6 New Tricks For Weight Loss

It’s springtime! And what does that mean for most of us ladies out there? It’s time to drop that winter weight we added on through the holidays, while we slacked off on working out.

It’s time to get active and kick that New Year’s Resolution in the butt! Here are six of the top secret tricks for quick weight loss that can make losing weight simple, quick, and easy.

If you just try a few of these simple tricks and snacking goals, you can easily remove sugar and fat from your diet. You can still enjoy your life and eating, by trimming extra pounds here and there to get you to your weight loss goals.

A Snacking Trick

Keep your snacks, even the ones you probably shouldn’t be eating- in tiny snack size bags. If you trick your brain into relearning the way you snack, you’ll not only lose weight, but you’ll be satiated at the same time. Keep your snacks like chips, cookies, and candy in small bags so you can’t overdo it by reaching into the bag continuously without thinking.

If it is dessert that’s your problem, portion out the goodies so that you’ll reduce the amount of calories you consume. If you are able to make changes to your eating habits, you’ll be fulfilled and you’ll be able to cut hundreds and thousands of calories out of your diet.

salad dressing trickThe Salad Dressing Trick
Do you think that you’re doing yourself a service by eating salad? Often, people are simply fooling themselves into thinking they’re eating a healthy meal, meanwhile they just stack on the sugary salad dressings, bacon bits, or croutons.

First, stick with vegetables on your salad! But more than anything, pay attention to the salad dressing that you’re slathering on your salad. If you can use a spritzer, do so. The biggest mistake that people make is overdoing it on the dressing. High calorie salad dressings can throw a wrench into your efforts in the right direction.

So use only one tablespoon of dressing in a bowl over a full portion of lettuce, and shop for the right salad dressings when you’re at the grocery store. You want to make sure that your lettuce isn’t dripping in dressing; it should be ‘barely there.’

salad trickSalad Trick
Another smart trick that can assist with proper eating and salads is to add beans to the top of your salad. Beans are so high in fiber that they give you a strong feeling of being full quickly. Your body feels full for a long time, much longer than most of the foods that you might think would fill you up. This is great to help you curb hunger cravings.

Black and pinto beans are tasty and high in fiber, so throw a handful of them in with your lettuce and other vegetables for a healthy, filling salad. The biggest complaint people say about salads is that they never feel full. This special, tasty salad will do the opposite. Try to have a salad with beans for one meal per day, and you’ll be sure to notice weight loss quickly.

slow cooker trickSlow Cooker Trick
Purchase a slow cooker (also known as a crock pot) so that you can plan your meals in advance using fresh meats, vegetables, and broths. Cooking using a slow cooker keeps the natural juices in your meats, so there is less need to add butters and oils.

This old fashioned cooking style is great for people who have issues with meal planning, snacking, and eating things that may not be on their diet plan. Also, a slow cooker can help you make meals in bulk, meaning easy to warm up, healthy leftovers. When you get that craving for a snack, you’ll have a number of options that will fill you up but won’t leave you feeling regretful.

chip trickChips And Crackers Trick
Chips and crackers don’t need to be the enemy. If you’re like me, one of the many individuals who crave salty snacks instead of sweet ones, don’t fret. Not all snacks are full of white sugars and cholesterol. If you must have chips or crackers, choose a whole wheat or whole grain product.

Virtually every kind of chip and cracker now sells a grain alternative, making it easy to make the right choice while you’re at the grocery store. While you may notice a slight taste difference, after eating a few portions, you won’t even notice the difference anymore. Whole grain options also make you feel full longer, while satisfying your cravings.

veggie-trickVeggie Trick
You already know how important vegetables are to your overall well-being. So what if you didn’t try to make a massive overhaul of your entire diet, but instead, started small? If you can commit to just replacing one snack each and every day with fresh vegetables, you’ll start to see a quick drop in your waistline.

Besides the fact that vegetables are great for you and virtually no calories or other unhealthy side effects to concern yourself with, you’ll also be eliminating some of the sugary, high calorie snacks from your diet, so it is like a double whammy of effect on your body. Whether it’s a salad, carrots, or celery sticks, keep these healthy snacks handy to give yourself a healthy option. This helpful, slimming strategy will go a long way to trim belly and overall fat.

So we promised you six, but here’s one added bonus for those chocolate lovers out there!

chocolate trickChocolate Trick
It’s impossible to give up your favorite dessert, especially if we’re talking about chocolate. And you shouldn’t have to. If you don’t enjoy what you’re eating, your diet is less likely to be a success. If you’re going to eat chocolate, do it in a healthy way, by eating fruit dipped in chocolate.

Chocolate dipped fruits are a great snack, not only because you’re satisfying your sweet tooth with healthy portions of chocolate, but because you’ll be getting more healthy fruit in your diet. Fruit can be fibrous and can help to fill you up as well. Use semisweet or dark chocolate, and stay away from milk chocolate which will save unwanted calories. Bananas, strawberries, and pineapples are incredibly delicious dipped in dark chocolate, and it will give you the variety you’re looking for in your diet.

These tricks are meant to help you along the way to get healthier through a proper diet. To get the most benefit for your efforts, pair these tricks with other healthy eating routines, like watching your portion control, as well as a healthy exercise routine. Follow these tips and you’ll lose those unwanted pounds just in time for bathing suit season!

What’s your opinion on these tricks? Do you have some clever tricks of your own to keep healthy?



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