5 Critical Reasons To Hire A Personal Trainer

5 Critical Reasons To Hire A Personal TrainerIn fitness it is important to know how to achieve the goals you have in mind. More importantly it is important to have goals to achieve for your fitness level. When you find yourself having a hard time achieving your goals, or even setting goals, it may be time to hire a personal trainer. Personal trainers are valuable assets in the world of physical fitness. They have the training to get you to your fitness goals and beyond. Here are five reasons that you indicate that you NEED to hire a personal trainer.

1. Accountability

When anyone undertakes a life altering path like one to physical fitness it can be difficult at first. The hardest part in the beginning is staying accountable. Knowing that you have someone who is going to keep you honest with yourself is very important. Personal trainers are like the personal accountability police. They know when you aren’t pushing yourself and they also have the ability to tell you when you are cheating yourself.

A. Diet

If you need someone to keep you accountable to your diet make sure you hire a personal trainer who has experience with the body shape goals that you have in mind. For example if you are looking at fat loss, a personal trainer who specializes in fat loss is likely to have the best diet advice. Remember that most personal trainers are not certified dietitians and if you have specific diet needs because of a medical condition you may need to schedule an appointment with a dietitian.

B. Workouts

Accountability with workouts comes in two packages. The first is the frequency in which you are working out. The second is the way that you work out. Having someone who questions you as to why you didn’t come to the gym on a certain day is a great motivator to get off of the couch an head to the gym. Someone who tells you that you aren’t pushing yourself is also a great accountability measure. It is very easy at the gym to set the treadmill, or bicycle to the lowest setting and coast through your “workout” any personal trainer worth their salt won’t let you do this.

2. Plateau

Many people reach a plateau stage in their fitness routine. This is when you go into auto pilot when you get into the gym and you seem to go through the motions. The auto pilot process ultimately results in a plateau because it is impossible to give it your all when you aren’t mentally present for your workouts. Personal trainers prevent this from happening by keeping you engaged and by switching up your workouts.

One of the popular ways to keep your muscles growing is by confusing them. Muscle confusion is achieved by not going through the motions of the same boring workout each time you step into the fitness zone. Personal trainers know this. This is one of the primary reasons that a personal trainer will vary your workouts and help break you out of your plateau.

3. Ideal training for goals

Most people when they think about hiring a personal trainer think that because they are not training for a specific event that they do not need a trainer. While it is true that a personal trainer is ideal for those who may be training to run a marathon or compete in a triathlon: personal trainers can help you achieve a variety of goals.

If your goal is to trim the fat personal trainers can help you with this. They have the knowledge and training to make you do things that you never thought possible. A personal trainer should be able to get your muscles to burn fat much faster than you can on your own. Even if your only goal is to stay heathy a personal trainer is a valuable asset that you should keep in your fitness arsenal. After all an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

4. Injury

It is vital to hire a trainer if you are combating any old injuries, or new injuries for that matter. Injury is a prime reason to hire a personal trainer because they can assist you in not only strengthening the injured musculature but they can also ensure that you do not make the injury worse. If you have an injury and do not have experience in working out with that injury you shouldn’t go into the gym without a personal trainer by your side, or you may find that you injure yourself beyond the point of repair.

5. Boredom with current workouts

The final way a personal trainer is going to help you is if you are experiencing boredom with your current workouts. If you dread going to the gym or working out a personal trainer is what you need. Personal trainers have the knowledge of a ton of different training methods. Introducing a new lifting regimen, circuit training or maybe even some TABATA training is the perfect way to avoid the boredom at the gym.

If you are motivated enough to work out on your own, but suffer from the ever present workout boredom then scheduling with a trainer 2-3 times a month may be the perfect prescription for you to be able to continue to produce results without the extreme boredom that can come from working out with the same workouts over and over and over again.

No matter what your goals are a good personal trainer is going to be able to help you achieve them faster. Hiring a personal trainer will be the smartest decision you make with regard to your fitness routine.

Your Next Step…

Find a trainer you feel comfortable with, yet inspires you to improve yourself. Ask friends about trainers they have used and like. Don’t be afraid to shop around!



  1. Injury and Boredom are the two issues I need to tackle.

    Being highly obese, every stupid exercise does leave a scar / injury / sprain .. and I also get easily bored ..let me hire a personal trainer..

    How do I know if someone is good personal trainer / not??

  2. Only reason why I need a trainer is that I am not as motivated when there is nobody with me. I rather hire someone to motivate and drive me to do better than end up with a bigger butt.

  3. Even though a personal trainer might seem expensive and more of a luxury item in today’s economy, how much is living a healthier, happier life worth? Just one personal training session a week can get you on the right track toward doing the workouts right and getting results. You can add more sessions any time and see even better results.

  4. You should incorporate something about how they give you a hard time if you don’t do your workouts. My trainer is so hard on me when I miss workouts, and it’s because of him that I’ve lost over 40 pounds in a few months!

  5. Maybe hiring a personal trainer is a good idea after all. I’ve always thought about the cost of hiring one and I figured the benefits just don’t outweigh the cost. However, I see myself getting lazy at the gym and at times I don’t even go to the gym and the scale doesn’t lie. I’m gaining weight and I need to make a change. I don’t want to get fatter and have no life. Maybe personal trainer is exactly what I need.

  6. I used to think that 12, 15 or 20 minute workouts could not be enough of a work load to lose fat, but once I started trying various home exercises and discovered the power of circuit training routines, I realized that you really do not need to spend more than 15 – 20 minutes daily in order to be in very good shape.

  7. Kelley Tory says:

    I like the part about being board of typical workouts because my trainer does always find so many varieties of ways to work out that I can always look forward to workout instead of making it seem like a chore.

  8. I’ve used a personal trainer for about 6 years now, and it’s done more for me than 15 years of going to the gym. He keeps me motivated, and never lets my body hit that plateau.

  9. Nice read! I need to go hook up with a good trainer.

  10. Wow! Great to find a post with such a clear mesasge!

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