100 Percent of What You See In Fashion Magazines Is Retouched

Women are often jealous of the incredible good looks of the models in magazines.

Would you still be jealous if you knew that every single image you’re seeing is an illusion?

The unreal standards and body images being portrayed in your favorite magazines and ads are nothing more than a fraud, each and every photo has been retouched before it is seen on the pages of these magazines. While everyone in the fashion and magazine industries seems to be aware of it and absolutely no one is even trying to deny it, there are a lot of people out there complaining about how unrealistic it is to show those kinds of altered images at all.

Excessive photo-shopping and retouching makes it virtually unimaginable for women to feel beautiful or good about the way they look when they’re comparing themselves to these models who don’t even really look like the same species as what we’re comparing ourselves with!

We, as women, are constantly encouraged to look our best, be healthy, and to buy all of the products that these magazines promise will make us that way.

These images feature the perfect skin, tiny waists, and long legs. But here’s your wakeup call ladies! It is all a sham!

But are the makeup, advertising, or magazine industries scared? Nope.

Women who find out the truth usually try to tell themselves it is impossible to compete with these fake airbrushed images. Right on, ladies.

But instead of changing, the marketers are laughing all the way to the bank as these same women rush right out to the store to buy whatever they’re selling, because let’s be honest– we all still actually DO want to strive to be that beautiful.

An anonymous photo retoucher, who professionally tweaks these images for a living, says that every man and woman needs to know that last single image you see has been retouched. There are just absolutely no images left that feature the real skin, curves, or hair of a woman that hasn’t been significantly altered. This retoucher wants people to realize that even these ‘perfect’ actresses and models are far from perfect, but the industry has gone so off course that it doesn’t even matter anymore. They just redefine their looks and create the image with their own version of perfection.

Major Image Adjustments
Everything from billboards to commercials to magazine images, it is all retouched. And not just a little nip or a tiny tuck there. It isn’t just covering up a pimple or a stray hair. The insiders report that it is significant- they move an actresses face and actually paste it on to a thinner body.

Seriously! Like they weren’t hot enough already!? Or they swap out a model’s legs onto a different actress’s photo. In some cases, very thin models have been altered to look less bony. Some heavier models are ‘adjusted’ to look thinner. Models with skin problems are simply altered to have a different skin tone. If they don’t like the color of your hair? They just change it. Any problems whatsoever are adjusted before the image hits the streets.

The silliest ads of all, according to retouching artists, are the mascara ads. You guessed it- they are of course wearing fake eyelashes, and then tons and tons of makeup to make their eyelashes stand out, like it is even possible to make your eyes really look like that. Then, after the shoot, the real artists come in, drawing even more eyelashes onto the images in a way that makes it look real enough for a consumer to want to run out, but that mascara, and see the results. Naturally, they are going to be disappointed! How is this even legal? It’s simply lies- all of it! All you need is a computer and a paint brush and these retouchers can do whatever they’d like. Entirely fake women. What is this world coming to?

Should Women Be Informed?
Insiders laugh at the suggestion that advertisers should come out with acknowledgments that photos have been retouched, saying that every single photo would have that disclaimer, so it is basically pointless.

Make up ads are typically entirely altered, the skin tone, complexion and color is often entirely painted over to give it the effect that the director wants. This can add color, shine, or cover up imperfections.

It’s a Full Time Job
Insiders also report another reason that women shouldn’t be so darn hard on themselves is that models actually make a living on looking beautiful, and really have nothing else to do besides focusing on that.Not that being a model is easy, but let’s be realistic, their work is in preparation to look their best for the camera, to try out the best new skin care regimens or makeup, and to stay thin. While the rest of us are working and taking care of a family, with just a spare few minutes per day to try to focus on a beauty ritual, these models make a living off of beauty tips and tricks and looking their best. Real women would be up 24 hours a day if they tried to balance their lives with the kinds of beauty routines like the models take part in. It just isn’t possible and we shouldn’t fathom that we should compare ourselves to these models, but alas, we do.

Models have been groomed to only eat certain things, to go to the spa, to work out, and to spend hours on their hair and makeup. So “real” women shouldn’t feel the need to even try. While it is easier said than done, we women out there need to stand strong and reject the idea that we’re supposed to look like the models and actresses we see in magazines. Average women do not have the time, the money, or the ability to do what models do day in and day out.

On Set Benefits to Looking Good
There are also the on the set issues that make it difficult to compare yourselves to magazine photographs. Imagine if you had a professional makeup artist to do your makeup every day! Or a professional lighting crew to light you in the perfect way so that your best side was always showing?

These women have staff to make them look perfect. And the fancy clothing! Obviously, regular people can’t afford skirts, dresses, and blouses that cost thousands of dollars. Not only is it the expensive clothes, but they are also individually tailored to fit those teeny tiny bodies. And even the clothes they’re wearing are often retouched to fall perfectly or conceal the smallest of imperfect details.

So we can’t blame retouching for the unrealistic standard of beauty displayed in women’s magazines! It is a combination of natural beauty, time on their hands to look amazing, perfectly tailored and very expensive clothing, professional makeup artists and lighting, and anything leftover that might not look perfect can be fixed using Photoshop! You do not have a chance to look that good!

Everyone is aware that magazines have used super skinny models that suffer from eating disorders or at least look like it, and then on top of that, they Photoshopped them to look even tinier. Surprisingly, nowadays, magazines are actually using the same size models but they are Photoshopping them to look larger! While this may seem like a step in the right direction, it should be just as troublesome to readers.

This new trend might be due to the new appreciation for curves. Fabulous women like Kim Kardashian and Beyoncé Knowles are making their curves look fabulous and flaunting them left and right. This newly observed pride in their bodies is making other women redefine what is sexy.

So how about this- these magazines actually find real women and put them on the pages, instead of hiring these tiny models and adding pounds on to their legs, arms and stomachs? Whether they’re adding weight or removing it, all of it is wrong. Everything we’re looking at is fake, and the sooner we all figure that out, the better. We might as well be looking at cartoon images for as real as these photos are. At least, if we were looking at the newest fall fashions on Jessica Rabbit, we’d put things into perspective!

Source: http://www.wc-news.com/



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