5 Steps To Heart Healthy Living And How Arginine Supplements Can Help

Living heart healthy is more than just an idealistic notion; it’s a necessity in a world where heart disease is a top killer among male and female adults. While this disease can strike without warning, there are ways to mitigate your risk factors for declining heart health including L-arginine.Many of these habits are prudent to develop for an overall healthy-lifestyle, despite the fact that for many, they are much easier said than done. Consider embarking on the path to solid heart health, from utilizing ‘arginine supplements’ to working more activity into your day, to ensure a long and lasting quality of life.

Step 1 – Physical

Get an assessment of your current health status: This is key because before you start to change your eating habits or embark on an exercise regimen, you need to ensure that your heart can withstand the changes and that you are cleared health-wise before doing so. This is important in taking supplements or other vitamin enhancements.

Get a physical, so that you have a starting point. If losing weight is also part of your heart health quest, then you can use your current weight from your doctor’s visit as a starting benchmark as well.

Step 2 – Assess Your Diet

Assess your diet and start to make changes: This is 80% of the battle when you are trying to lose weight and become more heart healthy. Start by making small changes; lean proteins for fatty meats and veggies and fruits where you might normally snack on processed junk food. Then, make bolder changes, such as learning to eat small portions more frequently over larger meals more infrequently.

Think of food as fuel; your body needs the best fuel you can give it to perform optimally. As a rule of thumb, the more whole foods you can incorporate into your diet, the more healthy your heart will be. Additionally, avoid eating portions of meat bigger than a deck of cards and replace bad fatty foods – such as sugary snacks and soda – with water and healthy fats, such as nuts.

Step 3 – Supplements

Let supplements help you do the work: There are so many great supplements currently on the market to help towards your quest for better overall health. Arginine supplements are among the best because they promote weight loss and heart health, as well as help with a number of other health-related issues.

Arginine itself has the innate ability to increase vasodilation, or widen the arteries, to improve circulation and thus cardiovascular health. Increasing vasodilation ultimately increases the delivery of oxygen and nutrients throughout the body, including to the brain and extremities, aiding in recovery after injury, improvement in brain activity, and ultimately a healthier heart.

You also want to incorporate Omega-3 supplements and vitamins including  B complex and vitamin C into your daily regimen. Doing this will not only enhance heart health, but make you feel better overall.

Step 4 – Move

Get active: No one expects for you to run a marathon out the gate or because you started taking arginine and eating right that you are suddenly fit. Like everything, practice makes perfect here. Start out slow; even 15 minutes of cardiovascular exercise can make all the difference. You can even break up your workouts during the day if time constraints are an issue or you just don’t feel motivated to do so much at one time.

The point is that you get moving as much as you can. Take the steps instead of the elevator, park far away from the door at the grocery store and take a walk around the block upon arriving home from work. Work yourself up to larger increments as you feel comfortable. Do this four to five times a week, at least, and your heart will be all the healthier for it. The more active you are, the better you will feel and the healthier your heart will be.

Stan Wiley

About Stan Wiley

Stan Wiley is the heart healthy advocate behind http://EraseDisease.com and Cardio Juvenate Plus. His many years in the health industry, combined with an insatiable passion for helping others live healthier lives with all-natural products, has given him the unique opportunity to change the lifestyles of so many individuals. It is with great pleasure that he shares his healthy living tips with your audience! Facebook | Twitter


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