3 Supplements Dr. Oz Would Never Take

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past ten years or so, you’ve most likely heard of Dr. Oz. the famous television medical health guru who has made it his mission to educate viewers on ways to be healthy. He “dumbs” medical information down so that even the most novice viewer can understand what he is talking about, and they can benefit from it.

More recently, Oz has decided to take on a very confusing medical subject, vitamins and supplements.

Like so many Americans, you may be confused by the hundreds of vitamins and supplements you see at the pharmacy, grocery store, and at health and nutrition stores. Or are you tired of not understanding all the advertising you are seeing on TV which almost threaten the viewer that if you don’t take x vitamin, your health will deteriorate and you are doing yourself a terrible disservice?

Many vitamins are pushed by the media, commercial marketing, pharmaceutical companies, and even your own doctor, but some of them aren’t even necessary and companies are just trying to get you to spend money by using fear to force you into action. Dr. Oz has had enough of this nonsense, and is here to help the regular person understand what they should be taking vs. what they should stay far, far away from. Thank goodness someone is here to watch out for us!

Oz offers a handy vitamin supplement checklist on his website, full of items he thinks are good for you to invest in, but he also strongly recommends against other vitamins that may be harmful. Some of these supplements and vitamins are advertised for their amazing results, but they can even be devastating to your health or can even cause death. Because the average consumer would not know, Dr. Oz has come out with three vitamins he would never take, and why.


Lobelia is also called the asthma weed. If you have bronchitis or actual diagnosed asthma, you may be told by friends or medical professionals that Lobelia may cure you.

Unfortunately, Lobelia has many side effects that are much worse for you that your original medical problem!

Lobelia is proven to make your heart rate increase significantly, and can alter your blood pressure in dramatic ways. Lobelia has put people into a coma, and some have even died from their body’s inability to handle Lobelia. This is a supplement that you should stay away from unless your medical professional finds it to be necessary. This isn’t something you want to mess around with and can cause serious medical problems.

Bitter Orange

You may have heard of bitter orange, which is gaining more public popularity recently. People are most often taking this supplement because it is said to help allergy sufferers lower their frequency of symptoms. Besides allergic relief, bitter orange is also said to assist with weight loss.

Just in the last twelve months alone, people have purchased over twenty million dollars’ worth of bitter orange, hoping for results. Impressive.

Again, like with Lobelia, bitter orange has some pretty substantial side effects that make any potential benefit not worth the risk. Bitter orange has been proven to cause serious cardiovascular distress including heart attacks. It can also cause a stroke or even death.

The problem is that this supplement has ephedrine in it, which is actually illegal through the food and drug administration. 8 years ago, people died from ephedrine use, and others suffered from strokes and heart attacks. Prior to 2004, the FDA hadn’t been forced to ban any herbal vitamins or supplements. That is how dangerous ephedrine is. Bitter orange has the same side effects, so simply stay away from it to be safe.


Yohimbe is also gaining public notoriety as a supplement that helps in the bedroom. Naturally, sales are skyrocketing, and in the last twelve months over $14,000,000 worth of Yohimbe were sold. Supposedly it gets both men and women ‘in the mood’ for romance, and it can be used by men with ED.

Unfortunately like many other supplements, Yohimbe causes heart issues. It can elevate your blood pressure, increase your heart rate, and can cause heart attack. The FDA issued a warning for people taking Yohimbe and its terrible problematic effects.

Whenever starting a new supplement, no matter what promises it makes for you, be careful. You should discuss everything you’re taking with your doctor, because often supplements can have negative results because they interfere with your body or other medications you are on. If you have heard incredible results about a supplement, think before you buy. Do your due diligence and research online for known side effects, contact the FDA for education, or talk to your doctor to protect yourself.




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