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We recently looked into African mango after it started gaining popularity on various TV shows. At first we thought, well, a new week is upon us, and yet again, a new diet plan has hit the marketplace. Sometimes it seems that there are more diet plans in existence than actual foods and if weight loss is your goal, it can make you want to take a banana to the head wondering which one to choose!Learn How The African Mango Diet Works At IdealBite (Hey…the “Banana to your head” diet…surely that burns some calories…hmmm…)

Now, just because there ARE scams out there and a new diet program pops into existence it seems every week, it doesn’t mean all diets are bad.

In fact, some include some pretty credible science, claims and are inexpensive and easy enough to try that just about anyone can give them a whirl to test them out. Such is the case with the newly touted diet supplement “African Mango.”

Dr. Tanya Edwards, tried African mango diet pills. Much to her surprise, she lost a total of 7 pounds in the 1st month without having changed anything about her diet or exercise routine. That seems a pretty sizable amount of weight to lose for only taking a single pill.

However, not all African Mango is created equal.

Whenever a new diet craze hits, there are probably twice as many companies that rush to market with something that CLAIMS to have ingredients that it really doesn’t. This is certainly the case with the African mango diet. Make sure to purchase a product that contains pure Irvingia Gabonensis, which is the key extract of the African mango fruit. Make sure it is free of fillers, additives, or artificial ingredients. Stay away from added ingredients that are not at all required for the African mango to work, and can actually do you a disservice by making you feel jittery.

Also, beware of “free trial” offers, most of these are scams. They can be VERY hard to cancel and typically have very little actual African Mango seed in them. Some of the African mango reviews sites out there are actually just ‘fronts’ for a free trial offer African mango scam.

Read the ingredients and do your homework, because if you get the real deal, you can lose a few pounds.

So, what is so special about Pure African Mango anyways?

African Mango, which are also known as ‘dikka nuts’ or Irvingia, are native to the Guinean rain forests of West Africa. Native inhabitants of that region can tell you this natural fruit and the seeds it contains have been used for hundreds of years by African tribes for medical purposes.

These wildly grown fruits are edible and are quite similar to the traditional mango, and also bear protein. The nuts grown by the plants are harvested and dried so that they are preserved. Then they may be sold in their entirety, or are ground into a powder which can be used to make a paste, used in cooking. The paste is even used in native regions to create delicious breads, oils, and other products. Pic of dikka nuts irvingia gabonensisThe cool thing about this particular diet is that its foundation is not chemicals, but simply a really healthy fruit. In fact, the real health benefits of this wonder fruit comes from the extract of its seeds.

African mango seeds extract has been discovered to have a significant effect on lowering cholesterol, more specifically LDL or low density lipoproteins and triglycerides (the bad cholesterols), increasing HDL (good cholesterol), and even helping people lose weight.

How African Mango Works

More research is being done on the different ingredients found in the fruit and its seeds but so far, the research has been promising. Research indicates that the high amounts of soluble fiber helps slow down the absorption of blood sugar.

The soluble fiber also binds with the bile acids in the intestines and excretes them out of the body. This forces the liver to increase the metabolism of fats and cholesterol to produce more bile acids, burning stored fats and lowering the levels of bad cholesterol.

Research also found that the extracts increase the levels of the anti-inflammatory hormone adiponectin, which is linked to the lower risks of diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. Adiponectin is secreted by the fat cells to increase the metabolism of fats and the cellular absorption of blood sugar.

Finally, there was also an observed increase in the amount of leptin in the body, the hormone responsible for regulating the appetite.

Pepe Le Pew on Leptin

How Leptin Works

Leptin is a hormone made inside fat cells which plays a role in appetite. Basically this is what happens:

When leptin levels fall, food looks amazing and we chow down. Kinda like when Pepé Le Pew sees what appears to be a female skunk, it is actually Penelope Pussycat with a white stripe painted down her back. She looks amazing to Pepé and he cannot resist her. Much like food is hard to resist with low leptin.

When leptin levels rise, the prize doesn’t look as good and we stop eating. Like when Penelope Pussycat’s white stripe washes away and Pepé gives up the chase.

When taking the African mango plus supplement this particular problem will be a thing of the past. The mango supplement ensures your Leptin levels remain exactly where they would be if you weren’t dieting – thus making it a lot easier to keep you on your diet.

