101 Things You Need To Know About Dr. Mehmet Cengiz Oz


Everyone has heard of the incredible, engaging, informational Dr. Mehmet Oz. But how much do you really know about this incredible man? 101 facts you need to know about Dr. Oz from his birth to his present career…

1. Dr. Oz may look young for his age, but as of May 2013, he’s currently 53 years old!

2. His full name is Mehmet Cengiz Oz, which is pronounced meh-met jhengis oz.

3. Dr. Oz is not fully American, he is actually part Turkish.

4. He is a real doctor- specifically, a cardiothoracic surgeon.

5. Dr. Oz is a well-regarded author in addition to being a TV show host.

6. The Dr. Oz show is not his first show; he actually appeared on the Oprah Winfrey Show for many seasons before getting his own show.

7. He has appeared on a number of other TV shows as well, like Larry King Live and Good Morning America.

8. His current television show was actually launched by Oprah’s own television station, Harpo Productions in cooperation with Sony.

9. The Dr. Oz show is still a fairly new television show, appearing first in 2009.

10. Dr. Oz was born in America from parents who emigrated from Turkey to Cleveland, Ohio.

11. His parents, Suna and Mustafa Oz, were from Konya Province, Turkey.

12. Mustafa Oz received a scholarship in Turkey which let him travel to the US as a medical student in the 1950’s.

13. His mother also came from a medical background as her father was a pharmacist, and she herself became a surgeon and ran a pharmaceutical company.

14. Dr. Oz went to college in Delaware at the Tower Hill School.

15. He got his first degree from Harvard, and then got his MBA from the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine and the well regarded Wharton School.

16. He was the class President of the students at medical school.

17. He became a professor at the esteemed Columbia University in 2001.

18. Besides his television show, he is the Director of the cardiovascular division at New York Presbyterian Hospital.

19. He is a well-known researcher in the areas of cardiovascular medicine like heart replacements and other heart related surgeries.

20. He is at least a partial author on over four hundred medical papers, books and chapters of medical books.

21. He has several patents on heart related research.

22. Dr. Oz has a non-profit organization that helps college graduates mentor kids about health and fitness.

23. He is a co-founder of Sharecare, which is a question forum where people can ask and answer health questions.

24. Dr. Oz was a consultant to the Oprah show for five seasons before getting his own show.

25. He was called to Oprah’s show as an expert on issues like diabetes and supplements.

26. He has won awards include a “Freddie” and a “Telly” award.

27. He was the medical consultant for Denzel Washington’s film John Q.

28. He not only hosts his daily talk show, but he also has a show on Sirius XM Radio.

29. Dr. Oz has a column regularly in Esquire and O Magazines.

30. In 2009 an article in Oprah’s magazine won him a National Magazine Award called “Retool, Reboot, and Rebuild”.

31. Time Magazine listed Dr. Oz as the 44th Most Influential People in the World in 2008.

32. Esquire magazine put him on their list of the 75 Most Influential People of the 21st Century.

33. He has been named one of Harvard’s 100 Most Influential Alumni.

34. He won a scholarship in college called the Gross Surgical Research Scholarship.

35. He was named one of the Doctors of the Year by Hippocrates magazine, and one of the “Healers of the Millennium” by Healthy Living magazine.

36. Dr. Oz was listed in the Best Doctors of the Year list in New York Magazine.

37. He was named the Turkish American of the Year in 2009.

38. He has been honored for bridging the gap between western and alternative medicine in 2007 by the New York Open Center.

39. In 2010 he received a 2010 Daytime Emmy Award for the Outstanding Talk Show Host.

40. Dr. Oz was named one of the most influential Muslims in 2009.

41. In 2011 he was named one of the Most Trusted Voices in Daytime Television.

42. In 2011 he also was given a Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Talk Show Host.

43. In 2011 additionally he won a Pigasus Award for his support of faith healing, energy, psychics, and other controversial beliefs. He was actually the first individual ever to win the award two consecutive years in a row.

44. Dr. Oz now lives in New Jersey.

45. He is married to his wife Lisa, who he wed in 1985.

46. Dr. Oz has four children, and his oldest child is also an author and TV host named Daphne Oz.

47. He speaks both English and Turkish fluently.

48. He is a dual citizen in both Turkey and the United States.

49. Dr. Oz served in the Turkish Army so that he could retain his Turkish citizenship status.

50. Dr. Oz was raised in a family where he was taught both Islam by his father’s side, while his mother’s side were Muslim.

51. He takes inspiration from Sufi Muslims as well as Swedish Emanuel Swedenborg.

52. Dr. Oz practices the art of Transcendental Meditation.

53. In 2010, Dr. Oz himself had a precancerous colon polyp in a colonoscopy which he had performed live on his own show. He attributes that colonoscopy to saving his life.

54. He has not always been well regarded, and has faced a bit of controversy and criticism to being open to all kinds of medicines and subjects that most well regarded doctors avoid.

