adults skipping food like nobody’s business. Fats food like McDonald’s is definitely doing more harm than good to kids as they become addicted to these food. Commercials do the trick: young girls follow the super slim models and kids get influenced through the advertisements on junk and fast food.

  14. This article is so disturbing but yet so true, “Models weigh 23% less then the average women” is sickening but it’s so damn true. I think that society as a whole should adapt a healthier lifestyle with real realistic representations.

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