Conclusion On African Mango

AKA Irvingia Gabonensis

There are several reasons you should choose African mango diet supplement over other weight loss products:

1. Scientifically proven to improve weight loss. Clinical studies showed 5 to 7 percent decrease in body weight in only a month.

2. Seems to induce fat loss without any need for you to change your diet or exercise routine.

3. Made from a natural substance found in African mango fruit.

4. Safe to use – no known African mango side effects. (However there are a few reports of increased libido) A supplement that helps you shed pounds and feel sexier? Sounds good to us!

5. Helps boosts fat metabolism and also improves your body’s lipid profile, including lowering bad blood cholesterol levels.

6. Highly recommended by doctors and health professionals.girl-showing-how-african-mango-helps-with-weight-loss

The extract is fairly inexpensive to purchase and considering that you only have to swallow one to two pills per day to get all the benefits, it makes sense to pick up a bottle for yourself and see firsthand if the African mango diet is the weight loss answer you have been searching for.

The main thing to remember is that when you take the African mango supplement, you’re going to get a huge boost to your metabolism.

Put simply, if you decide to take this supplement on a daily basis (which you should be doing according to the instructions) your metabolism will be more active, thus enabling you to burn off more calories and lose weight more easily than you would on your own.


African Weight Loss Clinical Studies

Critics of Irvingia gabonensis claim that the product is a scam, just like many other weight loss supplements. But with a scientific research to back its benefits up, Irvingia gabonensis is a true and proven weight loss product.

A study published in the Lipids in Health and Disease journal in 2005, found that study participants that received African mango extract three times a day lost approximately 5 percent of their body weight in one month. Unlike study participants that received a placebo and only lost 1 percent of their body weight.
African-Mango-Clinical-StudiesThen in a preliminary research published in 2009 in the journal Lipids in Health and Disease, 102 overweight men and women were observed for 10 weeks. They were divided into two: a placebo group and a group that receives 350 mg of standardized Irvingia gabonensis extract.

By the end of 10 weeks, those who had Irvingia gabonensis extracts lost an average of 28 pounds compared to the 1 pound loss in the placebo group. There was also a significant decrease in their body fat, cholesterol levels, and waist circumference. Body fat was determined using bioelectric impedance analysis. This study also noted that the extract had a positive effect on leptin levels.

Based on this study, a dose of 1.05g crude Irvingia gabonensis extract is recommended to lower cholesterol.

Clinical medical trials have shown that after a month or so of use, people could lose up to ten pounds and had an increase in energy to boot. Also, many people displayed a reduction in cholesterol and a burst of energy that could only be explained through their use of African mango.

Many participants showed an increase in their metabolism, which, as we all know, can help in reducing your fat. During the African mango study most did NOT increase their exercise levels or decrease their caloric intake, but they still saw weight loss.

Dr. Tanya Edwards


What do you think? Have you bought / tried African mango extract? What were your results? How do you feel about them? Share your thoughts with us!



  1. Joe Mainella says:

    This product worked Great

  2. Devin Burns says:

    Awesome information on African Mango. According to the article, the product is safe and I do agree to it. Still, I recommend people to consult your physician and check its reviews before going for the diet. It will be very important for better health in the future.

  3. Donald Anthony says:

    African mango is a hyped product for weight loss these days. I have read many articles and blogs related to African mango and surprisingly many people are using the supplement and are also finding it to be helpful in weight loss. I heard about African mango in Dr.Oz’s show and researched on it after that show. Thank you for sharing the post.

  4. Amy Jane says:

    Thanks for explaining leptin and how it works with your African mango review

  5. Terrance says:

    Excellent and very detailed information! I think ‘how leptin works’ is very useful and I love the way it is related to African Mango! I look forward to reading more post on African Mango and how effective it is when does exercise and take African Mango in order to lose weight!

  6. This is a well written article, I now know the benefits of African Mango as well as where to buy them!

  7. Philomena says:

    This is definitely going to be useful for my parents who would need this sooner or later to cut their fat level down especially the bad cholesterol. I never knew about African Mango before.

  8. I am losing inches but not weight. When will the weight start coming off?

  9. says:

    Where to buy?
    We recommend Global Health Ideas:
    GHI sells products in pure forms without additives or fillers:
    Zero Fillers
    Zero Binders
    Zero Artificial Ingredients

  10. Sai Surabhi says:

    i have been over weight since childhood. and a hypothyroid since 8yrs. no i need to loose 40 pounds to get back into some sort of healthy shape. and i have been yo-yoing all sorts of diets.