55. He got in some trouble in 2011 by publicizing his research showing there were trace amounts of arsenic in apple juice, which caused some school systems to pull apple juice from schools. The FDA claimed that there was nothing to fear, but an independent test performed later by Consumer Reports showed that Dr. Oz’s original study was in fact, correct.

56. Dr. Oz came in conflict with the American Psychological Association and other health organizations when he aired a show on Reparative Therapy of homosexuals. This point of view states that being gay is a mental health issue and can be cured. While Dr. Oz said that he just wanted all points of view represented, he was condemned for allowing this to appear on his show.

57. He has also appeared on comedy shows like the Colbert Report and the Daily Show as a guest.

58. His books are varied and focus on keeping your body healthy, losing weight, heart issues, beauty, having a baby, and more.

59. Dr. Oz’s website has a full page of recipes to help his viewers lose weight and eat healthy.

60. Dr. Oz has a page dedicated to “Dr. Oz’s Kitchen” where you can pick up cooking tips and tricks.

61. You can follow Dr. Oz on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterist, and MySpace.

62. If you want to be on the Dr. Oz show, you can apply online to receive free tickets to be a guest in the audience for a taping in New York!

63. If you have a special health issue or match the criteria that Dr. Oz is looking for with regards to an upcoming show, you may even be able to be a guest on his show!

64. The Dr. Oz show appears daily during the week, but is taped three days a week with one show in the morning, and one show in the afternoon.

65. If you belong to a group, you can get a set of tickets up to 30 in total, so that you can take a bus trip with your friends or colleagues to New York to attend the taping of a show.

66. Dr. Oz offers a daily informational newsletter primarily regarding health issues that can be sent to your email box on a daily basis.

67. If you don’t have cable television or do not have access to a television, you can actually watch the Dr. Oz show right from your computer by clicking the episode you are looking to watch.

68. Dr. Oz does not support any one product or back any supplement. He often talks about the valuable aspects of certain vitamins or supplements, but leaves it to the viewer to determine which product to buy.

69. Dr. Oz has a partnership with weight loss guru Chris Powell, who has been seen on a number of television shows over the past several years. Chris consults on the show as well as provides information on his website to help viewers maintain their proper weight.

70. Dr. Oz has a blog that he updates regularly with important health information that viewers can read and follow.

71. Businesses and non-profits can purchase ad space on the Dr. Oz website if they are interested in marketing to viewers of Dr. Oz.

72. There is a search function on Dr. Oz’s website so that viewers that need help can search for answers to their personal questions.

73. While studying at Harvard, Dr. Oz played both football and water polo!

74. He currently loves staying active and plays basketball, rides bicycles, plays tennis, and he runs about four miles every day.

75. Dr. Oz has religiously practiced yoga for the past 15 years.

76. Dr. Oz’s four children with Lisa Oz are named Daphne, Arabella, Oliver, and Zoe.

77. In Turkish, Dr. Oz’s name means PURE.

78. Even currently with all of his fame, he still regularly performs heart surgeries for patients because he thinks it is his true calling.

79. His favorite musician is Bruce Springsteen

80. His favorite veggie is okra.

81. He got engaged at the young age of 23 and married Lisa oz (Lemole) in 1985.

82. He got to take part in batting practice at Yankee Stadium and hit a home run!

83. His current dressing room was once the dressing room for Conan O’Brien and David Letterman.

84. He absolutely must live near water of some kind.

85. His cats often sleep on his chest while he is sleeping.

86. When he was little and was asked what he wanted to be when he grew up- his answer was “Captain Kirk.”

87. He can touch his nose with his tongue.

88. His college job was selling fire wood.

89. Dr. Oz was introduced to his wife Lisa by being set up by their fathers!

90. Some of his favorite foods are Greek yogurt, fruit, fish, nuts, and bananas.

92. Dr. Oz is deathly afraid of heights.

93. He makes sure that he always gets at least 7.5 hours of sleep by going to bed by 10pm at the latest and is up early at 5:30 am.

94. He hates when people chew gum in his audience. If audience members forget to spit out their gum before going into the audience, his crew members walk around with plastic bags so you can get rid of it.

95. His zodiac sign is Gemini.

96. Before taking prescription medication, this doctor always recommends trying natural therapies, alternative medicines, and supplements. For his own health troubles he does the same.

97. Dr. Oz broke his leg playing football in high school.

98. There is an interactive page on Dr. Oz’s website that allows people to post how they are feeling. The “I Feel” page allows viewers and fans to vent and post on photos and comments.

99. In most markets, the Dr. Oz show appears at approximately 3 pm, on NBC networks.

100. Dr. Oz often contributes to Oprah’s network with other famous doctor all-stars, like famous psychologist Dr. Phil.

101. You can sign up and log in to the Dr. Oz website like a free membership to see your favorite articles, recipes, and videos.

No wonder America loves and respects Dr Oz:
He has done a lot!
He is a family man!
He has integrity!

Learn more about him daily by watching his show, the Dr. Oz show.

Have you watched his show? What do you like and dislike about it? Share your thoughts with us!



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