  11. Hey, African mango diet really works..normally i stay well away from super-foods that promise quick weight loss but after gaining 50 lbs during pregnancy I decided to give it a go (healthy eating and exercising were just not doing the work). I must say that it jump started my weight loss process and gave me motivation for being conscious to what I eat and keep losing weight. I do not recommend it as a long term strategy for losing weight but as an immediate diet plan for getting started..

  12. oh great… I didn’t know when African mango extract is ingested, it eliminates nutrient blocking toxins which allows the body to acquire the energy it needs to burn fat…. really amazing and thank you you shared this post :) Soo… Where to buy African mango??

  13. In 2009, there was a clinical research done by University of Yaounde. 51 people took African Mango Plus but another group with the same number of people were given placebo – pills with no effect.

    Study lasted for 1 month, where all of these obese people took 2 pills a day. To make sure that no other circumstances could lead to any weight, all two groups didn’t perform any physical exercises or diet changes.

    Results were truly amazing! People who took African Mango Advanced lost 12.5 pounds, while group who took placebo faced with very modest weight loss – just 1 pound loss for each.

  14. African Mango Plus representatives have been calling my cell phone for the past two Weeks day and night. I don’t know how they got my number. They call from a hijacked cell number of a man that didn’t know his phone number was being used. They refuse to give me a call back number, and are very rude over the phone. At first they wanted to sell me something, now it’s just repeated calls day and night. I don’t even need to lose weight! I wish they’d stop harassing me!!!

  15. There are so many people who speak negatively about African mango and yet most of these people haven’t even tried it. Dr. Oz even warned people about African mango products that don’t deliver on their promise and he explained which types should be purchased. What I like about Dr. Oz’s recommendation is that he always backs up his claims with science, but the haters are too lazy to even explain why they hate it so much. I for one have always trusted Dr. Oz’s recommendation and I’ll try out African mango plus with confidence.

  16. I never knew tis about Mangos, it is awesome to find out as I am looking to start a diet untill christmas, and I actually love the taste of mangos! Going to look at some recipes now!

  17. Healther ray says:

    I heard about African Mango on the Dr. Oz show.
    There has been a lot of hype about it so I deicided to try it out.
    Bought it!
    Love it!
    I’ve been on it for about 2 and a half weeks and I feel more energy and less cravings.
    Has anyone been on it for longer than that and seen weight loss and improvement in your energy level?

  18. Thomas Mason says:

    I couldn’t believe my eyes after a month of using the African mango that I had lost a total of 5% of my body weight! It must be a miracle.

  19. Not only does african mango work, but it’s probably one of my favorite fruits of all time. You’ll love what it can do for your appetite and your weight loss goals!

  20. I do like what this does for my weight.

  21. African mango, is popular to lose weight. The fiber content and anti oxidant in this fruit effective to prevent the absorption of fat. African mango is different from general mango, because the seeds of this fruit can be used for any purpose

  22. Don’t forget that while these women didn’t exercise, and it does work without it, there are certainly benefits to adding exercise into the mix of things, including increasing the speed of your metabolism even further!

  23. There are a lot of exotic fruits that have a little bit of weight loss benefit, but I’ve also found that African mango really works the best. Thanks for posting this!

  24. I loved reading this! I’ve always been a fan of African mango, but I’ve never realized that it actually had weight loss benefits! Thanks for publishing!

  25. Wow, I never actually heard of this. Thanks for posting! My wife and I are going to go ahead and give this one a try. We’ll keep you posted on how it works out!

  26. Love your blog!

  27. Love it!
    To the point, articulate and very interesting,
    African Mango Supplements are Awesome

  28. Hello! I’ve been following your blog for a while now and finally got that the
    courage to go ahead and provide you a shout out out
    of Kingwood Texas! Just wanted to mention keep up the fine

  29. I heard GHI IGOB131 African mango pills are the best!

  30. african mango diet reviews says:

    I used the 100 african mango extract and it seemed better than african mango plus.
    I have not tried GHI african mango yet…

  31. With African mango pure you are really supposed to take everyday to get it to work right?

  32. Don’t get me wrong, I am not being a skeptic about this particular supplement. In fact, I believe there are medicinal herbs and natural vitamins in nature that give the human body everything it needs to sustain health. It is the processed packaged foods that have been causing ailments over several generations. This is just another discovery among many others humans will come to know.

  33. Do i have to buy african mango online? or can i get it locally?

  34. Wanted to report back that I am down 5lbs. I bought the GHI African mango. I am feeling less hungry, is there appetite suppression with this?

  35. You can take this one to the “BANK” Anyone that says just raising your ‘leptin’ is going to make you burn fat is a either very naive or is a fraud. PHD’s have spent decades try to figure the 1000’s of pathways and a pill or mango ain’t going to get you skinny, 100% guaranteed. It might get your wallet a lot thinner.

  36. I’m not a big Mango fan when it comes to eating the actual fruit so maybe this would be better for me anyway. You don’t get the taste of mango from these do you or is it one of those things like fish oil and when you burp you will taste the mango? I will be glad to give it a try and let people know what happens, just for those that don’t like mango.

  37. I think this sounds like a great product. I was wondering though why they always put picture of people on these weight loss blogs that don’t need to lose weight. The girl measuring her waist line to see if she lost any inches clearly doesn’t need to lose any inches. Have some people real people on there that have actually lost weight on this product.

  38. Thanks for the explanation on Leptin and how African mango adjusts it.

  39. I wish someone would take this product and do the same thing they did with the green tea extract. A doctor or scientist took the product and tore it apart to see if it would actually do what it said it would do. Thank you for the article that you did do but I want the bare facts and some testimonies that it actually works.

  40. Regardless of the diet, It’s important to include a low calorie, low carbohydrate protein powder that tastes great as well. When I find one, I will gladly buy one. The reason is that it is important for anyone to ingest protein with each meal and snack. This goes, not just for bodybuilders, but for anyone who works out to lose weight. I’m hesitant to risk money, but when I find one, I stick with it.

  41. Good post! We will be linking to this from our website. Keep up the great writing.

  42. If this is grown in Africa how do we know that it is safe to take? I understand it is a kind of mango but when you are born and raised in the united states and that’s all you have ever eaten there could be things in it as it was grown that you could be allergic to or may not agree with you chemically. I am just very careful of things from other continents.

  43. A friend of mine purchased some of this and she really enjoys it. I am looking for something that will boost my energy there by boosting my metabolism as well. I am thinking this might be just what I need, can you tell me if you have a money back guarantee if it doesn’t work or if there is some reason that I can’t take it, such as an allergy.

  44. I have finally gotten some of this and I have to say I haven’t noticed anything yet but that really doesn’t mean anything. I will give it a couple of months before I say it doesn’t work. Thank you for mentioning it in this article though because like some others I haven’t seen the show. I am looking forward to losing as much as twenty pounds and I am hoping this will help me.

  45. i lost with african mango says:

    Now thats an amazing African mango weight loss post…! 😀

  46. Tina Strauss Jones says:

    Where can I get an African mango coupon code? I need to lose more weight.

  47. Some friends of mine have tried this already and they said it was really good and worked really well. I have not had the opportunity to try it yet but I have something to look forward to now when I get some money and can finally order it. Thank you so much for posting the information because I missed the show and would never have known otherwise.

  48. Kelly thank you for your post I had no idea that Paula Abdul had that RSDS that explains a lot about her doesn’t it. I am going to have to start watching Dr. OZ more often because I missed both the African Mango thing and Paula. Actually I think there are some posts out there about green coffee and raspberry ketones that I missed on his show as well.

  49. I want to try this but haven’t been able to find it here in the state that I live in. I was wondering if I am going to have to order it off of the internet. I hate doing things like that because I simply don’t trust it but I really want to try this and that might outweigh the fear of the internet ordering. Thank you for taking the time to post this information.

  50. African Mango, is that hard to find? I mean obviously it comes from Africa right but as far as here in the U.S. is it difficult or expensive to purchase? I don’t remember seeing this in any of the health food stores so I thought I should ask. You did a great job on your post and I hope that you will keep us updated with anything new that comes up.

  51. I’ve heard of this before, didn’t they talk about it on “The Doctors show as well? I didn’t order any at that time but I was curious about and did some more research and found that it is in fact all natural and it doesn’t seem to have any fillers and such that would make it a placebo. This may actually help the way it says it does.

  52. Speaking of Dr. Oz and his many dietary findings such as the African Mango diet, he had Paula Abdul, singer, choreographer, and music judge, on the show recently to talk about living with RSDS. It seems all the wierd and goofy things that Paula is known for are the result of living a life of constant and intense pain. She has learned to manage this disease and offered advice to all of those that suffer from it.

  53. This sounds great and the fact that Dr. Oz had it on his show tells me that someone has at least tried it, I don’t think he endorses things that haven’t been tried yet anyway. I am torn however between this and the Raspberry Ketones or the Green coffee bean extract because I want the one that will be the easiest to get a hold of and the cheapest.

  54. I haven’t heard much about this diet, but I have been trying the green tea diet. Is this considered to be better than that? And what about the green coffee bean supplement or the raspberry extract etc. how are you supposed to tell which one is the one that really works. Or which one will work for you individually with your body chemistry? I have a lot of research to catch up on.

  55. Is there any proof that this African Mango really works as described? I am tired of gimmicks and lies just to get your money.

  56. I noticed that you mentioned getting african mango capsules from GHI .. Is the only place you can get this mango stuff online? I was hoping to find a store that would sell it. If it grows in popularity I would imagine that they will eventually sell it in stores won’t they?

  57. advanced african mango says:

    Thank you for posting this. I like the analogy on leptin. I did not know african mangoes helped with that hormone.

  58. Mr. Bean Spielzeug says:

    So I should be feeling the African mango benefits around the 5 week mark?

  59. Timmy Steenburgh says:

    I just saw Dr. Oz talk about about tart cherry juice for gout pain. Will cherry juice work with African mango?

  60. African Mango Review says:

    Great web blog post. I enjoy the diet reviews.

  61. There are so many different diets and supplements that people like Dr. Oz are telling us to use for weight loss, how do we know what to take when and how to take it? Do we take the Mango with the raspberry extract and the green coffee bean extract or do we take it alone, visa vesa? I’m so tired of all the hoopla about these things and I just want one that really works.

  62. Well after reading your article I do not think African mango is a scam!

  63. Calvin, which is more important permission from your husband on buying the product or getting it and surprising him with the results? I have been trying to get that thin athletic looking body with a flat belly for some time now because that is what my husband likes so I think he would forgive me for buying this if I could give him that. Even if he says he loves me the way I am.

  64. Lula, I agree with you but once you get on their mailing list is it very difficult to get back off. Unless they are different from all the other companies out there that offer some kind of freebies and once they get you they start sending you stuff every month and you are charged for it if you don’t send it back within a certain amount of time.

    • says:

      Beware of “free trial” offers, most of these are scams!!!

      We need to add content explaining the frustration people can face after signing up for a diet free trial offer.

      Our advice is to stay away from free trials.

  65. Does Dr. Oz receive compensation for items he recommends?

    • says:

      If he does it would be news to us. We believe he is genuine in his efforts to help people live healthier lives.

  66. I could not resist commenting. Very well written!

  67. I have tried many miracle diets before with little or no success, I really don’t see this being any different but I am willing to say I was wrong if there was a way to get a free trial with out being on some mailing/billing list. You have a great idea here and I hope that you will keep us updated if anything changes.

  68. green unroasted coffee bean extract capsules says:

    Howdy! This is my first comment here so I just wanted to give a quick shout out and say I truly enjoy reading through
    your articles. Do you know anything about green coffee bean extract?
    I hope to read more soon.

  69. Flo McCartney says:

    Thank you for sharing the dieting info. I truly appreciate your efforts and
    I will be waiting for your next post.
    Thanks once again.

  70. My husband would probably kill me if I spent any money on this especially if it is very much but I would love to try some. I will talk to him about it and see what he says but I am leaning towards getting some and asking for forgiveness later. Great job on your article by the way I am looking forward to trying this and seeing just how well it works.

  71. Is this just another hype to get people to buy this product? I imagine this is something that has to be ordered right, you can’t just go down to the local GNC and pick some up? Which means they are making money off of the postage as well as the product right? I am leaning towards hype myself because it sounds to good to be true. Are they offering free samples?

    • I started on the African mango tablets
      I have only been using it for several days so I can’t speak on results yet.
      I haven’t noticed any bad side effects yet- ex: jitters.

      • I see you posted that on august 21st, so about 2 weeks ago. I was wondering how results are going for you…… I have just ordered some online, and can not wait to try it for myself!

  72. It never ceases to amaze me how many supplements and nutritious food items his crack staff researches to present on his show. Aside from his wacky ways of teaching his audience (methods so silly it can insult the intelligence of any viewer), he does come up with some very interesting alternative medicines and diets. This one sounds pretty delicious and refreshing. I may just give it a try.

  73. Will this diet make you poop a lot? I have a job that I would not be able to get up to go every hour

  74. I have tried so many different diets it isn’t even funny but I would be willing to try another one if it would really work. I am such a skeptic these days because of the amount of money that I have spent on stuff like this to have it fail. According to this it doesn’t take any special diet and exercise you just eat it as well and it is supposed to help right?

  75. This not only sounds like it would help but it sounds delicious, I love mango. Is there a difference in taste though from a mango here in the U.S. and one from Africa? Can you find African mango here, and how expensive is it if you can? I wouldn’t mind giving this a try, I have read no bad reviews, of course some places don’t post the bad reviews because they want these to sell.

    • Lillie, eating the fruit will not yield the same results since the supplement is derived from the seed. If you ate the fruit itself, you would probably GAIN weight since mangoes are high in sugar content. They’re delicious though… my all time favorite fruit.

  76. Nancy Thomas says:

    Hello there. I discovered your blog site a few days ago. I love your African mango boost article. I have tried the mango Dr Oz diet in the past on a free trial and it took forever to get off the monthly billing. I would recommend to everyone to not get involved with free trials. Do you recommend any reputable place to buy African Mango?


  77. I was researching this a little bit on the internet after reading this article and everyone seems to have good things to say about it. I would love to try it if I could find it, you have done a great job on your article and I appreciate the information that you gave here. I am amazed at the science that they have put into this.

  78. Where is this sold, is it something that you can pick up at Walmart or do you have to go to a health food store or GNC or something like that? I am all the time trying things to help me lose weight and have found very few that actually work so if this does that would be great. I am very interested in trying it if you could reply to this message.

    • says:

      We like the purity GHI uses in their products. Their African mango contains pure Irvingia Gabonensis, which is the key extract of the African mango fruit. They make sure their products are free of fillers, additives, or artificial ingredients. Plus GHI supplements are made in the U.S.A. in FDA inspected and GMP approved facilities!

  79. This is a great article, and a great topic to explore. Thanks for sharing.

  80. I bought a bottle and lost 50lbs in 3 months. This works great.

  81. Well you look like you had success on the product, but do you just take the mango and nothing else? Have you also incorporated exercise and diet?

    • says:

      I believe exercise is an essential part of any healthy diet, however many in the studies individuals ‘took mango and nothing else’. They did not add exercise or change their diet.

  82. Rachel Fox says:

    Thank you for the review. I am curious about the product. Are you taking it? With diet and exercise, how much can a person lose? Good luck and thanks again.

  83. candymandy says:

    I agree that the African mango works. For several months I take a capsule and I feel great. I lost 5 kg in a short time and I will continue treatment. I recommend african mango capsules because I lost weight.

  84. Kayleen Brennecke says:

    I absolutely come to an agreement with just what you said. Indeed, health is without a doubt wealth and many of us must learn to take care and attention of the body in order to live our lifestyle to the maximum.

  85. Wow, Just what I was looking for. Quality and finnesse thanks for posting this wonderful piece of information

  86. african mango weight loss says:

    When someone writes an post he/she retains the plan of a user in his/her brain that how
    a user can understand it. Thus that’s why this piece of writing is outstdanding. Thanks!

  87. Mr. Bean Teddy says:

    Hello there, You have performed an excellent job. I’ll certainly digg it and in my opinion recommend to my friends. I am sure they’ll be benefited from this web site.

  88. Beryl Duckett says:

    I surely consent with those things you mentioned. Of course, health is certainly wealth and all of us ought to learn to take consideration of the body in order to live our life to the maximum.


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  3. Dr Oz African Mango says:

    I have been using mango for 3 months now. It took almost 2 months for it to “kick in” and start working for me.
    But, I love it now. GREAT POST!

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    I posted some of your thoughts about African Mango Irvingia Gabonesis 24/7 Burn Weight Loss Diet Pills on my weight loss blog. I hope it is OK.

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